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Introduction to Optical Mineralogy, International Edition
Introduction to Optical Mineralogy, International Edition
by William D. Nesse
Paperback from Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195391152
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The International Edition of Introduction to Optical Mineralogy provides comprehensive coverage of the optical properties of minerals. It describes in detail more than 125 common rock-forming minerals and a selection of ore minerals. Revised chapters on optical theory discuss the petrographic microscope, the nature and properties of light, the behaviour of light in isotropic and anisotropic materials, and uniaxial and biaxial anisotropic optics.
Basic Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd Edition
Basic Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd Edition
by F. Albert Cotton, Geoffrey Wilkinson, Paul L. Gaus
Hardcover from Wiley
ISBN: 0471505323

Explains the basics of inorganic chemistry with a primary emphasis on facts; then uses the student's growing factual knowledge as a foundation for discussing the important principles of periodicity in structure, bonding and reactivity. New to this updated edition: improved treatment of atomic orbitals and properties such as electronegativity, novel approaches to the depiction of ionic structures, nomenclature for transition metal compounds, quantitative approaches to acid-base chemistry, Wade's rules for boranes and carboranes, the chemistry of major new classes of substances including fullerenes and silenes plus a chapter on the inorganic solid state.
Manual of Mineral Science, 22nd Edition (Manual of Mineralogy)
Manual of Mineral Science, 22nd Edition (Manual of Mineralogy)
by Cornelis Klein
Hardcover from Wiley
ISBN: 0471251771

Contains well praised Mineralogy Tutorials 2.0 CD-ROM.
* Icons appear in the book where the CD-ROM is appropriate for exploration.
* All references have been completely updated.

Microstructural Characterization of Materials
Microstructural Characterization of Materials
by David Brandon, Wayne D. Kaplan
Paperback from Wiley
ISBN: 0470027851

Microstructural characterization is usually achieved by allowing some form of probe to interact with a carefully prepared specimen. The most commonly used probes are visible light, X-ray radiation, a high-energy electron beam, or a sharp, flexible needle. These four types of probe form the basis for optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, and scanning probe microscopy.
Microstructural Characterization of Materials, 2nd Edition is an introduction to the expertise involved in assessing the microstructure of engineering materials and to the experimental methods used for this purpose. Similar to the first edition, this 2nd edition explores the methodology of materials characterization under the three headings of crystal structure, microstructural morphology, and microanalysis. The principal methods of characterization, including diffraction analysis, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and chemical microanalytical techniques are treated both qualitatively and quantitatively. An additional chapter has been added to the new edition to cover surface probe microscopy, and there are new sections on digital image recording and analysis, orientation imaging microscopy, focused ion-beam instruments, atom-probe microscopy, and 3-D image reconstruction. As well as being fully updated, this second edition also includes revised and expanded examples and exercises, with a solutions manual available at
Microstructural Characterization of Materials, 2nd Edition will appeal to senior undergraduate and graduate students of material science, materials engineering, and materials chemistry, as well as to qualified engineers and more advanced researchers, who?will find the book a useful and comprehensive general reference source.

Microscale Inorganic Chemistry: A Comprehensive Laboratory Experience
by Zvi Szafran, Ronald M. Pike, Mono M. Singh
Hardcover from Wiley
Media Published: 2008-
ISBN: 0471619965

This text is intended to provide students with instruction and valuable laboratory experience in the often neglected area of inorganic chemistry. Divided into four main parts, the book covers chemistry of the main group elements, chemistry of the transition metals, organometallic chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry. Recognizing the high cost of materials, difficulties in waste disposal, and dangers of toxicity, the authors have adopted a ``microscale'' approach to experiments in the book, thereby also reducing the time students spend in preparation. With over 45 experiments, Microscale Inorganic Chemistry incorporates the use of a broad sampling of elements and also covers such topics as laboratory safety, equipment, report writing, and literature searching.
Manual of Mineralogy (after James D. Dana), Exercises
Manual of Mineralogy (after James D. Dana), Exercises
by Cornelis Klein
Paperback from Wiley
Media Published: 2008-
ISBN: 0471000426

Features new chapters on crystal chemistry and mineral stability diagrams, more logical treatments of morphology and internal crystal structure along with extensively revised chapters on mineral chemistry and physical properties. Includes outstanding illustrations, hand specimen photographs and transmission electron microscope structure projects.

Organic and Inorganic Molecular Model Kit
Organic & Inorganic Molecular Model Kit
by Steve Darling
Paperback from Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0132334704

Darling Models™ contain various pieces used to build atoms, bonds and molecules. These models bring visual representation and hands on learning to the microscopic world of molecules.
X-Ray Diffraction
X-Ray Diffraction
by B. E. Warren
Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486663175
This rigorous graduate-level introduction stresses modern applications to nonstructural problems such as temperature vibration effects, order-disorder phenomena, crystal imperfections, the structure of amorphous materials, and the diffraction of x-rays in perfect crystals. Relevant problems at chapter ends. Six Appendixes include tables of values. Bibliographies. 146 illustrations.
Advances in Crystal Growth Research
by Kiyotaka Sato

Crystals (Rocks and Minerals)
by Melissa Stewart
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Publisher: Heinemann Library;  

Crystals and Crystal Growing
by Alan Holden, Phylis S. Morrison (Photographer)
Publisher: MIT Press; (August 17, 1982) 

Crystals, Defects and Microstructures: Modeling Across Scales
by Rob Phillips
(Paperback -- March )

Crystals and Light: An Introduction to Optical Crystallography
by Elizabeth A. Wood
(Paperback -- January 1977)

Crystal Structure Determination
by Werner Massa, Robert O. Gould (Translator)
(Paperback -- March 15, )

Crystal Structure Determination (Oxford Chemistry Primers , No 60)
by William Clegg
(Paperback -- July )

Photonic Crystals
by John D. Joannopoulos, et al
Hardcover: 184 pages
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691037442; (July 3, )

Introduction to Crystallography (Dover Classics of Science and Mathematics)
by Donald E. Sands
(Paperback -- January )

Manual of Mineral Science, 22nd Edition
by Cornelis Klein, et al
(Hardcover -- April 20, )

Principles of Protein X-Ray Crystallography (Springer Advanced Texts in Chemistry)
by Jan Drenth
(Hardcover -- February )

Physical Properties of Crystals: Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices
by J. F. Nye
(Paperback -- July 1987)

Practical Problem Solving in Hplc
by Stavros Kromidas
(Paperback -- May 19, )

Thermodynamics of Crystals
by Duane C. Wallace
(Paperback -- June )

Practical Protein Crystallography, Second Edition
by Duncan E. McRee, Peter R. David
(Hardcover -- September )

Introduction to X-Ray Powder Diffractometry
by Ron Jenkins, Robert L. Snyder (Contributor)
(Hardcover -- June 28, )

X-Ray Diffraction
by B. E. Warren
(Paperback -- August 1990)

X-Ray Diffraction: In Crystals, Imperfect Crystals, and Amorphous Bodies
by Andre Guinier
(Paperback -- July )

The Basics of Crystallography and Diffraction (International Union of Crystallography Texts on Crystallography, 5)
by Christopher Hammond
(Paperback -- July )

Clusters & Nanomaterials
by Yoshiyuki Kawazoe (Editor), et al
(Hardcover -- December 15, )
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From Molecules to Crystallizers (Oxford Chemistry Primers, No 86)
by Roger J. Davey, John Garside
(Paperback -- May )

Photonic Crystals: The Road from Theory to Practice
by Steven G. Johnson, J. D. Joannopoulos
(Hardcover -- January 15, )

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