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Global Environment: Water, Air, and Geochemical Cycles
by Elizabeth Kay Berner, Robert A. Berner (Contributor)
(Paperback -- November 9, )

Aqueous Environmental Geochemistry
by Donald Langmuir
(Hardcover -- December 27, )

Aquatic Environmental Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers, 57)
by A. G. Howard
(Paperback -- October )

The Geochemistry of Natural Waters: Surface and Groundwater Environments (3rd Edition)
by James I. Drever
(Hardcover -- February 4, )

Principles of Isotope Geology, 2nd Edition
by Gunter Faure
(Hardcover -- September 8, 1986)

Principles and Applications of Geochemistry (2nd Edition)
by Gunter Principles and Applications of inorganic Faure
(Hardcover -- December 24, )

Groundwater Geochemistry: Fundamentals and Applications to Contamination
by William J. Deutsch
(Hardcover -- July 9, )

Radiogenic Isotope Geology
by Alan P. Dickin (Author)
(Paperback -- June )

Environmental Applications of Geochemical Modeling
by Chen Zhu (Author), Greg Anderson (Author)
(Paperback -- June )

Environmental Geochemistry of Potentially Toxic Metals
by Frederic R. Siegel
(Hardcover -- December 15, )

Geochemistry (2nd Edition)
by Arthur H. Brownlow
(Hardcover -- November 9, )

The Planetary Scientist's Companion
by Katharina Lodders, et al
(Paperback -- September )

Chemical Elements in the Environment: Factsheets for the Geochemist and Environmental Scientist
by Clemens Reimann, et al
(Hardcover -- May )

Petroleum and Basin Evolution: Insights from Petroleum Geochemistry, Geology and Basin Modeling
by D. H. Welte (Editor), et al
(Hardcover -- January 15, )

Ground-Water Microbiology and Geochemistry
by Frank Chapelle, et al
(Hardcover -- October )

Chemistry of the Solid-Water Interface: Processes at the Mineral-Water and Particle-Water Interface in Natural Systems
by Werner Stumm
(Paperback -- May 1992)

by Ulrich Schwarz-Schampera, Peter M. Herzig
(Hardcover -- June 10, )
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Geochemistry (Treatise of Petroleum Geology Reprint Series, No 8)
by Edward A. Beaumont, Norman H. Foster
(Hardcover -- May 1988)
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