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Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms
Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms
by Joseph Cornell
Hardcover from Gun Digest Books
Winchester: An American Legend
by R.L. Wilson
A thorough survey of every model manufactured, featuring lavish illustrations in color and black and white.
Hardcover: 404 pages
Publisher: Book Sales, Inc. (August 15, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0785818936
Winchester Model 94: A Century of Craftmanship
Winchester Model 94: A Century of Craftmanship
by Robert C. Renneberg
Hardcover from Krause Publications
Since the publication of the ground-breaking first edition of The Winchester Model 94-The First 100 Years, this revised and expanded edition is the culminationof the author's relentless researchon the Winchester Model 1894-94. What's more, is presents never-before-published information on the 1894's elegant offspring, the Models 55 and 64 from readers over the globe. The result is the definitive study on the most successful lever-action rifle of all time.
The History of Winchester Firearms
by Dean K. Boorman

The History of Winchester Firearms 1866-1992
Thomas Henshaw (Editor), et al
Hardcover / Published 1993

Standard Catalog of Winchester
by David D. Kowalski (Editor), et al

US Winchester Trench and Riot Guns and other US Combat Shotguns
by Joe Poyer
Listed under Military Smallarms

Winchester Engraving
by R. L. Wilson
Hardcover from Pioneer Pr

Winchester Rarities
by Tom Webster (Editor), David D. Kowalski (Editor)

Winchester Book
by Madis
Hardcover (August 1977)
Art & Reference House/Madis Books

Winchester Shotguns and Shotshells : From the Hammer Double to the Model 59
by Ronald W. Stadt
Hardcover - 288 pages 2nd edition (April )
Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873413393

Winchester Slide-Action Rifles : Model 1890 & Model 1906
by Ned Schwing
(Hardcover - October 1992)

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms : The Models of 1866, 1873 & 1876
by Arthur Pirkle

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms: The Models of 1886 and 1892 
by Arthur Pirkle

Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 3, The Models of 1894 and 1895
by Arthur Pirkle
The Model 1894 was John Browning's modernized version of his ground-breaking Model 1886 design. The internal locking lugs were not only stronger but were faster to actuate, making it possible to cock the rifle for the next shot more quickly than with previous models. New cartridges like the .30-30 and the .32-30 were far more powerful than even the big game cartridges developed for the model 1886 but in a package hardly larger and heavier than the M1892. Almost immediately, the Model 1894 rifle and carbine became America's deer rifle - a position it still holds more than century later. 

This is the third book in the Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms series, the first new information published in more than 25 years on these fine, historical rifles. We at North Cape Publications have endeavored to make it as useful a series as possible. Each model is examined on a part-by-part basis. All changes to any part are linked to a serial number range at which that change was made. Armed with this information, the collector can determine very quickly whether or not the Winchester... The Publisher.
Paperback: North Cape Publications; ISBN: 188239111X; 1 edition (June 30, )

The Winchester Model 52: Perfection in Design
Herbert G. Houze

Winchester's Finest: The Model 21
Ned Schwing
Hardcover / Published 1991

The Winchester Single-Shot, Vol. 1
by John Campbell

A Collector's Guide to Winchester in the Service
by Bruce Canfield
(Paperback - June 1991)

Winchester: Complete: All Early Winchester Arms, 1849-1919, All Varities
by Bill West
(Hardcover - July 1981)

Winchester Pocket Guide: Identification and Pricing for 50 Collectible Rifles and Shotguns
Winchester Pocket Guide: Identification & Pricing for 50 Collectible Rifles and Shotguns
by Ned Schwing
Winchester is the most recognizable name in firearms, and the collector's market for the popular firearms is immense.  Winchester collectors won't want to be without this  convenient pocket-sized reference, packed with identification  and pricing information for over 50 models.  Each listing provides a history of the development and  production of the model as well as discussion of style and  variations, a clear photo, data on serial number and production quantity, and collector pricing for all variations of each model in five condition grades! A valuable quick-reference table  summarizes key features with information on receiver, barrel,  proof marks, calibers, magazine, sights, wood, butt and stock.  Listings are organized in an easy-to-use chronological format,  with separate rifle and shotgun sections. The Winchester  Pocket Guide also features advice on collecting, grading and  pricing the collectible firearms. 
Paperback from Krause Publications
Winchester : An American Legend
G. Allan Brown (Photographer), et al
Hardcover / Published 1991
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The Winchester Model 94: The First 100 Years
Robert C. Renneberg
Hardcover / Published 1991
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