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A Twist of the Wrist : The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook
Keith Code
Listed under Sport Riding Techniques

Anatomy & Development of the Grand Prix Motorcycle
Tony Sakkis
Commentary on the sport from such famous names as Randy Mamola, Kenny Roberts, Kevin Schwantz, Eddie Lawson, Kanemoto, Carruthers and others. This gives one an insiders view of  one of the most demanding sports - Gran Prix motorcycle racing. Includes illustrations of the famous V8 Moto-Guzzi. Recommended reading
Paperback 160pp, Published 1995 Motorbooks Int.
ISBN: 0879389788

The 500cc World Champions: The Story of the Class of Kings
by Michael Scott
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

The Bart Markel Story
Joe Scalzo
An award-winning author's biography of "Black Bart", a tough and colorful rider with a will to win.
Hardcover - 125 pages (January 1972)
ISBN: 0878800107

Joey Dunlop : The Official Biography
by Mac McDiarmid
Haynes Pubns
Hardcover - 208 pages (September 28, )

Mick Doohan : Thunder from Down Under
by Mat Oxley
Mick Doohan is the greatest motorcycle racer of modern times--some would say ever. The teak-tough Aussie has wrestled his 200mph Honda to more than 50 grand prix wins and five consecutive 500cc World Championships after fighting back from a near-crippling accident in 1992.  His fearsome broadside riding style has captivated millions of fans worldwide and made him the sport's biggest-ever earner.
Hardcover - 160 pages (June 25, )
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1859606350
Mick Walker's Japanese Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles
by Mick Walker
Paperback from Motorbooks International

Livewire Real Lives Mick Doohan (Livewires)
by Bronwyn Geoghegan
Paperback from Cambridge University Press

Valentino Rossi: MotoGenius
Valentino Rossi
by Mat Oxley
Hardcover from Haynes Publishing
Valentino Rossi: Portrait of a Speed God - Third Edition
by Mat Oxley
Listed under Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi: Legend
Valentino Rossi: Legend
by Filippo Falsaperla
Listed under Valentino Rossi
Niall Mackenzie: The Autobiography
Niall Mackenzie: The Autobiography
by Niall Mackenzie
Hardcover from HarperCollins UK
Carl Fogarty : The Complete Racer
by Julian Ryder
Publisher: Haynes Pubns
2nd Edition, Paperback, October 1999
ISBN: 1859606415
by Carl Fogarty, Neil Bramwell
Trafalgar Square; ISBN: 0002189607

Fast Riding the Roberts Way ()
Starring: Kenny Roberts, et al. 
Listed under Motorcycle Movies

Mike Hailwood : A Motorcycle Racing Legend
by Mick Woollett
Listed under Mike Hailwood

Motocourse Official History : 50 Years of the FIM Road Racing World Championships
by Editors of Motocourse
Listed under Motocourse
Motocross & Off-Road Motorcycle Performance Handbook
by Eric Gorr
Listed under Motocross Books

Two Wheel Showdown! : The Full Drama of the Races Which Decided the World 500cc Motor Cycle Championship from 1949
Christopher Hilton
Hardcover, Published 1994 Motorbooks International
ISBN: 1852604565
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Wayne Rainey
Wayne Rainey: His Own Story
Michael Scott
With a foreword by Kenny Roberts, this is the authorised biography of three times 500cc world champion Wayne Rainey - a man widely regarded as one of the true greats of motorcycle racing.
Hardcover, Published 1997
244 pages Haynes Pubns ISBN: 1859604013
No Time to Lose - Bill Ivy
No Time to Lose : The Fast Moving World of Bill Ivy
Alan Peck 
Originally published in 1972, this is a biography of one of the greatest riders of the era. A fascinating book.
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1899870210
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Mick Walker's British Racing Motorcycles
by Mick Walker
It's every bit a typical Mick Walker book: a very readable set of stories of thirteen chapters, covering the AJS 7R to the Velocette Thruxton, including along the way, the BSA 'Goldie', the JPS Nortons, the Triumph GP and lots of others. There's colour strategically placed through the book and lots of cross-section drawings, to say nothing of the lots of pictures in black and white. One thing that appealed to me was the clean design and easy-to-read layout. This is one well worth putting on to your early Christmas list and there are more titles to come in the same series. The Vintage Motor Cycle, October 1998
Paperback - 208 pages 
Redline Books; ISBN: 0953131106

Fast Company : Motorcycle Road Racing's Pit Warriors
by Jon Kral (Photographer), Candice Barbot (Photographer), Jon Ward (Editor)
Hardcover - 128 pages (April 1, )
Long Wind Pub; ISBN: 1892695014

50 Golden Years of Speedway
Listed under Motocross Books

World Superbikes
World Superbikes
by Julian Ryder
Listed under World Superbikes
Jim Redman : Six Times World Motorcycle Champion : The Autobiography
by Jim Redman
Paperback - 288 pages 111 monochrome photographs
Veloce; ISBN: 1901295354

John Penton and the Off-Road Motorcycle Revolution
by Ed Youngblood, et al
Paperback: 192 pages
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 1884313213; 1st edition (April 1, )

When the Light Turns Green: A Handbook of Motorcycle Drag Racing
by Tom Murphy 
Listed under Drag Racing

Classic German Racing Motorcycles

The Complete Book Of Flat Track Racing: A Retrospective of the Golden Era into the Seventies
by Gerald Foster
Hardcover from Parker House Publishing Inc.,Csi
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Flat Track (Motorcycle Racing: The Fast Track)
by Jim Mezzanotte
Paperback from Gareth Stevens Publishing
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Harley Racers: Machines and Men from Flat Track, Hillclimb, Speedway, Motocross and Road Racing
by Allan Girdler
Paperback from Motorbooks Intl

Grand National Championship Races (Superwheels Series)
by John Yaw, Rusty Rae
Hardcover from Lerner Pub Group (L)

The Complete Grand National Championship Volume I 1954-1969 (American Motorcycle Racing 1954-1969)
by Gregory R Pearson
Paperback from DTG Publications

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racers: The American Heroes
by Norm DeWitt
Hardcover from Motorbooks
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Out of Print Motorcycle Racing Books

A Clubman at Brooklands
A. C. Perryman
ASIN: 0854292519
Out of Print  - Try Used Books

Mann of His Time
by Ed Youngblood
The biography of Dick Mann, one of America's greatest racers.
Paperback: 224 pages
Whitehorse Press; ISBN: 188431340X; 
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Classic American Racing Motorcycles
Mick Walker
The riders and events which have shaped the American racing scene as we know it today.
Motorbooks International; Paperback (August 1992)
ISBN: 1855322331
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Foreign racing motorcycles
Roy Hunt Bacon
Out of Print  - Try Used Books

World Championship Motorcycle Racing
by Mick Woollet
Out of Print  - Try Used Books

The Ultimate Racers
Alan Cathcart, hardcover 240pp, Published 1990 Motorbooks Int
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The World's Biggest Motorcycle Race : The Daytona 200
Rusty Rae
Out of Print  - Try Used Books

Daytona 200 : History of Americas Premier Motorcycle Race
Don Emde / Paperback / Published 1991
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