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Cruising Guide to Tahiti and the French Society Islands
by Marcia Davock, Julius M. Wilensky
Paperback from Wescott Cove Pub Co
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Diving & Snorkeling Tahiti & French Polynesia
by Jean-Bernard Carillet, Tony Wheeler
Paperback from Lonely Planet

Hidden Tahiti: Including Moorea, Bora Bora, and the Society, Austral, Gambier, Tuamotn and Marguejaj Islands (Hidden Tahiti, 4th Ed)
by Robert F. Kay, Tamara Thompson, Rob Kay
Book Description: Combining unique travel choices, outdoor adventures, and little-known locales into guides where vacations meet adventures, each title in the Hidden series also offers readers the comfort of detailed maps, internet information for each listing, author picks, suggested itineraries, and walking and driving tours. Hidden Tahiti and French Polynesia is the ultimate insider's guide to the wonders of this South Pacific paradise. Whether your dream island vacation includes a stay at a top resort like the Hotel Bora Bora, where the accommodations are thatched bungalows perched on stilts above a calm lagoon, or an escape to a local inn like Pension Papahani, where owner Vilna Tuheiaua adorns each room with home-grown flowers and her brother Tehu serenades the guests with Tahitian songs, Hidden Tahiti and French Polynesia will lead you to adventures above and below the water. Information on 74 diving sites, 35 swimming spots, 21 snorkeling areas, 30 surfing breaks and 41 tropical hiking trails is included. The guide also features numerous cultural attractions, from ancient Polynesian temples and traditional tattoo parlors, to the Gauguin Museum and black pearl shops. 
Paperback from Ulysses Press

Insight Compact Guide Tahiti & French Polynesia (Insight Compact Guides)
by Francis Dorai, Brian Bell
Paperback from Insight Guides

Lonely Planet Tahiti & French Polynesia (Travel Guides)
by Hilary Rogers, Jean-Bernard Carillet, Tony Wheeler
Paperback from Lonely Planet

The Lure of Tahiti
by A. Grove Day
Paperback from Mutual Publishing

Moon Handbooks Tahiti: Including the Cook Islands (5th Edition)
by David Stanley
Book Description:
Retrace Captain Cook's travels; escape to the Marquesas, inspiration to Gauguin and Survivor number four; uncover the mystery of Easter Island's fascinating monuments. With the fifth edition of Moon Handbooks Tahiti you'll find all the essentials to discovering this tropical paradise. David Stanley, a renowned travel expert on the South Pacific, brings Tahiti, French Polynesia, and the Cook and Easter Islands within reach of travelers who, on any budget, are looking to experience the full bounty of these incredible islands. The most current information on sights, recreational activities, accommodations, and restaurants, as well as custom maps, color photographs, fascinating sidebars, and complete coverage of the region's political and cultural history are included in this comprehensive guide. Moon Handbooks Tahiti covers anything a traveler could want to know and more. 
Paperback from Avalon Travel Publishing
Moon Handbooks: Tahiti - Including Easter Island and the Cooks (4th Ed.)
by David Stanley

Noa Noa : The Tahiti Journal of Paul Gauguin
by Paul Gauguin
Listed under Gauguin

This Way Tahiti & French Polynesia
by Claude Herve-Bazin, JPM Publications 

Sylvain's Tahiti
by Adolphe Sylvain (1920-1991)
After Sylvain's death, his widow Jeanine-Tehani had a dream that a European embarked upon her island country and that she gave to this person all of her husband's photos to be made into a book. In a storybook twist of fate, it just so happened that Tehani's dream became a reality when photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri- born on the same day and hour as Sylvain- stopped off for a visit a few years later. He was mesmerized by Sylvain's photographs and eagerly gathered together his work to take back to Europe. Thus was born Tahiti, woven together by the strands of destiny and the vision of an impassioned photographer.
Hardcover from TASCHEN America Llc

Tahitian Transformation : Gender and Capitalist Development in a Rural Society (Women and Change in the Developing World)
by Victoria S. Lockwood 
(Paperback - November 1992)

Tahiti (Pacific Basin Books)
by George Calderon (Translator)
A member of the lost generation of young English poets, artists, and writers who perished during World War I, George Calderon visited Tahiti in 1906 and wrote of his time there in this little-known masterpiece. This is the romantic Tahiti par excellence, captured in prose that eclipses the romances...
Kegan Paul Intl
Hardcover - 260 pages

Tahiti Report
by Austin Peterson
Paperback from

Open Raod Tahiti & French Polynesia Guide, 3rd Edition
by Jan Prince
Paperback from Open Road Pub

World Elsewhere
by Peter Brooks 
Based on actual contemporary accounts, World Elsewhere follows an impoverished French aristocrat as he voyages to the South Seas as a member of the expedition that first discovers Tahiti. 

To Live in Paradise
by Renee Roosevelt Denis 

Flowers of the Pacific Island Seashore : A Guide to the Littoral Plants of Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Fiji and Micronesia
by W. Arthur Whistler
(Hardcover - January 1993)
Listed under Pacific Islands

Wild Life Among the Pacific Islanders
by Esq E. H. Lamont
Listed under Pacific Islands

Diving the Pacific: Volume 1: Micronesia and the Western Pacific Islands
by David Leonard
Listed under Pacific Islands

On the Road of the Winds : An Archaeological History of the Pacific Islands Before European Contact
by Patrick Vinton Kirch
Listed under Pacific Islands

The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Pacific (Penguin Reference Books)
by Colin McEvedy
Listed under Pacific Islands

Gauguin's Skirt
by Stephen F. Eisenman 
Gauguin's Skirt is about contemporary Tahitians and a long-dead French painter, sex today and sex in the late nineteenth century, and colonialism new and old. Written on the boundary between art history and anthropology, it enters the domains of biography and mystery. Gauguin went to Tahiti in search of an exotic paradise.
Listed under Gauguin

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