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Bambi (Disney Bambi) (Little Golden Book)
Bambi (Disney Bambi) (Little Golden Book)
by Golden Books
Hardcover from Golden/Disney
Media Published: 2004-09-14
ISBN: 0736423087

Classic Disney illustrations from the 1940s make this Little Golden Book retelling of an all-time favorite a keeper for Disney and Little Golden Book collectors alike!
Bambi (French) (French Edition)
Bambi (French) (French Edition)
by Felix Salten
Hardcover from French & European Pubns
ISBN: 0685284476

Describes the life of a deer in the forest as he grows into a beautiful stag.

Bambi comes into the world in a forest glade, loved by his mother, protected by a thicket. He grows up frolicking in the meadow, befriending butterflies and screech owls, and learning about the dark fear of all the woodland creatures: man. Over time, Bambi seeks out the wisdom of the prince of deer, a magnificent old stag who walks alone through the paths of the forest. Bambi is torn between his desire to be with his beloved mate, Faline, and his yearning for the knowledge and solitude the prince represents. He is also conflicted about his friend Gobo, who has returned to the forest after a winter living among humans. Gobo behaves unnaturally by strolling through the woods by day when other deer are sleeping, showing no fear of his natural mortal enemy.

This 1926 classic has been stretched and squeezed into many forms over the years, but the Felix Salten original should not be missed. With the richer, more highly wrought language of his time, Salten crafts a story layered in meaning, weighty with its message. The sometimes cruel, often joyful cycle of life continues, in spite of those who try to defy nature's law. (Ages 9 to 12) --Emilie Coulter

by Felix Salten, Maja Dusikova
Hardcover from NorthSouth
ISBN: 0735840113
Children (and adults) the world around know and love the story of the little fawn who grows into a handsome stag. For this tender picture-book adaptation of the beloved novel (authorized by the Salten estate), Maja Dusíková has created exquisite watercolor paintings that transport readers into the woodland world of one of the world's favorite characters.
Walt Disney s Bambi: The Story and the Film
Walt Disney's Bambi: The Story and the Film
by Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori, & Chang
ISBN: 1556701608

Text and artwork from the animated film "Bambi" unfold the story of the deer who grows up to be King of the Forest and reveal the creative struggles and victories behind the making of the movie.

Bambi (Disney Classics)
Bambi (Disney Classics)

Hardcover from Parragon Inc 2011-01-01
ISBN: 1407599453

by Janet Schulman
Paperback from Pocket Childrens Books
ISBN: 0689861303

This is a story that transports us to a sun-dappled glade in the middle of a forest. Here we witness the birth of a little fawn, Bambi, and watch him take his first unsteady steps by his mother's side. We share in his delight and curiosity as he encounters the sights, smells and sounds of this woodland home and then in his sadness when his mother is killed by a hunter's bullet. We see him forge new friendships and face the dangers of the forest as he matures into a majestic stag. This beautifully-illustrated retelling of Felix Salten's original 1923 novel includes many elements that are omitted from the Disney film and is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

Walt Disney s Bambi: Friends of the Forest (A Little Golden Book)
Walt Disney's Bambi: Friends of the Forest (A Little Golden Book)

Hardcover from Western Pub. Co
ISBN: 0307021009

Though but a handsome fawn, the Prince of the Forest saves little Thumper's life, making the King of the Forest very proud.

Walt Disney's Bambi: A Read-Aloud Storybook
by Liza Baker
from Mouse Works

Bambi's Hide-And-Seek (Step into Reading. Super Early Books)
by Andrea Posner-Sanchez, Isidre Mones, Random House Disney
from Disney Books for Young Readers

Walt Disney's Bambi: The Sketchbook Series (The Sketchbook Series)
by Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Walt Disney Company, Disney Studios, Roy E. Disney
from Applewood Books

Disney's How-To-Draw Bambi (How-To-Draw)
by David Pacheco, Diana Wakeman, Walter Foster
from Walter Foster Pub

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