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Here are some excerpts from some of those we've provided to clients in the past.


'Bike' July 1975 
Has a great 4 page advert on the Honda 400/4 with  a double page full colour shot.  In the same magazine is a four page roadtest on it. 
'Bike' magazine of Feb' 77 
Contains a great four page article on the 'Life and Death of the Trident/Rocket 3 - The True British Musclebikes'.  It's a bit different to the usual articles as there are many pen drawings including John Cooper, Craig Vetter's Hurricane, Slippery Sam etc.  It's quite a good little potted history containing fifteen illustrations.
'Bike' dated June 1980. 
In this is a great full colour one page Dunlop TT100 advert of Hailwood on the IoM on a road-going 750-4. There is also an amusing 3 page article on 'Living on the Island' with a fantastic full page illustration by Paul Sample all about the life on the Island. 
'Bike' November 1981 
Has a centrefold colour picture of the Triumph X75 Hurricane and a two page roadtest on the machine. 

MotorCycling 1961 MotorCycling 1961

More Sample Entries

Ariel Square Four Front Cover The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945
Vincent-H.R.D. Rapide Advert P5 The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945
Vincent-H.R.D. Rapide 4 page Article The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945
Watsonian Sidecars Article The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945
Smiths Instruments Advert The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945
Teledraulic Forks Advert The Motor Cycle 6-Dec-1945

Velocette  Advert The Motor Cycle 11-Feb-54 
Wipac plugs Back cover The Motor Cycle 11-Feb-54
AJS Racing Front cover Motorcycling 18-Feb-54
BSA B33  Advert Motorcycling 18-Feb-54
Triumph Speed Twin Advert  Motorcycling 18-Feb-54
Ariel 500 cc OHV  Advert The Motor Cycle 18-Feb-54

Kawasaki KZ400  Advert Cycle 01-Jun-76
Kawasaki KZ550 Advert MotorCycle World 01-Dec-81
Kawasaki KZ550  Advert Cycle 01-Jan-82
Kawasaki LTD450 Roadtest Performance Bikes 01-May-85
Kawasaki Mach III Roadtest Motor Cyclist Illustrated 01-Aug-70
Kawasaki Mach III Roadtest Motorcycle Mechanics 01-Apr-72
Kawasaki Mach IV  Roadtest  Cycle World 01-Mar-72


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