John Henry  Fuseli 

Birth Year : 1741
Death Year : 1825
Country : Switzerland

Henry Fuseli was Swiss by birth but worked in England for many years, becoming a Royal Academician in 1790. Born Füssli-a name which he later Italianized into its present version-he became a clergyman (ordained in 1761) at the insistence of his father, who was a painter. Fuseli revolted against this enforced career and, in 1763, began studying art in Berlin before moving to England where he worked as an engraver and translator. It was in England that he met Sir Joshua Reynolds, who encouraged his artistic career. In 1770 Fuseli went to Rome where he spent the next eight years copying the works of his idol, Michelangelo. After his return to England he soon became well known for his exotic and Romantic scenes, painted in a pseudo-mannerist style, in which his imaginative power far outstripped his artistic ability. 

John Henry Fuseli
Falstaff in the Washbasket

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