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Golden Jubilee 1973
Manx Grand Prix

Tourist Trophy - Irish Winners - 1996

Tourist Trophy - Irish Winners - 1996


Bicycle Accident Stamp Hungary

The Following Belgian stamps have been issued, probably in 1998:
Old Motorcycles
   1.13 francs 1908 Minerva
   2.16 fr 1913 FN
   3.30 fr 1929 La Mondiale
   4.32 fr 1937 Gillet
Designer: Desire Roegiest
Printer: P. P. G. De Schutter;
Size: 40.20x27.66mm horizontal or 27.66x40.20mm vertical;
Arrangement: Sheets 30;
Paper: Polyvalent;
Perforation: 11.5;
Color and Printing Method: Multicolor lithography;
Quantity: 1,500,000 (.3-.4) 3,000,000 (.1) 6,000,000 (.2);

From Sheldon's EMU
Sat Dec 17 2005
Swedish Mopeds
May I ask you a question?
A stamp of "Mopeds" was published on September 24, 2005 by Sweden.
I want to know these makers, but will know?
*Trettio Knyck
*Bekvamt med Shopper
Thank you very much.
Great Mopeds
Format: Booklet of eight stamps (eight designs)
Designer: Olöf Baldursdottir
Photographers: Knut Schelin and Claes Johansson
Engravers: Lars Sjööblom, Piotr Naszarkowski, Martin Mörck and Gunnar Nehls
Manufacturing process: Combination, intaglio and offset (four stamps); offset (four stamps)
Denomination: 5.50 kronor, First-Class domestic

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