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Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights (Puffin Classics)
Aladdin and Other Tales from the Arabian Nights (Puffin Classics)
by Anonymous
Paperback from Puffin
ISBN: 0140367829

This book features some of the best-loved stories in the world, originating in Persia, India and Arabia, retold especially for children.
Aladdin Walt Disney Classic
Aladdin Walt Disney Classic

ISBN: 1558906630

Disney's 1992 animated feature is a triumph of wit and skill. The high-tech artwork and graphics look great, the characters are strong, the familiar story is nicely augmented with an interesting villain (Jafar, voiced by Jonathan Freeman), and there's an incredible hook atop the whole thing: Robin Williams's frantically hilarious vocal performance as Aladdin's genie. Even if one isn't particularly moved by the love story between the title character (Scott Weinger) and his girlfriend Jasmine (Linda Larkin), you can easily get lost in Williams's improvisational energy and the equally entertaining performances of Freeman and Gilbert Gottfried (as Jafar's parrot). --Tom Keogh

Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories (Dover Children s Thrift Classics)
Aladdin and Other Favorite Arabian Nights Stories (Dover Children's Thrift Classics)

Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 048627571X
Six exotic adventures featuring a multitude of magicians, monsters, lovely princesses, and steadfast suitors: "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," "Abou Hassan, or the Sleeper Awakened," "The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor," "The Enchanted Horse," and "Camaralzaman and Badoura."

Aladdin Volume 1: Legacy of the Lost
Aladdin Volume 1: Legacy of the Lost
by Ian Edgington, Stjepan Sejic, Patrick Reilly
Paperback from Radical Publishing
ISBN: 1935417045

From the mystical city of Shambhalla to the ends of the Earth comes a tale of magic, mystery, and the motivations of power. It is the world of Ala ad-Din, better known as Aladdin! Thief, gambler, liar, and cheat, Aladdin''s reckless soul falls under the eye of the sorcerer Qassim, who has spent his life scouring the sands for the Dreaming Jewel. This lost relic of shattering power will enable Qassim to steal the magic of the Djinn of the Lamp and reshape the world in his own malicious design. But to do so, he requires a mystical ability carried within Aladdin''s blood...power that not even Aladdin himself knows about. An epic adventure that twists the classic saga into dark, unexplored territories, penned by multi-Eisner nominated writer Ian Edginton!
[no image]
by Golden Books
Paperback from Golden Books Publishing Company
ISBN: 0307030229

Discover why Aladdin and Princess Jasmine owe their happiness to a big blue Genie. This wonderful retelling of Disney's Aladdin is out in time for the release of the Platinum Edition DVD.
From the Hardcover edition.

Aladdin Relighted (The Return of Aladdin #1)
Aladdin Relighted (The Return of Aladdin #1)
by J.R. Rain, Piers Anthony
Kindle Edition
Media Published: 2011-03-03

Return to the magical land of the Arabian Nights....
The end of "Aladdin of the Lamp" finds the cunning Aladdin ruler of a great kingdom. Now, many years have passed....
Aladdin is older, richer and wiser...and heart broken. After losing his beloved wife and son to foul play, he resigns from being king and sets out to do what he does best....
Now working as an anonymous relic hunter using the name Niddala (Aladdin spelled backwards), he's hired by a desperate--and beautiful--noblewoman named Jewel to rescue her kidnapped son. Prince Zeyn, a powerful wizard from the magical land of Djinnland, has designs on Aladdin's kingdom, and Jewel's son is to be the final piece of a bloody plot to rule two worlds.
To save the boy and his kingdom, Aladdin soon realizes he must seek the aid of a once-powerful ally, the mighty Djinn of the Lamp. Unfortunately, the djinn is being held prisoner by Zeyn in Djinnland, a magical land full of dragons and ogres, magic carpets and magic castles. With time rapidly running out, Aladdin and Jewel will journey into a world far stranger than anything they had ever imagined, a world full of danger at every turn, a world in which they may never return. It will take all their cunning and wits to stay alive...but will they do so in time to save the djinn, her son, and a kingdom?
From bestselling authors Piers Anthony (Xanth) and J.R. Rain (Vampire for Hire), Aladdin Relighted is the first in a magical series featuring Aladdin and his Extraordinary Lamp.

The Aladdin Factor
The Aladdin Factor
by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
Paperback from Berkley Trade
ISBN: 0425150755

The Aladdin factor - the ability to get what we want by having the confidence to ask for what we want - is the subject of this book focusing on gaining personal fufilment. This factor is supposed to pinpoint the major stumbling blocks to asking, and teaches simple techniques to overcome them.
Aladdin And The Enchanted Lamp
Aladdin And The Enchanted Lamp
by Philip Pullman
Hardcover from Arthur A. Levine Books

Philip Pullman garnered every accolade around with the breathtaking His Dark Materials trilogy. Now he turns his storytelling gifts to one of the most famous of the Arabian Nights tales, "Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp." Aladdin is a shiftless good-for-nothing boy until he unwittingly acquires a magic lamp inhabited by a genie -- and the adventure that follows both makes his fortune and makes him a man. Pullman tells the tale with his trademark crisp writing and fast-paced action, while Sophy Williams's pastels shimmer with the heat and beauty of the Far East. Terrific for reading aloud!


The Disney Poster: The Animated Film Classics from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin
by Ellen Mendlow, Walt Disney Productions
from Hyperion

Aladdin: Wishful Thinking
by Disney Enterprises Inc, Lisa Ann Marsoli
from Advance Publishers LLC

Aladdin: Piano, Vocal, Guitar
by Walt Disney, Walt Disney Productions
from Hal Leonard

Disney's How to Draw Aladdin/#DC04
by Laureen Burger, Russell Hicks, Diana Wakeman
from Walter Foster Pub

Walt Disney Pictures Presents Aladdin: Clarinet
by Alan Menken
from Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

Disney's Aladdin Activity Center
by Walt Disney Computer Software

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