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The Motor Cycle Magazine Nov 15 1928 Page 1

DATE: 15th November 1928.
- Lapping the show course (Olympia) - Models featured: B.M.W., P and M Panther, O.E.C.-Tinkler, 990 Matchless, 147 Excelsior, Douglas, Brough-Superior & 250 Rudge-Whitworth.
- Bits and pieces - A review of some of the components and accessories that go to make the modern machine.
- Born to rev unseen - "inside information" on some of the invisible works of modern engines - new or improved - at the show.
- Accessories at the Olympia show - A review of equipment, components and fittings.
- The Berlin Show - Models featured: 200 Stock, 200 Zündapp, Victoria, Schliha, 300 N.S.U., 350 Ardie-Jap, 750 Wanderer, Opel, 500 D-Rad & 500 Neander.
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