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I've registered with your forum to post an enquiry about information and collectors items such as medals and press clippings relating to my father who raced in the 1920s and 30s - I have no idea where to start looking - I know that he raced motorbikes Chater Leas and Nortons - in sand racing events mostly around Southport, and other popular venues, and raced with Jack Carr, who I met once as a little boy. He also raced in the TT - not sure what year - but came off in the trials) I have always had a couple of photos of him, and an Ogdens cigarette card with his picture on. He never talked much about it all - probably from fear of me getting into bikes and getting injured I suppose, plus he was a quite man who didn't like fuss. He died 4 years ago and I just discovered that a number of medals were sold by my mother a few years ago - I'd always been told they'd been given to a cousin before I was born and now feel that I want to chase them up and collect them for my own children.

I'm hoping to put a website together to document his racing and other related information - ie photos of events and listings of the races over the country.
If you know of anyone who may have the medals in a collection - or people/places to enquire I would much appreciate it

Ogdens 100 Mile Race.jpg
Ogdens 100 Mile Race
J_Blundells_Dad 1929.jpg
J_Blundells_Dad 1929

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Motorcycle Racing UK 1920's & 1930's

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