The Machine That Time Forgot
Royal Enfield established the Indian Enfield factory at Madras in 1955.  In the 60's the parent company in the UK, along with most other British manufacturers, ceased production. Enfield India continues production of the original 350 Bullet, known locally as the Raja Gadi (loosely translated, "Royal Vehicle")

The Enfield factory at Tiruvottiyur in Madras is now forty years old and produces some 20,000 motorcycles annually, using many of the original machine tools and dies from the original British parent factory. Most parts, right down to the pinstripes on the paintwork, are still hand finished.

Enfields are now exported to 26 countries, including the U.K. Fritz Egli of Egli Vincent fame has turned his hand to revamping the venerable Enfield, and the result is a very pretty motorcycle which performs a great deal better than the original, whilst retaining the classic understated charm of the Royal Oilfield.

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