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An America's Cup Treasury: The Lost Levick Photographs, 1893-1937
by Gary Jobson, Ted Turner, Edwin Levick, Va.) Mariners' Museum (Newport News
Hardcover from Independent Publishers Group
The America's Cup and Me
by Edward Du Moulin, Edward du Moulin
Hardcover from Herreshoff Marine Museum

America's Cup (Rhode Island)
by Richard V. Simpson
Paperback from Arcadia Tempus Publishing Group, Inc.
28 March, 1999
The End of an Era: America's Cup 2003 New Zealand
by Richard Becht
Paperback from Motorbooks International
America's Victory: The Heroic Story of a Team of Ordinary Americans-- and How They Won the Greatest Yacht Race Ever
by David W. Shaw
Book Description:

The Heroic Story of a Team of Ordinary Americans -- and How They Won the Greatest Yacht Race Ever 

Set against the backdrop of the first world's fair in London, America's Victory takes readers into a world rich in adventure and history -- an unforgettable story of skill, daring, and honor at the heart of our national identity. 

The America's Cup is the oldest international trophy in competitive sports, yet few know the inspirational story of the dedicated seamen behind the original historic race. The story begins in 1850 with a terrible deal struck between the New York Yacht Club and a brilliant young boat designer: A boat would have to be built that would be the fastest in the world, and the designer would not be paid his fee unless the yacht beat all comers at The Great Exhibition in England. With a revolutionary design and striking beauty, yacht America set sail the following year from New York on what most experts nevertheless thought was an impossible mission. It had already cost over half a million dollars in today's currency. Now, America would have to beat fourteen of the best yachts the world's greatest maritime nation could bring to the line. It was a race Britain thought it couldn't lose. 

Yet America's small, unlikely team -- including Captain Brown, a Sandy Hook Pilot; first mate Nelson Comstock, whose family were early settlers of New London in Connecticut; and the brilliant designer George Steers -- achieved the almost un-thinkable. These humble, hard-working men faced the might and arrogance not only of their British competitors, but also their own backers, such as millionaire John Cox Stevens of the New York Yacht Club, who wagered they would win, but harassed and belittled them throughout the campaign. 

In the course of his research, David Shaw found letters and notes recounting the experience of the crew that provide a vivid historical realism for his compelling narrative. No one has previously told the story of the race from the perspective of the men who designed and sailed the plucky boat America. Shaw places readers on board as the lone American yacht in the field crosses the finish line first, while Queen Victoria and Prince Albert look on amid cheering crowds. 

This is an account of an amazing feat accomplished long ago at the turning point in the growth of a young nation's confidence, but it is also the tale of a victory of the American spirit that bravely lives on today. 
Hardcover from Free Press
24 December, 2002

Sail of the Century: America's Cup '87
Stuart Alexander, Adrian Morgan 
Paperback / Book Published 1987
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The Story of America's Cup, 1851-2003
by Tim Thompson, Ranulf Rayner, Ted Turner
Hardcover from Warwick Publishing


The 12 Metre Class: The History of the International 12 Metre Class from the First International Rule to the America's Cup
by Luigi Lang, Dyer Jones
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

The America's Cup: The History of Sailing's Greatest Competition in the Twentieth Century
by Dennis Conner, Michael Levitt
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press

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Born to Win: A Lifelong Struggle to Capture the America's Cup
by John Bertrand, Patrick Robinson, Richard Bach
Hardcover from William Morrow
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Challenge 2000: The Race to Win the America's Cup
by Russell Coutts, Paul C. Larsen
Hardcover from Time Life
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Comeback: My Race for the America's Cup
by Dennis Conner, Bruce Stannard
Paperback from St. Martin's Press
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by Joseph Wambaugh
Hardcover from Bantam 

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Traditions and Memories of American Yachting
by William P. Stephens
Hardcover from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
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To the Third Power: The Inside Story of Bill Koch's Winning Strategies for the America's Cup
by Paul C. Larsen
Hardcover from Tilbury House Publishers

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The America's Cup: 1851 To the Present Day
by Olin Stephens, Beken of Cowes, Beken of Cowes Ltd
Hardcover from Harvill Pr

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America's Cup 1987: The Official Record
by Bob Fisher, Bob Ross, W.A.) Royal Perth Yacht Club (Perth
Hardcover from Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
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America's Cup 1851 to 1992: The Official Record of America's Cup Xxvii & the Louis Vuitton Cup
by Michael Levitt, C. Borlenghi, B. Grieser, S. Samins
Hardcover from Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.
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Triumph at Perth: The America's Cup Story
Margherita Bottini, et al
Hardcover / Book Published 1987
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America 3 - The Women's Team: By Paul Larsen ; Photographs by Daniel Forster
Paul C. Larsen, Daniel Forster
Hardcover / Book Published 1997
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Making Waves: The Inside Story of Managing and Motivating the First Women's Team to Compete for the America's Cup
Anna Seaton Huntington
Hardcover / Book Published 1996
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