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The MotorCycle Magazine January 24th 1929

Approx 75 pages - period photos, illustrations and period advertising.

Contents include - road test of the new 549cc BSA Twin Port, Knights of the night, searching the West country on a motorcycle, Current chat, Care and maintenance of popular machines - 1000cc Matchless and 500cc Matchless single, wanted still more reliability and less maintenance; Cinder siftings - speedway personalities on and off the track, Pistons and the strenuous life they lead, Club News, plus all the regular club and racing news,

Full page advertising for - Villiers, Calthorpe, The Scott, Dunlop, AJS, Raleigh, Lucas, KLG, New Imperial, Douglas, Ariel, BSA, New Hudson, Dunelt, Norton.

December 6th 1909 issue of The Motor Cycle Magazine Motor Cycling, number 4 Volume, approx 50 pages, articles in this issue include, Motorcycle twin engines for 1910 a superb feature showing clear detailed photos of new engines from Royal Enfield, Wanderer, Douglas, Moto Reve, Tandem Twin, Peugot, Norton, Roc, Matchless Jap, NSU, Rex, Sarolea, Rex, Premier and Indian, along with a detailed text description, also results of our first competition, tests of commercial oils for lubricating cylinders of air cooled engines, trying for the Tri Car, to the point some ignition devices - CAV, Ruthadt, Vanderveil, knowledge is power, readers opinions plus other regular features, with technical information, advertising for all the period British and European motorcycles, advertising for - Moto Reve, FN, The Rex, Brown, Motosacoche and others.

November 26th 1914 issue of The Motorcycle Magazine
approx 85 pages, period articles and weekly features and tests -  period photos throughout. articles in this issue, a review of new 1915 models and parts some now long forgotten makers of pioneer machines - from Humber, Rudge, OK Junior, Rover, Peerless, Wooler, New Imperial, JH TT Racer, Gloria sidecars, Radco, Wolf, Bradbury, Hazelwood, and more, plus The cyclecar club rally, a motorcyclist on active service, a side car with autumn guns...
regular features, with great period technical information, advertising for all the period British and European and American motorcycles, advertising for American Excelsior, James, AJS, Lea Francis, P and M, Dunlop, Humber, Avon, Royal Enfield and Matchless.

July 20th 1915 " Motor Cycling "
approx 75 pages, includes model tests and racing events, Motorcycling Celebrities, a look at another American invader the single cylinder Reading Standard, a look at carburetters and there designs, Senspray, Amac, B and B, and Everest, The Irish end to end Trials Race, successful war time Hill climb race, the casualty list of the kings highway, how accidents happen and how they may be avoided ( how to miss that horse and cart!).
Also regular features, information and advice, what motorcyclists are talking about, tech info, motorcycle advertising for many marques including, James, Indian, Harley Davidson, Rudge, Rover, Triumph, Sunbeam, Royal Enfield, New Imperial.

November 28th 1935 The Motorcycle Magazine
Show and buyers guide issue, color Ariel Red Hunter cover , approx 130 pages, one of the biggest issue of the year, revue of every all the new motorcycles at the Olympia motorcycle show each make has its own section , with pictures of the models and specs, prices, new mechanical designs etc, also all the new accessories for the year and sidecars and many of engine cross sections. plus all the regular features and articles, features include Norton/Velocette racing legend Stanley Woods reveals the truth about his Isle of Man TT win, A look at the new 4 cylinder AJS V 4, racing results of the period, and there is also some fantastic full and double page advertising for about every British Motorcycle make of the Day, motorcycles makes covered in the guide are, AJS, Ariel, BSA, BMW, Brough Superior, Carlton, Coventry Eagle, Douglas, Excelsior, Francis Barnett, James, Levis, Matchless, Morgan, New Imperial, Norton, OEC, OK Supreme, OEC, Rynal, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Sunbeam, Triumph, Velocette,Vincent HRD, and Wolf.

The Motorcyclist Magazine from 1948
these magazines are large 9 x 12 inches format, approx 30 to 45 pages in each issue. 
The Motorcyclist magazine has some of the best motorcycle content of any of the period motorcycle publications and is the best USA publish motorcycle publication of the period, great quality articles, features and racing reports from around the world, road test and much more as well as some excellent full page and double page advertising. Some of the articles in these issues include - 1949 Triumph motorcycle program, motorcycle electrical equipment, Trials in California, Texas Enduro, Rod Coates wins Sandy Lane, New England Championship Indian wins, Cactus Derby, AJS wins, Rosamond dry lake speed trials, 1949 Panther motorcycles, Ed Kretz wins langhorne speedway championship, lightweight motorcycling, Ed Kretz Indian crowned TT champion, Indian Arrow and Scout tests, Indian 135.58 at Rosamond, Triumph Grand Prix racing motorcycle, Laconia 1948, Isle of Man Clubman TT, BSA Bantam test, Greenhorn enduro, All girl trials race, scooter racing, Daytona race Don evens Norton and Floyd Emde Indian wins, Pacific trials enduro, Harley Davidson lightweight, BSA wins powder puff derby, flash backs, Big Bear national championship, Pikes peak dash, Los Angeles hot rod exhibition, Matchless and AJS for 1949, The powell P81, Velocette LE, ... with adverts for Vincent, Indian, BSA, Triumph, Velocette, Harley Davidson, Matchless, Norton, Royal Enfield, AJS.

1932 Douglas Brochure
Brochure for the full road and competition 1932 Douglas motorcycle line, 40 pages and card covers.
The brochure shows a full page photo of every model with an accompanying page of specifications for each model, plus pages of Douglas sidecars, pages of points of Douglas design, options, Douglas riders comments...
The Brochure covers models A32 350cc SV, B32 350cc SV, C32 500cc SV, D32 600cc Sports SV, E32 600cc Standard SV, F32 500cc OHV, H32 750cc SV, K32 350cc OHV Touring, M32 500cc OHV Touring, SW5 500cc Speed Model OHV Racer, DT5 500cc OHV Dirt Track Model and 600cc.

The Story of Rudge Motorcycles 
By Peter Hartley
printed in Great Britain 1985, 127 pages
PSL Motorcycle books. 
Although a comparative latecomer to the British motorcycle industry, Rudge Whitworth was in 1910 already well established on a sound foundation as a successful bicycle manufacturer and swiftly achieved success in its new business. Much of the company's rapid growth was attributable to one man - John Pugh - whose drive and energy soon made Rudge a market leader in terms of technical innovation. In fact, the company's incorporation of many mechanical details to improve performance, reliability and economy was almost too advanced for the day, since they inevitably forced the price of the motor cycles up at a time when, due to the Depression, other manufacturers were fighting to keep prices down. Rudge's technical excellence emerged clearly in the marques racing results, although in one sense the company penalized itself by refusing to create one off specials, insisting that the machines it raced should be as close as possible to regular production motorcycles. In this book Peter Hartley examines not just Rudge motorcycles themselves, but also the people behind their success, and it is interesting to speculate on what further accomplishments might have been achieved  had the company not ceased to exist as a motorcycle manufacturer during the second world war. With its wealth of rare photographs to complement the author's authoritative text, this is a book which will appeal to all veteran and vintage motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Book of The Norton Motorcycle, Norton Dominator Twins.
By WC Haycraft
Pitmans motorcycle library
Covering all Norton OHV vertical twins 1955 to 1965 a fully illustrated practical handbook for owners and prospective buyers of Norton Motorcycles, softback binding, 120 pages, many of diagrams, wiring, trouble shooting, data, specs, parts diagrams photos of models and good well written understandable service and maintenance text.

The Book of The Norton Motorcycle 
By WC Haycraft, 
A Fully Illustrated Practical Handbook for Owners and Prospective Buyer of Norton Motorcycles.
published in Great Britain 1948. The book covers all Norton Motorcycles from 1932 - 1947 , 136 pages,  hardback binding. 
Pitmans motorcycle library, very in depth with pictures of all models available, comprehensive information on all 1930's and 1940's Norton motorcycles overhead and side valve models. The book filled with photos, diagrams, charts, specifications and very well written service, maintenance and tuning information, covers all Norton Models including 18, 16H, I, 19, 20, 50, 55 ES2, CSI, CJ, Model 7, International 30,40, Manx models and all 350 and 500cc trials models.

Norton Commando Motorcycle 
by Roy Bacon,
56 pages
published in great Britain in 1989 
the book explores the development and racing history of all the Norton Commando Models. Chapters include. Introduction, The Launch Commando, Into Production., The 850 Commando, Road Racing and Specials, The Interpol and Specifications. 

The Book of Triumph Single Cylinder Motorcycles.
printed in 1961, 208 pages, Printed and Published in Great Britain, from the Pearsons motorcycle library a complete guide book and manual for servicing and the maintenance and repair/rebuilding of Triumph single Cylinder Motorcycles, covering models from 1937 to 1961 Tiger 70. Tiger 80. Tiger 90. Tiger Cub. T20. 2H. 3S. 6S. Terrier, Tiger Cub etc. and more. Many photos and diagrams, part numbers and other data and specifications and tables, and good well written and understandable service and maintenance text.

It's A Triumph
by Ivor Davies, 
published by Haynes 1980, 237 pages, 10 x 7 inch format, 
With the creative talent of the late Edward Turner as the focal point, this book provides an insight into the post world war two era of the Triumph Engineering company at Meriden up to the time of the formation of the workers co - operative. The author, formerly Triumph's advertising manager, relates hitherto unknown facts about life within the factory, its personalities, prototype and limited production designs and some aspects of Triumph sporting successes along with their development history. A strong feature of this superb book is the large number of previously unpublished photographs and also includes the early history of the Triumph motorcycle Company.

The Book of BSA Twin Motorcycles. 2nd edition printed in 1963, 133 pages, Printed and Published in Great Britain.
Pitmans motorcycle library 
A complete guide book and manual for servicing and the maintenance and repair/rebuilding of BSA Twin Motorcycles,  covering models from 1948 to 1962 A7 A10 and all other BSA twin cylinder models. Many photos and diagrams, and other data and specifications and good well written and understandable text.

Sunbeam Motorcycle, four stoke singles 1928 to 1939 manual, 
by Bruce Main Smith 1977 in England, 68 pages, hardback binding 8.5 x 11 inch format. A complete guide  and manual plus pictures and extracts from period brochures, very well laid out and in depth well written service and maintenance information plus tons of superb photos diagrams an illustration, contents include: 1932 Definitive illustrations, Sumbeamland photograph, 1933 model 8 photograph, Driving, Lubrication, The Engine, The Gearbox and Clutch, Factory Exterior, Components, 1931 Lion drawing, 1934 features, Electrical system, Wiring diagrams, Trouble shooting, Competition preparing, Overhauling, 1929 definitive illustrations, 1930 model 90 makers photograph.

Velocette Factory Spare parts manual/book, for all Mark 1 and Mark 2 500cc and 350cc Viper, Venom, Clubman, Thruxton, Viper Clubman, MSS Clubman and Scrambler and Endurance models both US and European models are covered. Printed in Britain by Veloce August 1971, 76 pages

Cassells book of The Lambretta Scooter Manual By Sydney F Page. 
Printed in Great Britain 1961,114 pages, 
Scooter Models 1951 to 1960. Li, LD, D,.... 
The book contains a wealth of invaluable text diagrams and photos wiring diagrams, and well written and understandable service and maintenance information.

1928 Ariel motorcycle brochure -  includes racing successes, options, prices, sidecars, inside the factory pictures and more. Models covered and pictured with a full page and specifications are 5.5 Standard Side Valve Model A, 5.5 Deluxe Side Valve Model B, 5.0 OHV Standard Model C, 5,0 OHV Deluxe Model D, and Two Port Super Sports Model E plus two pages of Ariel Sidecar.

1939 Triumph Motorcycle factory sales Catalog/Brochure Full size full line up for all the new 1939 models, including Speed Twin, Tiger 100, Tiger 90, Tiger 80, Deluxe 5H, 3H, 2HC, 6S. 3S, and Tiger Competition Models, plus full page of specifications for each model, Triumph sidecars, the Triumph Tiger 100 Twin engine, Some interesting Triumph Features, Technical Information and more. Tthe brochure has 22 pages including card covers, it contains all the specs prices and options available,  graphics and photos and information on all 1939 Triumph models. 

Brochure/poster for the 1953 Ariel motorcycle line, printed in England, folds out into a frameable poster which measures 12.5 x 11 inches Full line brochure/poster for the 1953 Ariel motorcycle line, the brochure was printed in England, it is in excellent condition it folds out into a frameable poster which measures 12.5 x 11 inches 

the new features of the model and full specifications. Models covered and pictured are 1000cc 4G Square Four, 650cc FH Huntmaster, 500cc VH Red Hunter, 350cc Red Hunter, 600cc VB Side Valve, 500cc KH Fieldmaster, and competition Red Hunter.


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