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Sun Nov 16 2014
tvan at verizondotnet
Model:   1915
Message: I am a member of the Blair County Historical Society in Altoona, Pa. and serve as the editor of the quarterly newsletter we send to our members. I am looking for an article about motor sled racing in Altoona that appeared in the January 25, 1915 issue of Motorcycling magazine. The article is referenced in an article in the Altoona Tribune of January 26, 1915. The local newspapers of the time carry a number of articles about motor sled races being held in the city, and cite the article in Motorcycling magazine as crediting Altoona with originating the sport. I would like to include an article in our February newsletter about the races and having  a copy of that article would be helpful.  A photocopy or scan would be fine; I am primarily interested in the content.  If you can provide me with any leads, I would be most grateful.

Timothy Van Scoyoc

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 12:46 AM

My daughter-in-law is the grandaughter of Harry Louis, author of several books and Editor of The Motor Cycle magazine. I am trying to find photographs, film and stories of or about him. He died when she was quite young and the family have very little information. Any help would be appreciated.

He was very famous as a trials rider as well as a writer, author and editor so there must be photographs and even people who knew him and worked with him.
Peter Morris

Dec 2009
message: Dear sirs, I wish to buy the following English motorcycle magazines if you have them: Classic Motor Cycling No.17, Motor Cycle May 1970, Motorcycle Sport Jan 1968.

May 2009
Dennis.Boatwright [AT]

Thanks for that. These are exactly what I required. I now know that 1948 is the first one I wanted so I think I have all but the 1962 Bank Holiday event covered.

The only one I would like, and does not appear on your lists, is The Motor Cycling for 9th August 1962 (I have the Motor Cycle but it does not give a full report).

Thanks for all your assistance, I am not sure where I am going with this research but if anything is ever published I would like to put in an acknowledgement to your assistance.

Many thanks

Best Regards
Dennis Boatwright

April 2009
subject: 6 day scotish trials 1956-1958
Email: susan.c.08 AT
message: Can u help me. My father Arthur Clayton rode in the 6 day scotish trials 1956-58, I believe there is a photo of him in an English motorbike magazine, he is wearing a red berret and is with his bike going up Ben Nevis. I am desperate to locate this photo as he is nearing 80 yrs of age, please can u help many thanks Susan Clayton. I have seen 2 medals which he won is these races, many thanks susan clayton

7th Nov 2008
Short Circuits
Email: ahmx511<at>
message: I am looking for a TT Special book written by G S Davison
called 'Short Circuits'. It was published early 1951 and covered UK road
racing during the 1950 season.

August 2005
subject: motorcycle magazine circa1936
Email: andersonbisland<at>
message: there is an issue of Motorcycle magazine with the front cover picture showing a couple with their motorcycle and sidecar having a picnic beside the road in Glencoe. this was before the road was made, it was only a dirt track.
the couple in the photo are my parents and I have mislaid my copy of the magazine would anyone have a copy they are willing to part with?

July 2005
subject: New Zealand Motor Cyclist Magazine
Email: acrazjo<at>
message: Howdy, can you tell me anything about the New Zealand Motor Cyclist Magazine first issued in Oct. 1947. I just found the first 3 issues of this awesome magazine. Thanks much, links, anything would be helpful. I'm struggling to find them listed anywhere. Joe

Information Required July 2004
Indian Decals
Information Required March 2004
"Motor Cycle" Magazine, 5th March 1942

I hope that you, or some reader, may be able to assist me. My parents were both keen riders and were dispatch riders during the War. My father also used to ride at Brands Hatch. When my parents migrated to Australia in 1949, they bought very little with them, other than a dismantled Ariel motorbike, which put in good service for many years.

In the copy I am enquiring about, my mother and a small group of colleagues were photographed with an accompanying article. Unfortunately the ravages of time have made it almost undecipherable. I wonder if there is any possibility anyone would have access to a copy of 'Motor Cycle' 5th March 1942 article, 'Produced Efficiency' page 329. My mother is riding the bike ENH 495. I would be most appreciative if anyone could tell me how I could locate and/or obtain a copy of this article.

Sandra Parker, Darwin Australia

sandra at

Information Required Feb 2001
Norton Dominator Shortstroke Racer
I have read many articles in motorcycling mags over 20 years regarding the 1960 or '61 Norton 500cc Twin Dominator which  placed 3rd at the Isle of Man TT. What I have never been able to find in print  is the technical details of this piece of motorcycling history. Bore/Stroke, valve sizes, etc. The racer had 73mm bore (750 Norton bore) and had been short stroked to bring the engine back to 500cc. 

From articles I have read the original barrels on the Domi Racer were in fact one fin less on the barrels (3mm) shorter then  the standard Norton Dominator barrel.  I would be very pleased  if someone could produce the original engine specs as I would like to build  a replica of this machine. 

Ron Newitt ronaldlnewitt at

Wanted Feb 2001
I am seeking the number one issue of CYCLE Magazine.  My
collection starts with Vol 2 May 1950, and so it is my
understanding the magazine published its first issue in April of 1950.
Edward Lamb lambo5 at
Information Required Feb 2001
Merlonghi Motorcycles
I would like to find information on Merlonghi motorcycles which were
manufactured around 1930 thru the 1940's.

Monica Merlonghi Wilson  monica4 at 

More on this subject at

Information Required 12/2000
Anglo-Dane Motorcycles
My wife's great, great, grandfather (H.C. Fredriksen) started a company that built the very first motorcycles in Europe. They were Anglo-Dane. The 
company only lasted a few years (til his death). This was about 1890. Can anyone help with further information?
Contact Frank Hansen Frankandholly at 
Information Required 12/2000
Kenzler-Waverly Motorcycles

I'm looking for an advertisement for a motorcycle built by Kenzler-Waverley in 1911 called 'The Jefferson' or the 'P.E.M.'. They were located in Jefferson, WI.  I'm told there's a copy in a 1911 edition of Motorcycle Illustrated. 

Susan Kenzler    susan at

Wanted 11/00

I'm trying to find a book for my father about his 1954 Ariel Square Four. It's by Roy Harper and is titled 'Ariel Square 4', with about 80 pages. As I'm in Texas the book is especially hard to find.
marrilee at

Wanted 10/00

Motorcycle Racer magazine from the mid 70's-mid 80's. 
Also copies of Motocourse prior to 1982.

Very keen on articles relating to Transatlantic Trophy.

NicCartwright at

Information Required 11/2000
Embro Cycle and Motor Company

My Great Grandfather and his brother ran a Cycle \ Motor shop in Hull at the turn of the century called the Embro Cycle and Motor Company (Ellis Mansell Brothers), they manufactured a cycle called "The Embro" which was on occasion fitted with a "Minerva" motor . Mr Dick Ellis (great, great, uncle) won the BSA reliability trail some time before 1910 - he also won the bronze medal, and rode the Lands End to John O'groats and many other trials.
They were agents for Hazelwood, Sparkrite and others (including car
manufacturers) and were personal friends of William Morris, W. Morgan,
G.Armstrong etc. Among the events associated with "Embro" were the Staxton Hill Climb founded by Dick, The EMBRO CUP (Donated 1909) which I believe is still being ridden for (trials), the "Rosetta Bowl", and latterly The Dick Ellis Memorial Shield.
I am interested in any information about "The Embro" Cycle \ Autocycle, Dick Ellis, or the Embro Cycle and Motor Company.

Tony Ellis EllisA at

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