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13 Teams: One Man s Journey with the WNBA
13 Teams: One Man's Journey with the WNBA
by Alex Chambers
Paperback from Team Effort Productions, LLC
ISBN: 0615493335

"Well, he said he started, became a fan in 2000. He's just been a fan of the game ever since."
-Carolyn Peck, ESPN Commentator
"I think its great to have fans that are that passionate, who care about (the league) that much to invest their time, their energy, their summer vacation to follow the WNBA."
-Donna Orender, WNBA President (2005-2010)
"Oh, the journey dude? Man vs. Wild, WNBA style!"
-Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
My name is Alex Chambers, and I love women's basketball.
Yes, it really is that simple. Now come to think of it, loving the game is that simple; being a fan, well, that's another story. The difficulty in being a fan of women's basketball might lie within the struggle to find a televised game, or media coverage you don't have to dig for. It could mean sifting past paragraphs and even pages of negative comments on message boards or blogs to get to a recap of a recent game. Even still, it could be that when I wear my home team's jersey, people ask me, "Is that a professional sports team?" It might also have to do with the fact that (drum roll please) I'm a guy.
In 2009, I traveled to all thirteen WNBA arenas. Along the way, I was fortunate enough to meet some of the athletes in the WNBA as well as many passionate fans. This is the story of my twenty-eight day, twelve thousand mile journey, filled with adventure and amazing experiences.
Why She Plays: The World of Women s Basketball
Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball
by Christine A. Baker MA
Paperback from Bison Books
ISBN: 0803216335
Why does she play basketball? Since the enactment of Title IX in 1972, that question has come to be asked of more girls and women and answered in more ways than ever before. Christine A. Baker, herself an avid player and an assistant coach, pursues an answer through the ranks of the sport from youth basketball to the WNBA.

Baker sets the stage with a quick look at current statistics and trends in women s basketball nationwide, noting the profound changes in the last thirty-five years. A series of exclusive interviews then takes us into the heart and soul of the sport. Her subjects are players and coaches, from neophytes to stars such as Dawn Staley and Nancy Lieberman; from legendary coaches such as Jody Conradt to the masterminds of USA Basketball and the 1996 Women s Dream Team; from Donna Lopiano, former CEO of the Women s Sports Foundation, to tomorrow s Olympic athletes. A richly detailed, all-encompassing portrait of the sport, these interviews offer a wealth of insight into the game, American sports culture, and, indeed, why Baker plays.(20071025)

Women of the Court: Inside the WNBA
Women of the Court: Inside the WNBA
by Juliette Terzieff
Paperback from Alyson Books
ISBN: 1593500513
With over ten million fans, the WNBA has transcended sport and become a cultural phenomenon all across the country. Nearly two million people attended a WNBA game last season, and seven out of ten in attendance were women. With games airing on such national broadcast venues as ABC, ESPN, and NBA TV, the passion for women's professional basketball has never been stronger.

Now, take a comprehensive look at the league's formation--from the boardroom to the NBA to the movers and shakers who made it all possible, and take a retrospective of the league's history and its breakout players. From interviews with the players, coaches, and officials, gain insight into the game's appeal to both the men's market and the lesbian community. You'll get a peek into the locker room for insight into team dynamics, and examine the game from the fan's perspective. The book also features a breakdown of all the teams, from their logo and uniform to their stars and stats, as well as many black-and-white photographs. This is a celebration of sport, of women, and of the power to achieve.

Juliette Terzieff has worked as a foreign correspondent, editor, and columnist. Her work has appeared on CNN International, in Newsweek, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Sunday Times of London, and many other publications. She lives with her husband in Tampa, Florida.

Don t Let The Lipstick Fool You: The Making of a Champion
Don't Let The Lipstick Fool You: The Making of a Champion
by Lisa Leslie, Larry Burnett
Hardcover from Dafina
ISBN: 0758227353

A three-time Olympic gold medalist, three-time MVP of the WNBA, and the first woman ever to dunk in a professional basketball game, Lisa Leslie is considered one of the greatest players in the history of women's basketball. Now in her own words, she points the spotlight onto her remarkable life off the court, where being a confident champion was not always simple.

As a child growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Lisa was timid, awkward, and over six feet tall in the sixth grade. Opponents challenged her, and she struggled to overcome self-imposed fears and limitations. But as her interest in basketball grew, she toughened both her game and her resolve. She also learned she could retain her femininity and throw a few elbows too.

Still there was a nagging notion that girls--even tall girls and especially pretty ones - could not play well. At the same time, Lisa's home life, though loving, was unstable. Lisa never knew her father. Her mother worked as a traveling truck-driver to support the family, leaving Lisa to shuffle between relatives. Lisa's beloved older sister seemed only to torment her, harbor hidden jealousies, and would later go on to steal her identity and almost ruin her finances. And as a young woman, it would take two broken engagements before Lisa finally found the love of her life.

Yet overcoming tremendous doubts are what paved the way to Lisa's greatest achievements--scoring 101 points in the first half of a high school basketball game; signing with Wilhelmina Models and appearing in Vogue magazine; and of course traveling the world and winning championship after championship...after championship.

Today, Lisa is a beautiful, poised, assertive, six-foot-five-inch basketball powerhouse. Her elegance and charm have made her a favorite with fans, the fashion world, and even Hollywood. With hard-won candor and self-assurance, Lisa Leslie shares her empowering story about finding grace under pressure, balancing a life of contradiction without losing yourself, and exceeding expectations--including your own--by playing like a girl.

Shattering the Glass: The Remarkable History of Women s Basketball
Shattering the Glass: The Remarkable History of Women's Basketball
by Pamela Grundy, Susan Shackelford
Paperback from The University of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807858293

Shattering the Glass presents a sweeping chronicle of women's basketball in the U.S. Offering vivid portraits of forgotten heroes and contemporary stars, Grundy and Shackelford provide a broad perspective on the history of the sport, exploring its close relationship to concepts of womanhood, race, and sexuality, as well as efforts to expand women's economic and political rights. Extensively illustrated and based on original interviews with players, coaches, administrators, and broadcasters, this book is both an insightful historical work and an empowering story of the generations of women who have shaped women's basketball.
Nothin But A Champion : The Story of Van Chancellor - Three Time WNBA Coach of the Year
Nothin' But A Champion : The Story of Van Chancellor - Three Time WNBA Coach of the Year
by Tom A. Savage
Hardcover from Harman Sports
ISBN: 096767512X

This is the inside story of how Van Chancellor became Nothi' But A Champion as told by Tom A. Savage the Houston Comets PR Director during their frst two seasons. It chronicles the tremendous emotional rollercoaster of Kim Perrot's losing battle with brain cancer and it's impact on the World Champioship efforts.

Wnba: The Chamique Holdsclaw Story
Wnba: The Chamique Holdsclaw Story
by Kristi Nelson
Paperback from Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 0439169488

Voted the WNBA's 1999 Rookie of the Year, Chamique Holdsclaw is a charismatic athlete who attracts a crowd wherever she goes. This inspirational biography takes readers from Chamique's days playing pick-up games on New York City playgrounds through her first season with the Washington Mystics.

The Stars of the WNBA
The Stars of the WNBA
by Michelle Smith
Paperback from Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN: 043938012X
WNBA : A Celebration : Commemorating the Birth of a League
WNBA : A Celebration : Commemorating the Birth of a League
by Kelly Whiteside, HarperCollins
Paperback from Harper Paperbacks
Media Published: 1998-
ISBN: 0061073024

For sports fans of all ages comes the ultimate collectible that commemorates the smash-hit debut year for the WNBA!

The WNBA's inaugural season was the most successful debut by a league in professional sports history. More than 50 million fans turned in to watch games on NBC, ESPN, and Lifetime. The league averaged nearly 10,000 fans per game after projecting only 4,500 before the season began. The success was nothing short of astounding, and now the ultimate collectible will commemorate that first unforgettable season.

For all those fans and more, the WNBA: A Celebration presents a must-have pictorial look at the league, from the first moment it was announced to the championship game. Here, readers will find a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos; stories about the players, league officials, and coaches describing the thrill of the most successful first-year league in the history of professional sports; and a compelling insider glimpse at the competitive aspects of the league. Packed with lively anecdotes and the fascinating history of the league, this is a book that will get every fan excites and ready for the WNBA's upcoming season.

Inside the WNBA: A Behind the Scenes Photo Scrapbook
Inside the WNBA: A Behind the Scenes Photo Scrapbook
by Joe Layden, Joseph Layden
Paperback from Scholastic
ISBN: 0439078032
She Got Game : My Personal Odyssey
by Cynthia Cooper
Mass Market Paperback: 290 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 6.85 x 4.20
Publisher: Warner Books; 
ISBN: 0446608394

Teamwork: The Utah Starzz in Action (Teams of the WNBA)
by Tom Owens, et al (Library Binding)

The History of the Cleveland Rockers (Women's Pro Basketball Today)
by John Nichols

Official WNBA Guide and Register, 2002 Edition
by Maureen Coyle, Rita Sullivan, Jeanne Tang, Craig Carter, Jeff Paur, Christen Sager, Terry Shea
from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books

Summer Madness: The Wild, Wacky, Wonderful World of Wnba
by Fran Harris, Tina Thompson

Wnba Superstars: Lesile, Lobo & Swoopes
by Molly Jackel
Paperback from Scholastic
Raise the Roof!: Wnba Superstars (Wnba)
by Michelle Smith
Paperback from Scholastic
2004 Official Wnba Guide & Register
by Sporting News, Nba, Sporting News/NBA
Paperback from Sporting News

An Insider's Guide to the WNBA (WNBA Sticker Book)
by Clare Martin
Paperback from Scholastic
Summer Madness : The Wild, Wacky, Wonderful World of the WNBA
by Fran Harris
Paperback from Author's Choice Press
The Stars of the WNBA
by Michelle Smith
Paperback from Scholastic
The Chamique Holdsclaw Story (Wnba)
by Kristi Nelson
Paperback from Scholastic
Megastars (Wnba Reader)
by Michelle Smith
Paperback from Scholastic
Rookie: Tamika Whitmore's First Year in the Wnba
by Joan Anderson, Michelle V. Agins, Theresa Weatherspoon
Hardcover from Dutton Books
Official WNBA Guide & Register
by John Maxwell, Jeanne Tang, Rita Sullivan, Peter Steber, Steve Meyerhoff
Paperback from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Distributed Products
Wnba Superstars: Lesile, Lobo & Swoopes
by Molly Jackel
from Scholastic

Wnba Reader: Megastars
by Michelle Smith
from Scholastic

Rookie: Tamika Whitmore's First Year in the Wnba
by Joan Anderson, Michelle V. Agins, Theresa Weatherspoon
from Dutton Books

She's Got Game (Wnba Series, 2)
by Michelle Smith
from Scholastic

Raise the Roof!: Wnba Superstars (Wnba)
by Michelle Smith
from Scholastic


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