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A Bridge Across the Jordan: The Friendship Between a Jewish Carpenter and the King of Jordan
by Adaia Shumsky
Publisher: Arcade Publishing;

Kingdom of the Film Stars: Journey into Jordan
by Anne Caulfield
"The hotel I wanted had no address." Thus begins Annie Caulfield's journey through Jordan, an odyssey inspired by an intrepid female traveler from an earlier time, Gertrude Bell. But whereas Gertrude went to the desert to forget a love, Ms. Caulfield discovers one there--Rathwan, a Bedouin man with film-star looks. In her sympathetic exploration of modern Arab culture, Kingdom of the Film Stars, Annie Caulfield attempts to present a more benign image of Arab men than either the fantasy sheikh made famous by Rudolph Valentino or the callous manipulator of innocent Western women/kidnapper of children so often portrayed in modern news stories, films, and books. In this bittersweet account of her relationship with Rathwan, she largely succeeds. 

Though the love affair between Caulfield and Rathwan is at the heart of Kingdom of the Film Stars, Caulfield's beautiful portrait of modern-day Jordan is what distinguishes the story, inviting readers into the mysterious, vanishing culture of the Bedouin. As she weaves her tales of Jordan's history, people, and politics, Annie Caulfield also destroys many of the West's most cherished misconceptions about the Arab world.
Paperback: 264 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 7.80 x 5.09
Publisher: Lonely Planet; ;
ISBN: 0864424612

Call Each River Jordan

How to Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus and the Prophets: A Scripture Reference Guide for Biblical Sites in Israel and Jordan
by Hela Crown-Tamir
Publisher: Gefen Books; (February 1, )

Historical Dictionary of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
by Peter Gubser
Publisher: Scarecrow Press; (November 1, 1991)

King Hussein's Strategy of Survival
by Uriel Dann
Publisher: Washington Institute For Near East Policy; (March 1992)

The Kingdom of Jordan
by Rapheal Patai

Jewels of the Kingdom: The Heritage of Jordan
by Peter Vine.

The Kingdom of Jordan
by Rapheal Patai

Jewels of the Kingdom: The Heritage of Jordan
by Peter Vine

King Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan
by Mary C. Wilson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; Reprint edition (September 1990)

A Modern History of Jordan
by Kamal S. Salibi
Publisher: I B Tauris & Co Ltd; (November 1993)

The Political Legacy of King Hussein
by Alexander Bligh
Publisher: Sussex Academic Pr; (October 1, )

Old Houses of Jordan
by Queen Noor Al-Hussein, Noor Al-Hussein
from Kegan Paul Intl

The Politics of Partition: King Abdullah, the Zionists and Palestine, 1921-1951
by Avi Shlaim
Publisher: Oxford University Press; Abridged edition

Jordanians, Palestinians, and the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East Peace Process
by Adnan Abu Odeh
Publisher: United States Institute of Peace; (September )
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