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Map of Iraq
Map of Iraq
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  • Ally to Adversary : An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace
    by Rick Francona, Leonard H. Perroots

    America at War : The Battle for Iraq: A View from the Frontlines
    by Dan Rather, The Reporters of CBS News
    Book Description: In America at War, Dan Rather and the reporters of CBS News provide a unique historical record of military conflict from a riveting vantage point -- alongside our brave soldiers on the frontlines of combat. 

    During the war in Iraq, journalists and photographers embedded among our troops had an unprecedented view of the fierce realities experienced by our men and women in uniform -- from the extreme heroism of battle to the poignancy of humanitarian efforts. Long heralded for setting the standard for television journalism, Dan Rather and his CBS News colleagues deliver here a volume of work that captures, as never before, that firsthand perspective. In reflective personal commentary, stunning photographs, and groundbreaking video, the exhilarating and heartbreaking stories of war come vividly to life against the backdrop of a military conflict that affected Americans at home and abroad. 

    Among the contributors is Mark Strassmann, embedded with the First Brigade of the 101st Airborne in Kuwait, who recalls the aftermath of the shocking fratricide that claimed one officer's life and injured fourteen others. Allen Pizzey relays his conversation with a U.S.-backed Kurdish fighter outside of Mosul, still reeling with anger after a U.S. air strike gone devastatingly wrong killed more than seventeen. Jim Axelrod recounts the heart-stopping moment when the Humvee in which he was traveling quit in the middle of an unprotected bridge, and with AK-47 fire whistling overhead, his colleagues in a nearby truck performed a daring rescue. These and many other stories are reported with the vivid detail and emotional resonance of firsthand experience. 

    A full-length DVD tells the full chronological story of the military conflict and brings together some of the most powerful war images ever captured -- from video of blazing firepower to intimate, revealing interviews with military personnel. The DVD also contains special features, including Dan Rather's exclusive interview with Saddam Hussein, gripping stories of soldiers lost and rescued, and an informative library of military vehicles and aircraft. 

    From the first jet that took off from the USS Abraham to the now-famous toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad, the reporters of CBS News were there on the frontlines, documenting history as it happened. Now, in words, photographs, and video, America at War provides a unique historical record of a controversial military conflict, and preserves the deeply human moments that will remain a lasting part of our national consciousness.
    Hardcover from Simon & Schuster

    Arab War Lords and Iraqi Star Gazers: Gertrude Bell's the Arab of Mesopotamia
    by Paul Rich
    Listed under Arabian Travels

    Ancient Iraq (Penguin History)
    by Georges Roux
    Listed under Mesopotamia

    Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization
    by A. Leo Oppenheim
    Listed under Mesopotamia

    Assur Is King! Assur Is King: Religion in the Exercise of Power in the Neo-Assyrian Empire
    by Steven W. Holloway

    Embedded: The Media At War in Iraq
    by Bill Katovsky, Timothy Carlson
    Hardcover from Globe Pequot Pr


    The Fall Of Baghdad
    The Fall Of Baghdad
    by Jon Lee Anderson
    Hardcover from Penguin Books
    Boots on the Ground : A Month with the 82nd Airborne in the Battle for Iraq
    by Karl Zinsmeister
    Hardcover from Truman Talley Books
    The Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon: About 2250 B.C.
    edited by Robert Francis Harper.
    Hardcover: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 9.50 x 6.50
    Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.; Reprint edition (February )
    ISBN: 1584770031

    Chronicles Concerning Early Babylonian Kings
    by Leonard W. King (Editor)
    Publisher: AMS Press; Reprint edition (February 1, )
    ISBN: 0404181856

    Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell: Adventurer, Adviser to Kings, Ally of Lawrence of Arabia
    by Janet Wallach
    Listed under Arabian Travels

    The Final Sack of Nineveh: The Discovery, Documentation, and Destruction of King Sennacherib's Throne Room at Nineveh, Iraq
    by John Malcolm Russell
    Book Description When the throne room of the ancient Assyrian "Palace without Rival" was rediscovered in 1847, its sculptures remained amazingly intact. But air pollution, animal damage, vandalism, neglect, and now looting for the international art market have brought ruin to the palace. Its splendor now survives only in this book, which presents for the first time the only extensive photographic records of Sennacherib`s palace. .
    Hardcover: 192 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 11.54 x 9.97
    Publisher: Yale Univ Pr;
    ISBN: 0300074182

    ENDGAME: Solving the Iraq Problem -- Once and For All
    by Scott Ritter
    Paperback: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.65 x 8.58 x 5.96
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Paper); ; (November )
    ISBN: 0743247728

    Freya Stark in Iraq & Kuwait (The Freya Stark Archives Series)
    by Malise Ruthven (Editor), et al
    Listed under Freya Stark

    Iraq Under Siege : The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War
    by Anthony Arnove (Editor), Ali Abunimah (Editor)

    The Greatest Threat: Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the Crisis of Global Security
    by Richard Butler, James Charles Roy
    This is the memoir of a frustrated man. Richard Butler is the former chairman of UNSCOM, the United Nations-appointed arms-inspection team assigned to Iraq in the wake of the Gulf War. Between 1992 and 1997, Butler toiled to prevent Saddam Hussein from manufacturing and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. UNSCOM experienced some success, but it was essentially a failure thanks to the intransigence and intimidation Butler faced from without (by Saddam's henchmen, such as Iraqi foreign minister Tariq Aziz) and from within (members of Butler's own task force, representing the interests of their own countries, constantly undercut him). And this "constitutes a serious crisis in global security," writes Butler. "While the full nature and scope of [Saddam's] current programs cannot be known precisely because of the absence of inspections and monitoring, it would be foolish in the extreme not to assume that he is: developing long-range missile capabilities; at work again on building nuclear weapons; and adding to the chemical and biological warfare weapons he concealed during the UNSCOM inspection period."

    Butler's account of his own efforts is, as he freely admits, "far more important than it is colorful." If readers hunger for a spy thriller about Iraq, they should turn to novelist Frederick Forsyth's The Fist of God instead of The Greatest Threat. But if they want a realistic look at Middle Eastern power politics, the maddening challenge of disarmament, and a few vivid reminders that Saddam is both "determined and diabolical," Butler's book is an excellent resource. Butler, who is Australian, closes with an idealistic call to stop nuclear proliferation, urging Americans to forsake "the pursuit of purely national goals": "By leading the global community in the effort of reducing and then eliminating the unique danger posed by weapons of mass destruction, the United States can assure itself the highest and most justly honored place among nations in the annals of history." Whether or not readers agree with that sentiment, Butler convincingly shows that reducing Saddam's ability to make war is in virtually everybody's interest. --John J. Miller -
    Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 9.30 x 6.22
    Publisher: PublicAffairs; (May 22, )
    ISBN: 1586480391

    The Reckoning: Iraq and the Legacy of Saddam Hussein
    by Sandra MacKey
    from W.W. Norton & Company

    Republic of Fear : The Politics of Modern Iraq
    by Kanan Makiya
    Originally written under the pseudonym Samir al-Khalil and published before the Gulf War, Republic of Fear describes the rise of Saddam Hussein and the Arab Ba'th Socialist party. The author, an Iraqi expatriate now living in the United States, offers this updated edition under his real name, Kanan Makiya. A new introduction discusses events following the invasion of Kuwait ("the chamber of horrors that is Saddam Hussein's Iraq has grown into something that not even the most morbid imagination could have dreamed up"). The book is not merely a chronicle of recent Iraqi politics, but a discussion of why the country has evolved into "a Kafkaesque world ... one ruled and held together by fear." Essential reading for anybody who wants to understand modern Iraq. --John J. Miller -
    Paperback: 323 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.98 x 9.03 x 6.04
    Publisher: University of California Press; Updated edition
    ISBN: 0520214390

    The Continuing Storm : Iraq, Poisonous Weapons, and Deterrence
    by Avigdor Haselkorn
    Listed under Gulf War 1991

    Independent Iraq
    by Matthew Ellio
    Hardcover: 248 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 8.75 x 5.75
    Publisher: I B Tauris & Co Ltd; (December )
    ISBN: 1850437297

    A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq
    by Christopher Hitchens
    Paperback from Plume

    The Longest War: The Iran-Iraq Military Conflict
    by Dilip Hiro
    Listed under Iran-Iraq War

    Naked in Baghdad
    by Anne Garrels
    Book Description: As National Public Radio's senior foreign correspondent, Anne Garrels has covered conflicts in Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. She is renowned for direct, down-to-earth, insightful reportage, and for her independent take on what she sees. One of only sixteen un-embedded American journalists who stayed in Baghdad's now-legendary Palestine Hotel throughout the American invasion of Iraq, she was at the very center of the storm. Naked in Baghdad gives us the sights, sounds, and...
    Hardcover from Farrar Straus & Giroux

    Sumer and the Sumerians
    by Harriet Crawford
    Book Description Up-to-date historical and archaeological sources are drawn on in a review of the extraordinary social and technological developments, from 3800 to 2000 BC, of one of the best-known ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia.
    Paperback: 182 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.34 x 9.68 x 7.48
    Publisher: Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt); (April 1991)
    ISBN: 0521388503

    Sennacherib's Palace Without Rival at Nineveh
    by John Malcolm Russell
    Book Description Best known today from biblical accounts of his exploits and ignominious end, the Assyrian king Sennacherib (704-681 B.C.) was once the ruler of all western Asia. In his capital at Nineveh, in what is now northern Iraq, he built what he called the "Palace without Rival." Though only scattered traces of this magnificent structure are visible today, contemporary written descriptions and surviving wall reliefs permit a remarkably detailed reconstruction of the appearance and significance of the palace. 

    An art historian trained in ancient Near East philology, archaeology, and history, John Malcolm Russell marshals these resources to investigate the meaning and political function of the palace of Sennacherib. He contends that the meaning of the monument cannot be found in images or texts alone; nor can these be divorced from architectural context. Thus his study combines discussions of the context of inscriptions in Sennacherib's palace with reconstructions of its physical appearance and analyses of the principles by which the subjects of Sennacherib's reliefs were organized to express meaning. Many of the illustrations are published here for the first time, notably drawings of palace reliefs made by nineteenth-century excavators and photographs taken in the course of the author's own excavations at Nineveh. John Malcolm Russell is assistant professor in the Department of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University.
    Hardcover: 342 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 9.68 x 6.91
    Publisher: University of Chicago Press; (August 1991)
    ISBN: 0226731758

    Piety and Politics: The Dynamics of Royal Authority in Homeric Greece, Biblical Israel, and Old Babylonian Mesopotamia (The Bible in Its World)
    by Dale Launderville
    Hardcover: 410 pages
    Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.; (March )
    ISBN: 0802839940

    A History of Iraq
    by Charles Tripp
    from Cambridge Univ Pr (Trd)

    Iraq Strategy Review : Five Options for U.S. Policy
    by Patrick L. Clawson et al.
    Washington Institute For Near East Policy;

    Iraq and the War of Sanctions : Conventional Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction
    by Anthony H. Cordesman

    Iraq and the International Oil System: Why America Went to War in the Gulf
    by Stephen Pelletiere (Author)
    Praeger Publishers; (January 30, )

    Confronting Iraq : U.S. Policy and the Use of Force Since the Gulf War
    by Daniel L. Byman, Matthew C. Waxman

    The Shi'is of Iraq
    by Yitzhak Nakash
    Book Description Iraqi Shi'is, the country's majority group, are nevertheless politically disinherited, as was vividly demonstrated in the aftermath of the Gulf War. Here Yitzhak Nakash provides a rich historical background for understanding their place in today's Sunni-dominated Iraq. The first comprehensive work on the Shi'is of Iraq, this book challenges the widely held belief that their culture and politics are a reflection of Iranian Shi'ism. In examining the years between the rise of the Shi'i strongholds Najaf and Karbala in the mid-eighteenth century and the collapse of the Iraqi monarchy in 1958, Nakash shows that the growth of Iraqi Shi'ism was closely related to socioeconomic and political developments in the nineteenth century.
    Paperback: 340 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 9.23 x 6.17
    Publisher: Princeton Univ Pr; Reprint edition (October 30, )
    ISBN: 0691006431

    Sovereign Creations : Pan-Arabism and Political Order in Syria and Iraq
    by Malik Mufti

    Pariah States and Sanctions in the Middle East : Iraq, Libya, Sudan (The Middle East in the International System)
    by Tim Niblock

    Saddam's Bombmaker : The Daring Escape of the Man Who Built Iraq's Secret Weapon
    by Khidr Abd Al-Abbas Hamzah, Khidhir Hamza, Jeff Stein (Contributor)
    "I am lucky to be alive," writes Khidhir Hamza on the opening page of this memoir, which reads like a thriller. Hamza describes how he helped Saddam Hussein design a nuclear bomb over the course of 22 years. He has an amazing story to relate, and with the help of collaborator Jeff Stein, he tells it remarkably well. It begins with his cloak-and-dagger escape from Baghdad in 1994, then goes back in time to describe the education he received earlier in the United States. Hamza returned to his native Iraq, and Saddam seduced him into accepting the comfortable life of an atomic scientist trying to build a bomb for a megalomaniac. Hamza presents a terrifying, almost psychotic portrait of Hussein himself: the dictator--a man with "yellow, lifeless eyes"--has a paranoid fear of germs and a taste for Johnnie Walker Blue Label. He's prone to drunken rages and relies on sedatives to keep control of himself: "His personality grew more erratic with the ups and downs of the drugs, the liquor, and the pressures of command." Hamza recounts a story told by one of Saddam's doctors, in which the strongman was found "stomping about his palace bedroom in a blood-splotched shirt" near the body of a woman whose throat was slit. 

    Hamza was eventually kept under house arrest, and even threatened with torture. His escape was an astonishing feat, and the message he brought to the West is vital: "I have no doubt that Iraq is pursuing the nuclear option." The Gulf War slowed development, but failed to shut it down. The coalition that knocked Saddam out of Kuwait has fallen apart, and United Nations inspectors no longer try to keep him in check. Hamza urges policymakers to confront Saddam, and suggests that the CIA redouble its efforts to help topnotch scientists flee from their virtual captivity. If rogue nations experience a brain drain, he says, their capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction will suffer. Saddam's Bombmaker is hard to put down and essential reading for anybody interested in national security. --John J. Miller -
    Paperback: 352 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 8.56 x 6.62
    Publisher: Touchstone Books; (October 30, )
    ISBN: 0743211359

    Storm over Iraq : Air Power and the Gulf War
    by Richard P. Hallion

    Sanctioning Saddam : The Politics of Intervention in Iraq
    by Sarah Graham-Brown

    Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography
    by Efraim Karsh, Inari Rautsi
    from Grove Press

    Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur
    by Richard L. Zettler (Editor), Lee Horne (Editor), Donald P. Hansen
    Hardcover: 220 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 11.32 x 8.92
    Publisher: Univ of Pennsylvania Mus Babylonian; (October )
    ISBN: 0924171545

    The Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice
    by Geoff Simons
    VHPS/St. Martin's Press; 2nd edition

    Weapons of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq
    by Sheldon Rampton, John C. Stauber
    Paperback from J. P. Tarcher

    A Kurdish-English Dictionary : Dialect of Sulaimania, Iraq
    by Ernest N. McCarus
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Nebuchadnezzar and Babylon
    by Donald J. Wiseman
    Book Description This new examination of the reign of Nebuchadrezzar II of Babylon (605-562 B.C.) includes a revised interpretation of the Babylonian Chronicles of his reign, especially for the years of the campaign against Judah and the capture of Jerusalem. On the basis of textual evidence, the author assesses the character of Nebuchadrezzar as a military and political leader, religious devotee, and legal administrator.
    Paperback: 142 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.51 x 9.64 x 5.74
    Publisher: Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (May 1991)
    ISBN: 0197261000
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Saddam Hussein : Absolute Ruler of Iraq
    by Rebecca Stefoff
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Saddam's Secrets--The Hunt for Iraq's Hidden Weapons
    by Tim Trevan
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Mesopotamia: The Mighty Kings
    by Dale M. Brown (Editor)
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Babylonian Historical Texts Relating to the Capture and Downfall of Babylon
    by Sidney Smith
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

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