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Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, 5th: Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning Guide
by Chris Scott
Paperback from Trailblazer Publications
Adventure Motorcycling: Everything You Need to Plan and Complete the Journey of a Lifetime
by Robert Wicks
Listed under Adventure Motorcycling
Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro s Cuba (Adventure Press)
Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba (Adventure Press)
by Christopher Baker
Paperback from National Geographic

Arkansas Rider's Guide
by Mario Caruso
Listed under Arkansas Travel Books

Adventure Motorcycling Handbook, 4th Edition
by Chris Scott, Kyril Dambuleft, Tom Grenon
Paperback - 320 pages 4 Ed edition (March )
Trailblazer Pub; ISBN: 1873756372

BMW GSing Around the World
by Gregory W. Frazier
Arrowstar Publishing; ISBN: 0935151036

Odyssey to Ushuaia
Odyssey to Ushuaia: A Motorcycling Adventure from New York to Tierra del Fuego
by Andres Carlstein
Paperback from Chicago Review Press
Purple Mountains : America from a Motorcycle
by Notch Miyake
Paperback - 256 pages
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313280
Storm : A Motorcycle Journey of Love, Endurance and Transformation
A Motorcycle Journey Around the Baltic Sea
by Allen Noren
Allen and Suzanne were seasoned travelers, and when Russia's Baltic states opened up for visitors in 1993, they eagerly embarked on a trip there. What they couldn't foresee were the record-breaking storms, desolate landscapes, and most significant, the cracks in their relationship that the trip would expose. Part love story, part edgy travelogue, and at times darkly humorous, Storm shows the fragility of human connections in the face of unexpected forces.
Hardcover - 340 pages
Travelers' Tales Inc; ISBN: 1885211457
Zero to Sixty : The Motorcycle Journey of a Lifetime
by Gary Paulsen
Nearing sixty, diagnosed with heart disease and feeling his mortality, Gary Paulsen buys his first Harley-Davidson and rides from his home in New Mexico to Alaska-and from the present into his past, through the landmarks of a singular life. Reprint of  Pilgrimage On a Steel Ride.
Paperback - 224 pages June 1999
Harvest Books; ISBN: 0156007045
10 Years on 2 Wheels
by Helge Pedersen
Pedersen's quarter-million mile journey around the world on an on/off-road BMW motorcycle ranks among the most amazing travel experiences ever.
Hardcover - 208 pages 2nd edition
Elfin Cove Pr; ISBN: 0944958389
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Alaskan Aberration
Allen J. Bartell 
The View from a Harley in the North Country
Listed under Alaska
Against the Wind
by Ron Ayres
Paperback ()
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313094
Against the Clock: The incredible story of the 7/49
by Ron Ayres
49 States in 7 days.
Paperback - 256 pages 1st edition ()
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313191
Europe by Motorcycle
Gregory W. Frazier
Paperback Vol 1
Arrowstar Publishing; ISBN: 0935151494
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Going the Extra Mile  A Handbook for Long-Distance Motorcycling and Endurance Rallies
by Ron Ayres
Book Description: Best-selling author Ron Ayres has written the first book to share the proven advice of long-distance veterans with all riders who are looking to extend their range on a motorcycle. See how the Big Dogs manage fuel consumption, speed, and rest breaks to maintain a high average mileage. 
Publication date: October  2, 2002
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 1884313396

Mi Moto Fidel : Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba
by Christopher P. Baker
Listed under Cuba

Hear Me Roar: Women, Motorcycles, and the Rapture of the Road
by Ann Ferrar
Paperback - 224 pages
Crown Publishers Inc.; ASIN: 0517881721
Highly Recommended
Motorcycle Arizona
by Frank Del Monte
Paperback - 144 pages (December )
Golden Books Western Pub. Co.; ASIN: 091484699X
See also Arizona
Motorcycle Camping Made Easy
by Bob Woofter, Bob Woofter
Paperback from Motorbooks International

Motorcycle Journeys Through the Southwest: You Don't Have to Get Lost to Find the Good Roads
by Martin C. Berke
Paperback - 432 pages 1st edition (June 1, )
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 0962183490
Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers
Listed under Street Stories
Jupiter's Travels: Four Years Around the World on a Motorcycle
by Ted Simon
This book has a long publishing history and has sold more than 300,000 copies in many languages. Although it was unavailable for a while, there was always strong demand, so I resolved to publish it myself. This American edition was published in 1996 (not 1997, as stated above) and is available NOW. Although the journey was made by motorcycle, it is anything but a book about bikes. It tells of the insights and vicissitudes experienced by a person attempting to encompass the world in which he lives. There are many pictures and maps. You can read samples at my web site. The Author
Paperback - 447 pages Revised edition (December 1, )
Jupitalia Productions; ASIN: 0965478505
Highly Recommended
Motorcycle Diaries : A Journey Around South America
by Ernesto Che Guevara
Listed under Che Guevara

Chasing Che : A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend
by Patrick Symmes
A motorcycle trip in 1952 marked a turning point for Ernesto Guevara Lynch de la Serna, a medical student returning from a journey into poverty and oppression with a vision of guerilla-style change and a new name, Che Guevara. Going on to help overthrow the Cuban government, align himself with Castro, and become elevated to martyred hero status when he was executed in Bolivia in 1967, Guevara's likeness is now commercialized and captured on T-shirts, castanets, and watches. 

New York writer Patrick Symmes embarks on a motorcycle tracing Guevara's route through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Cuba, seeking insight into what Guevara experienced and what his political movement wrought. Meeting with those who knew the young Che--among them a lover, a leper, and his motorcycle traveling cohort--proves interesting enough, though rarely insightful since some were children at the time, some are confused, and others refuse to talk openly. More revealing are Symmes's travels on his bike, nicknamed La Cucaracha. He winds through both Buenos Aires' high society and Peruvian poverty, finding a fragmented country where revolutions have brought mountain peasants fleeing to shanty towns, and where blind idealism coexists with blatant denouncement of the violent tactics used by Cuban Communists, even by Che's most respected soldiers. Beautifully written, the stories that unfold here reflect the complex contradiction that endures in Latin America three long decades after Ernesto "Che" Guevara's death. --Melissa Rossi -
Paperback - 302 pages 1 Ed edition (February 15, )
Vintage Books; ISBN: 0375702652

Great American Motorcycle Tours
by Gary McKechnie, Peter Fonda
Paperback: 375 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 9.14 x 6.00
Avalon Travel Publishing; ISBN: 1566914485; 2nd edition

Motorcycle Journeys Through New England
by Martin C. Berke
Listed under New England Travel

Motorcycle Adventures in the Southern Appalachians : North Georgia, Western North Carolina, East Tennessee
by Hawk Hagebak 
Some of the motorcycle byways of the southern Appalachians are world-famous: Georgia's Highway 60, the ³Dragon² at Deals Gap high in the Smokies, the Cherohala Skyway. Others are remote back roads leading to out of the way mountain towns, stunning waterfalls, fascinating civil war battlefields, and motorcycle-only resorts. In this new guide, former metro Atlanta motorcycle policeman Hawk Hagebak covers the best of them, with easy to read maps, complete directions, road conditions and more, all liberally sprinkled with his own special brand of humor and practical advice. Includes over100 maps and photographs.
Listed under South-East USA

Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps & Corsica
by John Hermann
Covering more area than any previous edition, author John Hermann, "King of the Alps," outlines 79 trips, including more great roads in southern France right down to the Mediterranean, and more great roads on the southern slopes of the Dolomites.
Paperback: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 8.50 x 5.50
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313329; 3rd edition (July )

Motorcycle Journeys Through Baja
by Clement Salvadori
Entertaining and informative. Highly recommended.
Whitehorse Pr; ASIN: 1884313086

Motorcycle Journeys Through California
by Clement Salvadori
Paperback - 320 pages 1st edition (April 1, )
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313183
Motorcycle Ride on the Sea of Tranquility
by Patricia Santana
Hardcover from University of New Mexico Press

Motorcycle Touring and Travel : A Handbook of Travel by Motorcycle
by Bill Stermer
Paperback - 160 pages 2nd edition (February 1, )
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313159
Motorcycle Travels and Travails
by Al Culler
Paperback from Out-East Co

Hog Fever
Richard La Plante
Richard La Plante ... obtained the ultimate machine -- a Harley customized to his exact specifications -- and was spending hours lovingly polishing its chrome. From his misadventure-filled trip to Spain to his cross-country America ride that ends in tragedy, La Plante shows how a simple hobby can become a life-altering
obsession. Ingram
Paperback Forge / 288 pages ISBN: 0312858302

Long Journey Home
by Robert Fulton Jr.
In 1932, Robert Fulton Jr. -- inventor, sculptor, architect, writer, film maker, pilot and explorer -- undertook and filmed an 18 month motorcycle voyage around the world. Descendant of the inventor of the steam ship, Fulton has travel and intrepid adventure in his blood, and has only recently been acknowledged for his many creative endeavors, including his work in photography and film. In 1932, following a year of architectural studies in Vienna, young Fulton set off on a  modified Douglas twin-cylinder motorcycle to film the architectural wonders of the world, but soon came to realize that he was interested in filming people as well as places. Fulton credits this journey with shaping his life, his attitudes, his curiosity, his respect for other cultures and for nature, his understanding of solitude and interconnectedness. The Long Journey Home chronicles the 18 month voyage from London, through Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia, with stills from the original 35mm nitrate film Fulton shot along the way. His beautifully composed images express the wonder of a young man realizing the world for the first time, and reveal all the attendant felicity and tribulation he experienced.
Hardcover - 112 pages (April 1, )
August Press; ISBN: 0967248418
Out of Print - Try Used Books
One Man Caravan
by Robert E. Jr Fulton 
A Connecticut Yankee circles the globe on a Douglas flat twin back in 1932. 5 Stars
Paperback Reprint edition
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313051

Obsessions Die Hard : Motorcycling the Pan-American Highway's Jungle Gap
by Ed Culberson
The author, who died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 1995, writes of the arduous passage through the Panama. His BMW GS is now in the Greenville, South Carolina BMW museum and a prestigious annual award is named in his honor. Db.
Paperback Reprint edition
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 188431306X
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Motorcycle Guide to Route 66
by Kirk Woodward
Listed under Route 66

Flaming Iguanas : An Illustrated All-Girl Road Novel Thing
Erica Lopez
Hardcover - 224 pages
Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684837226

Motorcycle Journeys Through Southern Mexico
by Neal Davis, Lisa Dionne
Although he has been a long-standing fan of Mexico since the early 70s, he still rode more than 18,000 miles South of the Border in the last year in preparation for this book, most of them on a Kawasaki KLR 650. The Publisher
Listed under Mexico Travel Books

Ride Route 66
Listed under Route 66 Movies

Two Wheels to Panama
by William Carroll
Listed under Panama

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
by Robert M. Pirsig
Listed under Robert M Pirsig

Desert Travels, Motorcycle Journeys in the Sahara and West Africa
by Chris Scott, Lucy Ridout (Illustrator)
Paperback - 250 pages 1 edition
Travellers Bookshop; ASIN: 1874472505
Out of Print

In the 1920s book From Leipzig To Cabul the author Stratil-Sauer from Germany rode a V-twin Wanderer motorcycle. 

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