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35 Days to Gettysburg : The Campaign Diaries of Two American Enemies
Mark Nesbitt
Listed under Gettysburg

Atlanta 1864 : Last Chance for the Confederacy (Great Campaigns of the Civil War)
by Richard M. McMurry
Listed under The Atlanta Campaign

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
Selected from the four volume work by Johnson and Buel (1887-88)
Gettysburg July 2 1863 : Confederate : The Army of Northern Virginia
by Jamese Arnold, et al
Listed under Order of Battle
Pictorial Field Books of the Civil War
Journeys Through the Battlefields in the Wake of Conflict Vol 1

Journeys Through the Battlefields in the Wake of Conflict Vol 2

Journeys Through the Battlefields in the Wake of Conflict Vol 3
by Benson J. Lossing
One of the most popular historians in the years immediately following the American Civil War, Benson J. Lossing was virtually forgotten in the later 20th century ... until the reissue of his three-volume Pictorial Field Book. Lossing wrote from a relentlessly Unionist point of view, and his prose effectively conveys the sentiments Northerners felt at the end of the conflict. The hundreds of maps and illustrations, reminiscent of those in the 19th-century magazine Harper's Weekly, are a real highlight. The first book focuses almost exclusively on political affairs, although it does cover the siege of Fort Sumter and Bull Run; the second two volumes are full of military action. The Pictorial Field Book is no substitute for the more scholarly work of James M. McPherson, Bruce Catton, and Shelby Foote, but it provides a unique period feel that only an author who lived through the times can offer. For Civil War enthusiasts, it will hold genuine interest. John J. Miller -
Hundreds of maps and illustrations. 
First published 1912.

A River Unvexed : A History and Tour Guide to the Campaign for the Mississippi River
(The Civil War Campaigns Series)
by Jim Miles
Paperback - 596 pages
Rutledge Hill Pr; ISBN: 1558532102
Pickett's Charge--The Last Attack at Gettysburg
by Earl J. Hess
Listed under Pickett's Charge
The Spotsylvania Campaign
(Military Campaigns of the Civil War)
by Gary W. Gallagher (Editor)
Hardcover - 344 pages
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 080782402X
Chancellorsville 1863 : Jackson's Lightning Strike
(Osprey Military Campaign Series, 55)
Listed under Chancellorsville

Shiloh 1862 : The Death of Innocence (Osprey Military Campaign Series : 54)
by Jim Arnold, Carl Smith.
The first major battle of the western theatre of the Civil War, Shiloh horrified the nation by showing the terrible price that would have to be paid to preserve the Union. On April 6, 1862, Confederate Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston caught Grant and Sherman by surprise and nearly drove them into the Tennessee River. Somehow, the Union force hung on, and the next day drove back the Rebel force.

Fredericksburg 1862 : 'Clear the Way' (Campaign Series, 63)
by Carl Smith.

Antietam 1862 (Campaign Series)
by Norman S. Stevens. 
Listed under Antietam

The Wilderness Campaign (Military Campaigns of the Civil War)
by Gary W. Gallagher (Editor)
Hardcover - 320 pages
Univ of North Carolina Pr; ISBN: 0807823341

The Battle of the Wilderness May 5-6, 1864
by Gordon C. Rhea
Hardcover: 520 pages
Louisiana State University Press; ISBN: 0807118737

Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville : The Dare Mark Campaign (Great Campaigns of the Civil War Series)
by Daniel E. Sutherland

Six Armies in Tennessee : The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns
(Great Campaigns of the Civil War)
by Steven E. Woodworth
Paperback - 277 pages
Univ of Nebraska Pr; ISBN: 0803298137

Hurricane of Fire : The Union Assault on Fort Fisher
by Charles M., III Robinson
In December 1864 and January 1865, Federal forces launched the greatest amphibious assault the world had yet seen on the Confederate stronghold of Fort Fisher, near Wilmington, North Carolina. This was the last seaport available to the South--all of the others had been effectively shut down by the Union's tight naval blockade. The initial attack was a disaster; Fort Fisher, built mainly out of beach sand, appeared almost impregnable against a heavy naval bombardment. When troops finally landed, they were quickly repelled. A second attempt succeeded and arguably helped deliver one of the death blows to a quickly fading Confederacy.  John J. Miller -
Hardcover - 256 pages
United States Naval Inst.; ISBN: 1557507201

Confederate Goliath : The Battle of Fort Fisher
by Rod Gragg
Paperback Reprint edition
Louisiana State Univ Pr; ISBN: 0807119172

US Army War College Guides to Civil War Battles
Guide to the Battle of Antietam : The Maryland Campaign of 1862

Guide to the Battle of Chickamauga

Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg

Guide to the Battle of Shiloh

Stars in Their Courses : The Gettysburg Campaign June-July 1863 (Modern Library)
by Shelby Foote
Listed under Gettysburg

Vicksburg (The Civil War Battle Series, Book 5)
by James Reasoner
Listed under Military Fiction

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