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The Portland Trail Blazers (Inside the NBA)
by Bob Italia, Kal Gronvall
(School & Library Binding)

The Breaks of the Game
by David Halberstam
The Breaks of the Game is sports reporting at its finest--basketball's equivalent to Roger Kahn's The Boys of Summer. Join David Halberstam on his yearlong journey with the 1979 Portland Trail Blazers and witness professional basketball from the inside, where front-office egos, big-money contracts, and the colorful personalities of coaches and players collide, and winners and losers emerge. This insightful account is evidence of how much basketball has--and hasn't--changed since 1979, before the money really started rolling in.
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Blazers Profiles
by Kerry Eggers, et al
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Portland Trail Blazers (NBA Today)
by Richard Rambeck
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