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In 1974-5, I restored, at Mike's request, a Honda RC174 and
the TT winning RC181. The bikes came to me with a pile of spares and this is the remains. Most of the stuff I sold to Bob Heath a few years ago. This is just a small collection of odds and ends mostly, but there are one or two gems; a six cylinder piston, a valve, a pair of tyres removed from the 181. 

One 6 cylinder piston
A pair of 6 cylinder head gaskets
One 6 cylinder valve
A pair of worn tyres removed from the RC181 (who else rode it?)
A 3ft x 1in bore plastic breather pipe (RC181)
Nuts,bolts,odds and ends(maybe 100 or so pieces)
4 T-bar spanners
2 special open end spanners
A valve spring compressor
A dial gauge, with fitting for Honda head

Contact peter.forsyth at for more information.

If necessary I can yap on endlessly with background info, perhaps for another occasion. But the stuff is legit. Well reported at the time in the 'Motor Cycle', etc.

Here's some more pics, and a shot of the 350/4 I restored (now Bob Heath's).

Regards, Pete.


Here's a couple more images; the 500 is frame number RC181F - 301, engine RC181E - 302, this is in the specification that it ended the '67 season; I have seen other pictures of 181s with the huge TT tank, not the under seat additional fuel tank,different rear frame bracing,and not drilled front brakeplates. Just mods you would make during a racing season,particularly with the bikes handling difficulties. All respect to Honda, it is the technology of the time, but when I delivered it to Mike, he didn't greet it like an old friend. There was a comment about 'the old wooden tyres'.


January 2006
subject: Originally signed Oil Painting for sale
Email: jo.shepherd<at>
message: My mother who was a good friend of Mike Hailwood painted an original Oil painting of Mike and he signed it on the back, we are wondering if anyone is interested in purchasing this, it is an excellent framed picture and provide photographs of both the painting and the signature if anyone is interested, I look forward to your response


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