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Killing Peace: Colombia's Conflict and the Failure of U.S. Intervention
by Garry M. Leech
Paperback from Information Network of the Americas

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More Terrible than Death: Massacres, Drugs, and America's War in Colombia
by Robin Kirk
Hardcover from PublicAffairs
Walking Ghosts: Murder and Guerrilla Politics in Colombia
by Steven Dudley
Hardcover from Routledge
A Monetary History of Colombia
by Antonio Hernandez-Gamarra
Hardcover from Villegas Editores
Violence in Colombia 1990-2000: Waging War and Negotiating Peace (Latin American Silhouettes (Cloth))
by Charles Bergquist, Ricardo Penaranda, Gonzalo Sanchez G.
Hardcover from Scholarly Resources
Colombia: Fragmented Land, Divided Society (Latin American Histories)
by Frank Safford, Marco Palacios
Paperback from Oxford University Press
Until Death Do Us Part: My Struggle to Reclaim Colombia
by Ingrid Betancourt
Hardcover from Ecco
24 December, 2001
Bandits, Peasants, and Politics : The Case of "La Violencia" in Colombia (Translations from Latin America Series
by Gonzalo Sánchez, Donny Meertens, Alan Hynds, S&aacute, Gonzalo nchez
Hardcover from Univ of Texas Press

Long March to Freedom: Tom Hargrove's Own Story of His Kidnapping by Colombian Narco-Guerrillas
by Thomas R. Hargrove
Paperback from 1stBooks Library
Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing
by Michael Taussig
Paperback from University of Chicago Press
Tropic: The Nature of Colombia
by Aldo Brando, Arturo Guerrero
Hardcover from Villegas Editores
Where the Gods Reign: Plants and Peoples of the Colombian Amazon
by Richard Evans Schultes
Paperback from Synergetic Press
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An American Addiction: Drugs, Guerillas, and Counterinsurgency in Us Intervention in Colombia
by Noam Chomsky
Audio CD from AK Pr Distribution
Colombia and the United States: War, Terrorism, and Destabilization (Open Media)
by Mario Murillo, Jesus Rey Avirama
Book Description: Every year, the United States spends millions of dollars to help the war--ravaged country of Colombia. But help it with what? In Colombia & the United States, Mario A. Murillo and Jesus Avirama explores the devastating impact that misdirected U.S. military "aid"—under the banner of "the war on drugs"—continues to have on the people of Colombia. They argue that the conflict in Colombia is not about drugs, nor guerillas, nor "terrorism," but rather about the unwillingness of the country’s elite to open up spaces for truly democratic development.

Mario Murillo is the author of Islands of Resistance: Puerto Rico, Vieques and U.S. Policy.

Jesus Avirama, a member of the indigenous Kokonuco people, is a longtime activist.

Paperback from Seven Stories Press

Fernando Botero: Paintings and Drawings
by Werner Spies, Fernando Botero
Book Description: Fernando Botero, born in Colombia in 1932, belongs among the few major artists of the post-World War II era to have consistently worked in a figurative style. His distinctive figures - rotund and swollen to monumental proportions - articulate both his profound consciousness of artistic tradition and a gently satirical observation of his fellow human beings. Botero, who maintains studios in New York, Paris, and Tuscany, assimilates historical and contemporary influences with rare artistic skill to produce images that synthesize, in a deceptively simple manner, his experiences of Latin American and Western cultures. 

Botero's subject matter, wide-ranging and deeply rooted in his South American heritage, includes portraits, bordello scenes, bullfights, landscapes, and still lifes. The artist's awareness of tradition is reflected in his consummate technical ability - he has revived the art of pastel, for example, to great effect - and in a number of adaptations of works by such earlier masters as Durer, Leonardo, and Velazquez. 

The expertly reproduced paintings and drawings in this book have been selected with the artist's help to provide a comprehensive overview of his work in these media over the past three decades. The plates are complemented by an introduction that discusses Botero's place in contemporary art and elucidates his work processes, by a fascinating interview with the artist, by detailed biographical notes, and by an exhibition history and a bibliography. Six short stories by Botero reveal a less familiar facet of the artist's creative personality.
Paperback from Prestel USA

Drugs, Oil, and War: The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia, and Indochina
by Peter Dale Scott
Paperback from Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)
Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America
by Michael T. Taussig
Paperback from Univ of North Carolina Pr
The Colombian Civil War
by Bert Ruiz
Paperback from McFarland & Company
Culture and Customs of Colombia
by Raymond Leslie Williams, Kevin G. Guerrieri
Hardcover from Greenwood Publishing Group

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State Building and Conflict Resolution in Colombia, 1986-1994
by Harvey F. Kline
Paperback from Univ of Alabama Pr (Txt)

Systems of Violence: The Political Economy of War and Peace in Colombia (Suny Series in Global Politics)
by Nazih Richani
Paperback from State Univ of New York Pr
Providence Island, 1630-1641 : The Other Puritan Colony
by Karen Ordahl Kupperman
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

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Gaitanismo, Left Liberalism, and Popular Mobilization in Colombia
by W. John Green
Hardcover from University Press of Florida
Darien: The Scottish Dream of Empire
by John Prebble
Paperback from Birlinn Ltd
Blackness and Race Mixture: The Dynamics of Racial Identity in Colombia (Johns Hopkins Studies in Atlantic History and Culture)
by Peter Wade
Paperback from Johns Hopkins Univ Pr
by Ricardo L. Castro
Hardcover from Villegas Editores
Dulcinea in the Factory: Myths, Morals, Men, and Women in Columbia's Industrial Experiment, 1905-1960 (Comparative and International Working-Class History)
by Ann Farnsworth-Alvear
Paperback from Duke Univ Pr (Txt)

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The Heart of the War in Colombia
by Constanza Ardila Galvis, Constanza Ardila Galvis
Paperback from Kumarian Press

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Coffee in Colombia, 1850-1970 : An Economic, Social and Political History
by Marco Palacios, Alan Knight
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

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