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Yanoama: The Story of Helena Valero, a Girl Kidnapped by Amazonian Indians (Kodansha Globe)
by Helena Valero, Ettore Biocca, Luigi Cocco, Philip Turner
Paperback from Kodansha International
The Magical State: Nature, Money, and Modernity in Venezuela
by Fernando Coronil, Frenando Coronil
Paperback from University of Chicago Press
The Lost Fleet: The Discovery of a Sunken Armada from the Golden Age of Piracy
by Barry Clifford
Hardcover from William Morrow
In the Shadow of the Liberator: The Impact of Hugo Chavez on Venezuela and Latin America
by Richard Gott
Hardcover from Verso Books
Breve Historia Contemporanea de Venezuela
by Guillermo Moron, Guillermo Morbon
Paperback from Fondo De Cultura Economica
Simon Bolivar: Liberation and Disappointment (Library of World Biography Series)
by David Bushnell
Paperback from Pearson Longman
Venezuelan Politics in the Chavez Era: Class, Polarization, and Conflict
by Steve Ellner, Daniel Hellinger
Hardcover from Lynne Rienner Publishers
Francisco de Miranda: A Transatlantic Life in the Age of Revolution (Latin American Silhouettes)
by Karen Racine
Hardcover from Scholarly Resources
Presidents Without Parties: The Politics of Economic Reform in Argentina and Venezuela in The...
by Javier Corrales
Paperback from Pennsylvania State Univ Pr (Txt)
The Street Is My Home: Youth and Violence in Caracas
by Patricia C. Marquez, Patricia C. Mbarquez
Hardcover from Stanford Univ Pr
Chávez : Venezuela and the New Latin America
by Hugo Chávez, David Deutschmann, Javier Salado
Paperback from Redleaf Press
by John V. Lombardi
Hardcover from Oxford University Press
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Culture and Customs of Venezuela
by Mark Dinneen
Hardcover from Greenwood Publishing Group
Missionary Capitalist: Nelson Rockefeller in Venezuela
by Darlene Rivas
Paperback from Univ of North Carolina Pr
Religion in the Megacity: Catholic and Protestant Portraits from Latin America
by Phillip Berryman
Paperback from Orbis Books
Lessons of the Venezuelan Experience
by Louis W. Goodman, Johanna Mendelson Forman, Moises Naim, Jose Tulchin, Joseph S. Tulchin, Gary Bland
Paperback from Woodrow Wilson Center Pr
Venezuela and the United States: From Monroe's Hemisphere to Petroleum's Empire (The United States and the Americas)
by Judith Ewell
Paperback from University of Georgia Press
Leadership and Organization for Community Prevention and Intervention in Venezuela
by Maritza Montero
Hardcover from Haworth Press
Trade Policy Review: Venezuela 2002

Paperback from WTO

Funeral Music and Customs in Venezuela
by Sharon. Girard
Paperback from University of Arizona Press
Venezuelan Insurgency, 1960-1968: A Successful Failure
by H. Micheal Tarver, Rathnam Indurthy, Luis Loaiza Rincon, Alfredo Angulo Rivas
Paperback from Xlibris Corporation
Persistent Peasants: Smallholders, State Agencies & Involuntary Migration in Western Venezuela (Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology, No 35)
by Miguel Montoya Diaz, Miguel Montoya Dbiaz
Paperback from Coronet Books
The Town of San Felipe and Colonial Cacao Economies (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Kno)
by Eugenio Pinero
Paperback from Amer Philosophical Society
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Venezuela, a Country Study
by Richard A. Haggerty
Hardcover from Headquarters Dept. of Army
Unfinished Transitions: Women and the Gendered Development of Democracy in Venezuela, 1936-1996
by Elisabeth J. Friedman
Paperback from Pennsylvania State Univ Pr (Txt)
Oil and Development in Venezuela during the 20th Century
by Jorge Salazar-Carrillo, Bernadette West
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers
Venezuelan Oil: Development and Chronology
by Anibal R. Martinez
Hardcover from Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Las Casas on Columbus: The Third Voyage.
by Jesus Carrillo, Michael Hammer, Blair Sullivan, Geoffrey Symcox, Bartolome De Las Historia De Las Indias Casas, J. Carrillo Castillo
Hardcover from Brepols Publishers
Oil and Development in Venezuela During the Twentieth Century:
by Jorge Salazar-Carrillo
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers
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Caracas Company
by Roland Dennis Hussey
Hardcover from Ayer Co Pub
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