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The World of Austin Powers
The World of Austin Powers
by Andy Lane
Paperback from Universe
Media Published: 2002-11-16
ISBN: 0789308630

He's the idol of every woman. The envy of every man. He put the "grr" back in swinger. His name is Powers. Austin Powers. For the first time in our cryogenically altered universe, you are
invited into the very shagadelic World of Austin Powers --up-close and very personal, baby.
With over 350 stills and photographs taken from all three films, step inside this mojo-ridden celebration of the International Man of Mystery and all his cohorts as this definitive guide to all
things groovy takes you in-depth into Austin 's gadgets and girls, hangouts and hideouts, bubblies and jubblies. Enter the lairs and ongoing plots of Dr.Evil. Witness the inception and evolution of Mini-Me. Experience the gastro-intestinal turmoil of Fat Bastard. Time travel to the disco days of the mysterious Goldmember. Meet the women behind every twist-Frau, Felicity, Fembots, Foxxy and Vanessa. Every page is a colorful, psychedelic tribute to the crazy world
of Austin Powers, packed with pictures, stills, outtakes, favorite quotes, diagrams, little known trivia, behind the scenes info and much, much more. Covering every bit of all three movies and
every aspect of the international man of mystery, this book is a must have for every Austin Powers fan.
Shagadelically Speaking: The Words and World of Austin Powers
Shagadelically Speaking: The Words and World of Austin Powers
by Lance Gould
Paperback from Warner Books
ISBN: 0446675792

Announcing the definitive guide not only to the second Austin Powers movie, but to the whole Austin Powers craze. Find out what Austin thinks of life in the '90s versus the '60s; his thoughts on world leaders, from Moses to Margaret Thatcher; the history of the shag-pad, and more. 50 photos.

Austin Powers in Goldmember
by Mike Myers
Hardcover from New Line Cinema Corporation
ISBN: 0780640810
Austin Powers Mad Libs
Austin Powers Mad Libs
by Roger Price, Leonard Stern
Paperback from Price Stern Sloan
Media Published: 2002-07-08
ISBN: 0843102624
Austin Powers: How to be an International Man of Mystery -- Michael McCullers, Mike Meyers; Paperback
Austin Powers DVDs
More Austin Powers DVDs

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me - DVD
"I put the grrr in swinger, baby!" a deliciously randy Austin Powers coos near the beginning of The Spy Who Shagged Me, and if the imagination of Austin creator Mike Myers seems to have sagged a bit, his energy surely hasn't. This friendly, go-for-broke sequel to 1997's Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery finds our man Austin heading back to the '60s to keep perennial nemesis Dr. Evil (Myers again) from blowing up the world--and, more importantly, to get back his mojo, that man-juice that turns Austin into irresistible catnip for women, especially American spygirl Felicity Shagwell (a pretty but vacant Heather Graham). The plot may be irreverent and illogical, the jokes may be bad (with characters named Ivana Humpalot and Robin Swallows, née Spitz), and the scenes may run on too long, but it's all delivered sunnily and with tongue firmly in cheek. 

Myers's true triumph, though, is his turn as the neurotic Dr. Evil, who tends to spout the right cultural reference at exactly the wrong time (referring to his moon base as a "Death Star" with Moon Units Alpha and Zappa--in 1969). Myers teams Dr. Evil with a diminutive clone, Mini-Me (Verne J. Troyer), who soon replaces slacker son Scott Evil (Seth Green) as the apple of the doctor's eye; Myers and Troyer work magic in what could plausibly be one of the year's most affecting (and hysterically funny) love stories. Despite a stellar supporting cast--including a sly Rob Lowe as Robert Wagner's younger self and Mindy Sterling as the forbidding Frau Farbissina--it's basically Myers's show, and he pulls a hat trick by playing a third character, the obese and disgusting Scottish assassin Fat Bastard. Many viewers will reel in disgust at Mr. Bastard's repulsive antics and the scatological bent Myers indulges in, including one showstopper involving coffee and--shudder--a stool sample. Still, Myers's good humor and dead-on cultural references win the day; Austin is one spy who proves he can still shag like a minx. --Mark Englehart -

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - DVD
If you don't think Austin Powers is one of the funniest movies of the 1990s, maybe you should be packed into a cryogenic time chamber and sent back to the decade whence you came. Perhaps it was the 1960s--the shagadelic decade when London hipster Austin Powers scored with gorgeous chicks as a fashion photographer by day, crime-fighting international man of mystery by night. Yeah, baby, yeah! But when Powers's arch nemesis, Dr. Evil, puts himself into a deep-freeze and travels via time machine to the late 1990s, Powers must follow him and foil Evil's nefarious scheme of global domination. Mike Myers plays dual roles as Powers and Dr. Evil, with Elizabeth Hurley as his present-day sidekick and karate-kicking paramour. A hilarious spoof of '60s spy movies, this colorful comedy actually gets funnier with successive viewings, making it a perfect home video for gloomy days and randy nights. Oh, behave! --Jeff Shannon -

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me -VHS
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery -VHS

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