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New York Knicks Basketball (Great Sports Teams in History)
by John F. Grabowski

The New York Knicks Basketball Team (Great Sports Teams)
by Randy Schultz
(Library Binding)

A Garden Glory: The Oral History of the New York Knicks
by Dennis D'Agostino

The History of the New York Knicks (Pro Basketball Today)
by Michael E. Goodman (Library Binding)

A Sense of Where You Are
by John McPhee
Book Description:
When John McPhee met Bill Bradley, both were at the beginning of their careers. A Sense of Where You Are, McPhee’s first book, is about Bradley when he was the best basketball player Princeton had ever seen. McPhee delineates for the reader the training and techniques that made Bradley the extraordinary athlete he was, and this part of the book is a blueprint of superlative basketball. But athletic prowess alone would not explain Bradley’s magnetism, which is in the quality of the man himself—his self-discipline, his rationality, and his sense of responsibility. Here is a portrait of Bradley as he was in college, before his time with the New York Knicks and his election to the U.S. Senate—a story that suggests the abundant beginnings of his professional careers in sport and politics.
Paperback: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 8.28 x 5.57
Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux; (June 30, )
ISBN: 0374526893

Just Ballin' : The Chaotic Rise of the New York Knicks
by Mike Wise (Author), Frank Isola (Author)
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