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Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages
by Patrick E. McGovern
Paperback from University of California Press

Top Secret Recipes: Sodas, Smoothies, Spirits, & Shakes
by Todd Wilbur
Paperback from Plume

Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book
by Dr. William D. Silkworth, Dr. Bob Smith, Bill Wilson
Kindle Edition

Complete Guide to Spirits and Liqueurs
by Stuart Walton
Paperback from Hermes House

An Encyclopedia of Spirits & Liqueurs and How to Cook with Them
by Stuart Walton
Paperback from Anness

Kindred Spirits 2
by F. Paul Pacult
Paperback from Spirit Journal, Inc.

Luscious Liqueurs: 50 Recipes for Sublime and Spirited Infusions to Sip and Savor (50 Series)
by A. J. Rathbun
Hardcover from Harvard Common Press

Infused: 100+ Recipes for Infused Liqueurs and Cocktails
by Susan Elia MacNeal
Hardcover from Chronicle Books

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Wine, Beer, Spirits & Liqueurs
by Stuart Walton, Brian Glover
Paperback from Hermes Hosue

The world guide to spirits: Liqueurs, aperitifs and cocktails
by Tony Lord
Hardcover from Macdonald and Jane's

Cordials from Your Kitchen: Easy, Elegant Liqueurs You Can Make & Give
by Pattie Vargas, Rich Gulling
Paperback from Storey Publishing, LLC

Complete Book of Spirits and Liqueurs
by Cyril Ray
Hardcover from Littlehampton Book Services Ltd

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