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April 2012
Email: aero AT
Subject: Mags
Message: I have the complete (one MAY be missing) set of Motorcycle Collector Magazine in boxed sets, mint. If you are interested in purchasing, let me know. Thanks.

March 2010
'The Motor Cycle' monthly 1953
 Email: rhcoles AT
message: I have a collection of 'The Motor Cycle' from 11 june to 08 Oct 1953 all bound into a book by hand.
Photographs available if interested.

Sat 13 Jun 2009
Email: webb_d6 [AT]
message: i have 500+ mags for sale, bike s/bike & perf bike. 
superbike 196 mags from 1987-2006.  bike 151 from 1987-2001 .perf bike 165 from1987-2002. most years are complete but 1987-1991 are not,106 in total.

i live in north notts UK

Local:  07:40:08am
nwaite<at> message: 
apprx 3'000 motorcycle mags spanning 60yrs.various titles ,most in very good condition.desperate for space so any reasonable offer accepted.buyer collects (berkshire) 

The magazines are actually my dads and he is having a major clear out.His phone number is 01344 427920, if anyone interested or has any queries they can speak direct to him.(Can still contact at this e-mail) They would be a great buy for someone and as they have been moved from his shed to the sitting room my mum would be pleased to see them go asap.

List of magazine titles (there are others as well):

  • THE MOTOR CYCLE (The blue un)
  • THE MOTOR BIKE (The green un)

I have sent a photo with my dad modeling his magazines (i do have them on their own , if you prefer, but he thought perspective would be good). I hope you are able to advertise these for us,if you need any more information let me know.
Thanks Nicki

[Posted Nov 2007]

Mr Waite and his Magazines

Mr Waite and his Magazines

British Motorcycle Magazines For Sale
A golden opportunity to obtain a collection of
over 300 rare bike mags spanning almost a quarter of a century.


Bike - Winter 1972

Bike - March 1975

Bike - March 1975

Bike - Winter 1972 Bike - March 1975
Winter 72
then fully complete from Apr 74 until Mar. 82, plus Jul 83.

Motorcycle Mechanics Jan 1969


Motorcycle Mechanics Jan 1978

Motorcycle Mechanics Jan 1969 Motorcycle Mechanics Jan 1978

Nov 68
Jan. Mar, Jun-Oct, Dec 69
thereafter: virtually complete from Jan 70 until Mar 30th 1982 (then fortnightly)
(Nov 68, Mar and Jul 69 have damaged covers)

Motorcycle Racing Issue 2


Motorcycle Racing March 1978

Motorcycle Racing March 1978
Kenny Roberts v Barry Sheene

1975/6: 2, 5, 6
1977-1981: complete
1982: Jan-Mar.
Note: these were originally bi-monthly so issues 2, 5, 6 represents 6 months.

Collection includes other items not listed.

Contact David Encill sales at

Motorcycle Magazines For Sale
I have about 250 Classic Bike & Classic Motorcycle magazines all in folders dated 1981 through to 1995. Open to offers.


Duncan hubbwalt at
April 2001

More info

Motorciclismo Magazines For Trade
subject: old italian magazines motociclismo
Email: mark3desmo<at>
message: Hello I'd like to swap with old italian motorcycles sales brochures my double issues of motociclismo magazines, ranging form 1969 up to 1990 and beyond. Thanks Cesare

Motor Cycling Magazines For Sale
We have just acquired about 150 "Motor Cycling" magazines, and a few "The Motor Cycle" dating from 1948-1955. We wonder if you might be able to point us in the direction of anyone who can advise on their value, collectability and where we might find a purchaser.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Mee paul.mee at
November 2001

Motorcycle Magazines For Sale
I have about 250 Classic Bike & Classic Motorcycle magazines all in folders dated 1981 through to 1995. Open to offers.


Duncan hubbwalt at
April 2001

More info

Bike Magazines For Sale

I have 97 issues of "Bike" magazine for sale. They are mostly in very good condition & date from Jan/Feb 1973 (issue no7) to Nov 1990. I also have 20 issues of Motorcycle Mechanics, from Aug 61 to Feb 72 and 40 other assorted motorcycle magazines from the 70s, 80s & 90s. Open to offers.
Keith Hedges keith.hedges at
March 2001

Motorcycle Magazines For Sale

19 Jun 2001

Dear Sirs,

I am moving to Spain in the near future and have discovered some old motorcycle
magazines and newspapers that I do not want to take with me and wondered if your Co. is interested in purchasing these magazines. If not, can you suggest anybody who might be interested.

I list the items below:-

Motorcycle news 1970/1978 - 70 copies
Cycle World 1966/1976 - 7 copies
Bike - 1977 - 4 copies 1981 - 1 copy
Motorcyclist - 1974 - 1 copy 1977 - 1 copy
Motorcycle mechanics - 1959/1967 - 33 copies
Motorcyclist illustrated - 1966/1978 - 17 copies
Motorcycling - 1955/1959 - 23 copies
Motorcylist illustrated inc. scooter and mopeds 1959 - 2 copies
Trials and motorcross news - 1978 - 1 copy
Autosport 1950/1977 - 6 copies
Motor racing & motor rally - 1 copy
New motorcycling monthly 1976/1977 - 5 copies
Motorcycle weekly 1979 - 1 copy
Car mechanics - 1963 - 1 copy
Motorcycle 1967/1978 - papers - 134
Motorcycle magazine - 1955/1967 - 152 copies
Classic bike magazines - 1978 - 1st edition to 1985 - 64 copies
Motorcycle sport - 1964/1977 - 113 copies

Yours faithfully

B. J. Nice. BAmable1 at

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