Pierre  Ino 

Birth Year : 1909
Death Year :
Country : Russian Federation

Pierro Ino was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He came to Paris in 1927 and, after preliminary studies, in 1939, he began to show his work publicly. He exhibited at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh and at the Galérie de Berri in Paris. He had other exhibitions at the Galérie de Berri in 1942, 1943, and 1955. In 1957 he exhibited at the Galérie Charpentier as a member of the School of Paris. He was also represented in exhibitions at the Galérie André Weil-in 1957, "Phantasme-Realité," and in 1959, "La Réalité Fantastique." He continues to paint in his delicate and Surrealistic style, producing works with a smooth, enameled surface.

Ino's Surrealistic world is a romantic one of poetic dreams in which figures, from nowhere, live in an undetermined time that simultaneously evokes past, present, and future. His figures live in fantastic Gothic castles, and travel over mountain peaks or across the surface of unspecified planets with blue-green skies that are studded with silver stars. They are surrounded by invented Surrealistic objects and dream symbols whose motifs come from astrology, zoology, botany, anatomy, chemistry, mechanics, and from more esoteric sciences. Ino's figures move through these settings with Botticellian weightlessness and with that other-worldly expression of Florentine saints and of the madonnas of Northern Gothic art.

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