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Tarzan: To the Rescue (First Disney Friends)
Tarzan: To the Rescue (First Disney Friends)
Paperback from Ladybird Books Ltd
ISBN: 0721478735
by Russell & Saxon, Victoria Schroeder
Hardcover from Disney Press
ISBN: 0721478719
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Hardcover from Walt Disney / Egmont
ISBN: 9654486113

8x8 Inches glossy pictorial hardcover in fine, as-new condition. 24 Pages. Color plates. Printed in Israel. Hebrew Text.

Tarzan (Disney Moviebook Library, Vol. 9)
Tarzan (Disney Moviebook Library, Vol. 9)
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Hardcover from Advance Publishers
ISBN: 157973216X

Disney Moviebook Library is a collection of storybooks featuring the most popular Disney and Pixar films that will make reading fun for the whole family. Follow the adventures of Tarzan, an orphan raised in the jungle by a loving ape, as he is introduced to other humans. 9" x 8.5"

Tarzan: Film Storybook (Disney: Film and Video S.)
Tarzan: Film Storybook (Disney: Film & Video S.)
by Walt Disney Productions
Paperback from Ladybird Books Ltd
ISBN: 0721478743
Tarzan: Sticker Storybook (Disney)
Tarzan: Sticker Storybook (Disney)
by Walt Disney Productions
Hardcover from Ladybird Books Ltd
ISBN: 072147876X
Tarzan: Touch and Feel Book (Disney: Film and Video)
Tarzan: Touch and Feel Book (Disney: Film & Video)
Paperback from Ladybird Books Ltd
ISBN: 0721479170
Tarzan of the Apes: Tarzan No. 1
Edgar Rice Burroughs
First published in 1914, Edgar Rice Burroughs's romance has lost little of its force over the years--as film revivals and TV series well attest. Tarzan of the Apes is very much a product of its age: replete with bloodthirsty natives and a bulky, swooning American Negress, and haunted by what zoo specialists now call charismatic megafauna (great beasts snarling, roaring, and stalking, most of whom would be out of place in a real African jungle). Burroughs countervails such incorrectness, however, with some rather unattractive representations of white civilization--mutinous, murderous sailors, effete aristos, self-involved academics, and hard-hearted cowards. At Tarzan's heart rightly lies the resourceful and hunky title character, a man increasingly torn between the civil and the savage, for whom cutlery will never be less than a nightmare. 

The passages in which the nut-brown boy teaches himself to read and write are masterly and among the book's improbable, imaginative best. How tempting it is to adopt the ten-year-old's term for letters--"little bugs"! And the older Tarzan's realization that civilized "men were indeed more foolish and more cruel than the beasts of the jungle," while not exactly a new notion, is nonetheless potent. The first in Burroughs's serial is most enjoyable in its resounding oddities of word and thought, including the unforgettable "When Tarzan killed he more often smiled than scowled; and smiles are the foundation of beauty."
Mass Market Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 6.85 x 4.23
Publisher: Ballantine Books; Reissue edition (August 1993)
ISBN: 034531977X

The Tarzan Chronicles - Howard E. Green; Hardcover
Disney's Tarzan - Eric Suben, Paperback
Disney's Tarzan (Disney's Read-Aloud Storybooks) - Hardcover

Disney's Tarzan (Special Collector's Edition)
by Russell Schroeder, Victoria Saxon

Disney's Tarzan (Special Collector's Edition)
Russell Schroeder, Victoria Saxon; Library Binding

Disney's Tarzan : Family and Friends : A Touch and Feel Book (Touch and Feel Book)
Denise Shimabukuro (Illustrator), Hardcover
Disney's Tarzan : Growing Up in the Jungle - Paperback
Disney's Tarzan : Jungle Adventure (Junior Novel Series) - Hardcover

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Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan: Lord of the Apes VHS
Starring: Christopher Lambert, Andie MacDowell
One of those legendary missed opportunities, Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes is a movie that should have been great but wound up the victim of conflicting egos and wrong-headed choices. Based on a screenplay by Robert Towne (who took his name off it when he wasn't allowed to direct) and directed by Hugh Hudson (riding high on the basis of Chariots of Fire), the film tried to rethink the Tarzan legend of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and boy, did it have to: By casting French-accented Christopher Lambert as Tarzan, the filmmakers had to transform his white-hunter mentor Ian Holm into a Frenchman to explain those inflections in Tarzan's monosyllabic speech. The film has some amazing jungle footage and a truly touching relationship between Tarzan and the apes--but it gets pretty silly when Tarzan gets to London and hooks up with Sir Ralph Richardson, as his grandfather. –Marshall Fine -

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