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Her Privates We
by Frederic Manning
Although not truly in the warrior category himself, Manning, a friend of Lawrence, has written one of the best accounts of trench warfare. Db.
Listed under WWI Memoirs

In Search of the Warrior Spirit
Richard Strozzi Heckler
An enlightened look at advanced special forces training.
Listed under Special Forces

Mark of the Lion
Kenneth Sandford
The story of Charles Upham, NZ winner of the VC and Bar. A well written account of a modest man of exceptional bravery. When the King asked whether Upham really deserved a second Victoria Cross, the reply came that he deserved three! Db.
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Rommel : The Desert Fox
Desmond Young
A classic work widely regarded as the best book on Rommel and the Desert War, written by a Brigadier who personally witnessed much of the action described and diligently reseached his subject after war's end. The book may well leave you with a sense that this was a soldier the likes of which is seen perhaps once in several generations. Db.
Listed under Rommel

Reach for the Sky
by Paul Brickhill
The story of Douglas Bader
Listed under RAF

Seven Pillars of Wisdom
T. E. Lawrence
A superbly written account of desert warfare against the Ottoman Turk in WWI by one one of the most intriguing characters of the modern era, this ranks as one of the great classics of 20th century literature. Db.
Listed under Lawrence of Arabia

Warrior: The Legend of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
by Peter Hathaway Capstick
Soldier, hunter, ornithologist, spy, and gentile advocate of Zionism. Served in the King's African Rifles, fought the Germans in East Africa, spied for for Allenby in Palestine. Rubbed shoulders with characters as diverse as Hitler and Lawrence of Arabia. Not brilliantly written, but an extraordinary tale. Db.
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We Die Alone
by David Howarth
If this were fiction, the book would be dismissed by most serious readers as another over-the-top military adventure tale. However, it is not fiction. Db.
Listed under Commandos

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