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The Art of BMW: 85 Years of Motorcycling Excellence
by Peter Gantriis
BMW began its life in aero-engineering--as anyone whos ever ridden one of its motorcycles might guess.  These are bikes as close to airborne as any get.  And whats more, fifty percent of all the motorcycles BMW has manufactured are still flying down the worlds roads.  These are the best, and in this book, the best of the best get their due, with brilliant, full-color photographs of BMWs classic models and detailed descriptions of their features, all located within the context of a concise history of this legendary marque.  From the first of BMWs bikes, the R32, through the models that catapulted the company out of the ruins of World War II, to the latest bikes with the revamped opposed-twin-cylinder boxer engines that brought BMW its first fame--these are the bikes that made history, and, better yet, gave the most demanding riders a taste for flight.
Hardcover from Motorbooks

BMW Motorcycles: The Evolution of Excellence
by Kevin Ash
This is the fascinating story of one of the world's most admired and enduring motorcycle companies. Early in the last century, driven by an obsession for quality and reliability, BMW applied the knowledge gained from its manufacture of airplane engines to build a breed of motorcycles that aimed a notch above the crowd. From its early racing victories, the company learned how to make tough, reliable machines that would win races -- and allow enthusiasts to ride anywhere in the world with confidence. In spite of the competitive marketplace in which it operates, the company has survived and flourished, owing in no small part to the deeply ingrained principles that have guided it from the beginning: a passion for quality and reliability, and a willingness to apply new motorcycle technologies to achieve those objectives. It is a company whose pace of innovation and new product introductions is stunning.
Hardcover from Whitehorse
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BMW/2 Motorcycle Restoration Manual: A Guide for the BMW /2 Owner/Restorer
from PublishingWorks
Listed under Vintage BMW Motorcycles

BMW Motorcycles : The Complete Story
BMW Motorcycles : The Complete Story
by Bruce Preston
BMW from the 1920s to the K1100 and R1100 series, including in-depth technical articles.
ISBN: 1861260059
Hardcover 192 pp, Published 1996 Crowood
130 B&W ill. and 8 colour pages.
BMW Motorcycles: Darwin Holmstrom and Brian J. Nelson
by Darwin Holmstrom, Brian J. Nelson
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

BMW (Classic Motorcycles)
BMW (Classic Motorcycles)
by Hugo Wilson 
Hardcover - 48 pages 1 Amer Ed edition 
DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley); ISBN: 078943508X
BMW Motorcycles
by Kevin Ash
Hardcover - 176 pages (August 1, )
Carlton Books; ISBN: 1842222732

BMW Motorcycles
by Andrews McMeel
Hardcover from Carlton
28 October, 2002

Bmw Motorcycle Buyers Guide (Illustrated Buyers Guide)
BMW Motorcycle Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyers Guide)
by Mark Zimmerman, Brian J. Nelson
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Motorcyclist BMW Files: Selected Road Tests 1966-2002
Motorcyclist BMW Files: Selected Road Tests 1966-2002
by Mitch Boehm
Book Description:
Motorcyclist: BMW Files comprises a collection of road tests of 1966 to 2002 BMW motorcycles from Motorcyclist magazine. Drooling over new machinery is an inherent part of being a motorcycle enthusiast, as is digging up information about bikes you own or are considering buying. In BMW Files, the road tests of some of the most significant BMWs of the past 35 years are put together in one volume. The articles are set in an attractive, readable style, with a smattering of photography along with the original riding impressions, technical data, and sidebars from the original magazines articles. 
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Clymer BMW: F650: 1994-2000
Listed under BMW F650 Singles

BMW F800 (including F650) Twins Service and Repair Manual: 2006 to 2010 (Haynes Motorcycle Manuals)
by Phil Mather
Hardcover from J H Haynes & Co Ltd

German Military Motorcycles : In the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht 1934-1945
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BMW Motorcycles in World War II
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German Motorcycles in the War: BMW, DKW, NSU, Triumph, Viktoria and Zundapp
Stefan Knittel
English translation of Knittel's Deutsche Kräder im Kriege.
Listed under Military Motorcycles

Classic German Racing Motorcycles
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BMW 500 and 600cc Twins 1955 1969
Listed under Vintage BMW Motorcycles

BMW K100, 2-Valve : 1983 Thru 1992 K75 1985 Thru 1996
by Jeremy Churchill, Penny Cox
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BMW R850 & 1100 4-Valve
Haynes Workshop Manual 3466
Listed under R Series Manuals

The Kettenkrad : Sd.Kfz.2-Type Hk-101
Friedhelm Abel,
Listed under Military Motorcycles

10 Years on 2 Wheels
by Helge Pedersen
Pedersen's quarter-million mile journey around the world on an on/off-road  BMW motorcycle ranks among the most amazing travel experiences ever.
Listed under Motorcycle Touring

BMW GSing Around the World
by Gregory W. Frazier
Listed under Motorcycle Touring

Illustrated BMW Motorcycle Buyer's Guide
Stefan Knittel, Roland Slabon
This complete guide covers almost every model from the R32 to the 1994 R1100 and includes roadtests, reviews, production charts, serial numbers and detailed specifications, with the authors' ratings, reviews, and road tests. Also covered are the Rennsport production racers and many sidecars, including Steib and BMW Spezial models.
Paperback, published 1996 Motorbooks Int.
176 pages, 175 B&W ill.
ISBN: 0760300828

BMW Books Out of Print

Bahnstormer : The Story of BMW Motorcycles
L. J. K. Setright
190 pages, over 100 B&W ill.
"A complete and scholarly history from the 1920s to 1977."
Paperback published 1978
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BMW Motorcycles
Roy Bacon
Roy Bacon writes a lucid account of history of the BMW marque, and includes production charts and specifications for most models including the F650 and K1200 models. Foreword by Reg Pridmore, sections on Wehrmacht und Polizei, Specials and replicas, and model recognition. 
Hardcover 208pp, 197 illustrations
Published 1997 Motorbooks International ISBN: 1855790270
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