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Blood on the Horns: The Long Strange Ride of Michael Jordan s Chicago Bulls
Blood on the Horns: The Long Strange Ride of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls
by Roland Lazenby
Hardcover from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 188611059X

A fascinating inside look at the Bulls.

Unless you slept through the 1990s, you probably know that Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls ran roughshod over the NBA for the better part of a decade. Like the Lakers before them and the Celtics before that, the Bulls have sustained a level of play that is simply unmatched by their contemporaries. But there's a dark cloud to this red and black lining. In writing Blood on the Horns, author Roland Lazenby followed the team through the '97-'98 campaign as they struggled to attain their sixth NBA title in the past seven years. While it was no secret that a rift had for years existed between the Bulls' management and players, by season's end Lazenby found that bad blood, bruised egos, and harsh words had created an untenable and openly hostile atmosphere. "Where there's money and success and vast public attention, there are usually immensely complicated personality conflicts." And that goes double for the Chicago Bulls. To decipher the mixed messages surrounding this internecine power struggle, Lazenby conducted extensive interviews with superstars and role players, determining who said what to whom, when it happened, and why. The story he uncovers is an intriguing melodrama, equal parts fascination and despair. Men may very well be boys, but it's shocking to find one of the greatest dynasties in the history of basketball tearing itself apart over what amounts to a pissing match. --George Laney

Playing for Keeps : Michael Jordan and the World He Made
by David Halberstam
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Bull Run: The Story of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls The Greatest Team in Basketball History
Bull Run: The Story of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls The Greatest Team in Basketball History
by Roland Lazenby
Paperback from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 1886110107

With their path lighted by Michael Jordan's passion to compete and win, Dennis Rodman's high-voltage hairdo, Phil Jackson's counterculture coaching style and Scottie Pippen's all around floor game, the Chicago Bulls rolled over the opposition during the 1995-96 NBA season. In a stampede, they ran up a 72-10 regular season record, the most wins ever by an NBA team. From there the Bulls rumbled to an astounding record in the playoffs, and finally their fourth world championship in six seasons. This was the year of the Great Bull Run, when Chicago's team rolled across the landscape, drawing crowds and converts in every city, stirring up a storm of interest like the NBA had never seen before.

The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia
The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia
by Alex Sachare
Paperback from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary
ISBN: 0809225158

This one-of-a-kind encyclopedia captures the entire history of the Chicago Bulls franchise in words and pictures, from the difficult early years to the fabulous 1990s when they won six NBA titles in eight years. Packed with historical information, revealing anecdotes, personality pieces, and comprehensive statistics on every player who has worn a Bulls uniform, "The Chicago Bulls Encyclopedia" is the definitive book for every Bulls fan and follower. This is their story and how they came to be. Among the many topics covered in-depth in this book are: The Early Years: why Chicago was granted an expansion franchise after previous NBA teams had failed, and why the Bulls had only seven winning seasons in eighteen years prior to Michael Jordan's arrival; The Dynasty: the Bulls' rise from contender to three-time NBA champions, Michael Jordan's retirement, and the subsequent three title teams; Michael Jordan: the greatest player in the history of team sports and his impact on the Chicago Bulls, the NBA, and the world at large; The Players: a look at the careers of twelve outstanding players, including Norm Van Lier, Bob Love, Scottie Pippen, Jerry Sloan, and Chet Walker, and what each meant to the Bulls franchise; The Defining Moments: long-time staffers offer revelations and insights into the team's evolution. It also covers: The Rivalries: the Lakers, 1971-73; the Detroit Pistons, 1988-91 - one of the most intense rivalries in sports history; the New York Knicks, 1991-96; The Coaches: the styles and personalities of the twelve men who have coached the Bulls over the years, the best known of whom are Phil Jackson and Dick Motta; and The Owners: Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause put the pieces of the dynasty together and made moves to keep the Bulls at the top. There is also coverage of earlier Bulls owners and administrations: How the Bulls Stack Up: Are they the greatest of all time? A look at the Bulls' place among other NBA championship teams such as the Celtics of the 1960s and the Lakers of the 1980s; and The Stats: The most complete listing of individual and team statistics available.

How dominant, how revolutionary, how outsized a presence is Michael Jordan? The answer is found in this comprehensive and attractively illustrated team reference guide on the best players ever to suit up in a Chicago Bulls uniform. The first player profiled--Jordan, of course--gets 30 pages of coverage. The next chapter--the bios of the 11 most distinguished Bulls other than Jordan--is only two pages longer. Still, this is much more than an homage to Michael. The Encyclopedia examines how the team was built and traces its history season by season; records the 16 most memorable moments along the way; analyzes rivalries (Bulls-Lakers '71-'73; Bulls-Pistons '88-'91; and Bulls-Knicks '91-'96); profiles coaches, owners, and announcers; compares the best Bulls seasons to those of other great NBA dynasties; and, as required by the genre, dishes out plenty of stats in all the necessary categories. Unlike most sports references, this one's as pleasing to look at as it is to thumb through. It's got info, but it's also got game. --Jeff Silverman

Chicago Bulls: The Spirit of Competition: The Official Inside Story of the 1996-97 Season
Chicago Bulls: The Spirit of Competition: The Official Inside Story of the 1996-97 Season
by Roland Lazenby
Hardcover from The Summit Publishing Group
ISBN: 1565302702

Chicago Bulls: The Spirit of Competition chronicles the most memorable year in the Chicago Bull franchise. Coming off a record-breaking season spoiled with rumors of key players leaving, the Chicago Bills are bigger, better, and badder than ever in the 1996-1997 playing season. 200+ color photos.

Chicago Bulls (Inside the NBA)
Chicago Bulls (Inside the NBA)
by Brian Howell
School & Library Binding from Sportszone
ISBN: 1617831522
The Story of the Chicago Bulls (NBA: A History of Hoops)
The Story of the Chicago Bulls (NBA: A History of Hoops)
by Scott Caffrey
Library Binding from Creative Education
ISBN: 158341939X
No Bull: The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman
No Bull: The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman
by Dan Bickley
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312171196

A chronicle of the life of the infamous basketball star, exploring Rodman's childhood, rookie year playing with the Detroit Pistons, and his on- and off-court antics as one of the Chicago Bulls.

It would probably take something the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica to fully explain the persona, the personality, and the phenomenon of NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman, but Dan Bickley, a staff writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, at least gets a fast break on the explanation in No Bull: The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman. The Rodman that emerges from Bickley's search is intriguing, less a colorful clown of the court than a complex antihero who--from broken-home childhood to Madonna worship to photographer-kicking, wedding-dress-wearing rebounder extraordinaire--has lived his life above the rim and consistently marched to the sound of a drummer so different that no one else could even hear the beat. "I'm not a role model," Rodman readily admits, "I'm a figment of your imagination." In No Bull, that figment is fleshed out with some solid, three-dimensional reportage, interpretation, and analysis.

And Now, Your Chicago Bulls: A 30-Year Celebration
And Now, Your Chicago Bulls: A 30-Year Celebration
by Roland Lazenby
Hardcover from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 0878331131

The only official 3-decade history of Chicago's renowned team, And Now, Your Chicago Bulls explores the inside track of Bulls history, profiling both current and former coaches and players. Through words and over 100 photos, Lazenby captures the reality of a "Dream Team" come true, chronicling the team's story from its beginning in 1966 to its three consecutive NBA championships.

Chicago Bulls (NBA Champions)
Chicago Bulls (NBA Champions)
by Aaron Frisch
Library Binding from Creative Education
ISBN: 158341505X
Transition Game: An Inside Look at Life With the Chicago Bulls
Transition Game: An Inside Look at Life With the Chicago Bulls
by Melissa Isaacson
Hardcover from Sagamore Pub Llc
ISBN: 157167005X

Transition Game looks at what happened as the team ventured into the unknown with Scottie Pippen struggling under the mantle of leadership; Horace Grant trying to perform under the pressures of impending free agency; and Phil Jackson grappling with fans' expectations.

Home and Away: Memoir of a Fan
by Scott Simon

Mindgames: Phil Jackson's Long, Strange Journey
by Roland Lazenby

Chicago Bulls: The Authorized Pictorial
by Roland Lazenby, Bill Smith

The Chicago Bulls: Basketball Champions (Year in Sports, 1993)
by Robert Italia, Bob Italia
(School & Library Binding - December 1993)

The Chicago Bulls (Inside the NBA)
by Bob Italia
(School & Library Binding)

Bob Logan's Tales from Chicago Sports: Cubs, Bulls, Bears and Other Animals
by Bob Logan

Sacred Hoops : Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior
by Phil Jackson, et al.
Listed under Coaching

Transition Game: An Inside Look at Life With the Chicago Bulls
by Melissa Isaacson

Wrigley Field : A Celebration of the Friendly Confines
by Mark Jacob (Photographer), et al
Listed under Sports Stadiums

The Gospel According to Phil : The Words and Wisdom of Chicago Bulls Coach Phil Jackson : An Unauthorized Collection
by Phil Jackson, et al.
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