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Tricked For Treats!: A Rugrats Halloween (Rugrats (Simon and Schuster Paperback))
Tricked For Treats!: A Rugrats Halloween (Rugrats (Simon & Schuster Paperback))
by Sarah Willson
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689825722

Angelica tries to trick the babies out of their Halloween candy by warning them about "ghosts and gobblings and grumblins." By mixing a few chills with plenty of chuckles, this original story is a howling treat!

A Rugrats Night Before Christmas (Rugrats (Simon and Schuster Hardcover))
A Rugrats Night Before Christmas (Rugrats (Simon & Schuster Hardcover))
by David Lewman
Hardcover from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689828543

Based on the classic holiday poem by Clement C. Moore, this heartwarming tale of what happens in Tommy's house on Christmas Eve will delight all Rugrats fans. The sounds of sleigh bells and reindeer on the roof, Santa showing up, and even Angelica learning to share make this story a holiday treat that babies of all ages can enjoy!

Oh, Brother! (Rugrats (Simon and Schuster Paperback))
Oh, Brother! (Rugrats (Simon & Schuster Paperback))
by Luke David
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689824408

Everyone is gaga over Tommy's new baby brother Dylan (a. k. a. "Dil") Pickles. And poor Tommy and Chuckie can't seem to get the "growed-ups'" attention anymore. So what's a baby to do? Find out in this humorous yet touching story about how Tommy begins to accept his new role as a big brother.

Rugrats Blast Off! (Rugrats (Simon and Schuster Paperback))
Rugrats Blast Off! (Rugrats (Simon & Schuster Paperback))
by Stephanie St. Pierre
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689812752

Are we there yet? A long car trip...what a bore! Then the Rugrats get the idea to pretend they're on a mission in outer space. But things get a little too exciting when the Rugrats find themselves lost in the wrong dimension and surrounded by aliens!

Chuckie s New Mommy (Rugrats (8x8))
Chuckie's New Mommy (Rugrats (8x8))
by Kim Ostrow
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689846061
The Rugrats Book of Chanukah (Rugrats (Simon and Schuster Paperback))
The Rugrats' Book of Chanukah (Rugrats (Simon & Schuster Paperback))
by Sarah Willson
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0590128361

Based on the Rugrats' Chanukah™ Special

It's Chanukah, that special time of year, and Chuckie, Angelica, and Tommy are ready to see Grandpa Boris in the annual pageant. But there's more action going on backstage, with excitement that has even grouchy Schlomo getting into the spirit of things. And soon everybody, even the youngest, is ready to light the menorah and usher in the holiday. Includes a separate telling of the story of Chanukah.

Runaway Reptar! (Rugrats)
Runaway Reptar! (Rugrats)
by Cecile Schoberle
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689825242

Based on the Rugrats Special, "Runaway Reptar!"

It's Reptar movie night at the drive-in, and Tommy and his friends can't wait to see their hero up on the big screen. But wait, something's wrong. Reptar isn't saving people from monsters -- he's helping the bad guys destroy the city! In this fantastic, action-packed adventure, the babies soar off into the movie screen, determined to make things right again. Hang on tight, everyone -- it's a wild ride!

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Babies in Reptarland (Rugrats in Paris)
Babies in Reptarland (Rugrats in Paris)
by Becky Gold
Paperback from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689833377

The babies are set for the time of their lives when they find themselves at Reptarland in Paris, France. But trouble's afoot whent the mean and nasty Coco Labouche decides she wants Chas to be her husband. Can Chuckie overcome his fears in time to stop his dad from marrying her? Find out in this new Rugrats adventure, based on the movie Rugrats in Paris.

Diapie Tales : A Rugrats Storybook
Diapie Tales : A Rugrats Storybook
by Various Authors
Hardcover from Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon
ISBN: 0689857292

Hang on to your diapies, the Rugrats are going on five of the bestest adventures ever, and they want you to go with them! Join Tommy and the rest of the babies in this very special collection of books including:

The Bestest Mom
Brand-New Daddy
No Place Like Home
Discovering America
All Growed-Up

Angelica's Awesome Adventure with Cynthia! (Rugrats)
by Kitty Richards
Paperback from Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0439163129

Adventures at the mall in the Toys Cost-a-lot store with Angelica, the baby's and Cynthia! Loads of crazy fun with America's favorite kids!

Rugrats in Paris Movie Storybook
by Kiki Thorpe, Sergio Cuan (Illustrator)
If there's one thing in the world that little Rugrat Chuckie wants, it's a new mommy. His dad, Chas, agrees, and starts dating. 

"What are dates?" Chuckie asks the other babies. 

"Big raisins that make you poop," his friend Phil tells him. 

With that cleared up, Chuck and Chas continue the search. But it isn't until their friend Stu is called to Paris to fix the dinosaur-like Reptar he designed, and invites everyone along, that things really get interesting. Will Chuck and Chas end up with Madame Coco LaBouche, the fiendish head of Reptarland, or the lovely princess of Reptarland? Or perhaps someone entirely different? One thing is certain; surrounded by volcanoes ("bowlcanoes"), doorknobs that turn into dragons, and ninja security guards, the Rugrats will have their fill of adventures before this Parisian trip is over. 

Perplexing (if not downright inane) to the adult eye, the Rugrat stories, based on the Nickelodeon TV series and the Rugrats in Paris movie, have a tremendous appeal to young children. And if the movie tie-in books--Rugrats in Paris: A Dream Come True, Rugrats in Paris: Babies in Reptarland, and >, Rugrats in Paris: Joke Book --can encourage kids to make the transition from watching TV to reading, more power to 'em! (Preschool to age 6) --Emilie Coulter -

Rugrats in Paris : The Movie Paperback
Angelica the Grape (Rugrats Chapter Book, No 7)
by Nancy E. Krulik, Joe Schiettino (Illustrator)
Angelica's Awesome Adventure With Cynthia! Paperback
Babies in Reptarland Paperback
Chuckie Visits the Eye Doctor (Rugrats Chapter Books , No 12)
by Luke David, Barry Goldberg (Illustrator)
Book Description: Chuckie isn't seeing too well. He keeps bumping into furniture, and he's been sitting awfully close to the TV. What's worse, his dad decides that Chuckie has to go to the eye doctor for an eye exam! What's a frightened baby to do? With a little help from Tommy and a lot of help from Dr. Pedop, fans can find out in this hysterical look back to how Chuckie got his first pair of glasses.
Publisher: Simon Spotlight;
A Day in the Life of Tommy (Rugrats) David Lewman, Paperback
More Jokes! (Rugrats) David Lewman, Paperback 
Once upon a Reptar Kitty Richards, Barry Goldberg (Illustrator), Paperback
Reptar's Surprise Visit (Rugrats Chapter Books , No 10) Cecile Schoberle, Steve Haefele (Illustrator), Paperback
The Rugrats Movie Paperback
Runaway Reptar! Cecile Schoberle, et al, Paperback
Sight for Sore Eyes (Rugrats , No 8) Luke David, Barry Goldberg (Illustrator), Paperback
Star Spangled Babies (Rugrats, 3) Kitty Richards, Jose M. Cardona (Illustrator), Paperback
Thank You, Angelica : The Rugrats Book of Manners (Rugrats , No 7) Cecile Schoberle, Ed Resto (Illustrator), Paperback
Tommy's Last Stand (Rugrats Chapter Books , No 2) Nancy E. Krulik, Thompson Bros (Illustrator), Paperback
Twin Trouble (Rugrats Chapter Books , No 11) Luke David, Barry Goldberg (Illustrator), Paperback
Tricked for Treats : A Rugrats Halloween Sarah Willson, et al, Paperback

Rugrats DVDs
More Rugrats DVDs

Rugrats: Runaway Reptar VHS (1991)
At the drive-in, the diaper set learns their beloved Reptar has turned to evil in his latest movie. So while Grandpa's distracted by his war film on one screen, the kids leap into the action on the other. When refrigerator magnets stick to the once-friendly Godzilla clone, the kids figure out the reason why a gleeful Angelica has declared that Reptar has "turned naughty." The manipulative kindergartner has created a metal replica to carry out her devious plans. But Tommy and Chuckie and their baby siblings, aided by the Carmichael kids, persevere through volcanic lava, vehicle mishaps, and a menacing pteranodon to save the day in this 45-minute episode. The 12-minute "Chuckie's Complaint" continues the Reptar-fest, when the bespectacled tot takes issue with the dinosaur's cereal commercial and writes a letter of complaint, only to have to face the prehistoric beast in person when the moms decide to take the kids to meet him at the mall. Don't worry, it ends with a group hug. (Ages 3 and older) --Kimberly Heinrichs -

The Rugrats Discover America VHS
During a Pickles family barbecue, the backyard becomes the setting of "Reptar Tours in Discover America," the first of four episodes on this video. Imaginations run wild as Chuckie, Tommy, Phil, and Lil set off to find a "zoominer" (a neat present that comes from a faraway place, not from a store) for Dil. Tour guide Lil is quick to point out interesting places like "Graham Canyon" and "Pile of Rockies." The gang's take on each of these locations is quite amusing. A simple trip to the local garden center takes a turn for the wild side in "The Jungle." Grandpa wants to plant soybeans, saying, "you can make anything out of soybeans; you can make corn out of soybeans." But Mom Pickles wants to plant flowers. With the grownups preoccupied, the gang takes off on a wild jungle adventure. Suspecting that Dil has fallen victim to "Jungle Beaver" (jungle fever), they must get him to safety. But first they must outwit a pesky lion (actually a poodle) and the "Latin hyenas." When Chuckie's beloved Reptar Jr. gets put in the basement by mistake, the gang must rescue him in "Journey to the Center of the Basement." They encounter all sorts of obstacles: a pile of old newspapers becomes a pyramid of an ancient civilization; a mouse takes on huge proportions. The twins announce that this is the scariest "denture" they've ever been on. A trip to the Renaissance Faire is the setting for "Faire Play." They escape from "Ye Olde Daycare" on a quest to find the Good Knight. When Stu's homemade dragon runs amok, there's only one thing that can save him... Reptar. When Phil kisses a frog, Reptar appears to save the day. It's fun to see how Rugrat logic works. The clever writing make for a lot of laughs for children as well as adults. Since it's broken into four separate cartoons, you can watch this one-hour video in sections or straight through. This is one you'll watch again and again. --Peggy Maltby-Etra

The Rugrats Movie DVD

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