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Aerobics Program For Total Well-Being : Exercise, Diet , And Emotional Balance
by Kenneth H. Cooper
Paperback from Bantam 
An Emerging Profession: The Fitness Practitioner
by Aerobics, Fitness Association of America 
(Spiral-bound - )
This manual is a powerful tool for certified instructors, personal trainers, and all other allied health professionals - including candidates and graduates of the AFAA Fitness Practitioner (AFP) certification program. This unique publication is rich with information on the positioning of the AFP in today's network-centered markets, ...

The Complete Encyclopedia of Aerobics
by Klinger
Paperback - December 1986

Step Aerobics: Fitness Training for Schools, Clubs and Studios
by Iris Pahmeier, Corinna Niederbaumer
Paperback - May 2001

Cory Everson's Workout
by Corinna Everson, Jeff Everson (Contributor)
Paperback - October 1991

Harry and Sarah Sneider's Olympic Trainer: Fitness Excellence through Resistive Rebounding
by Harry Sneider, Sarah Sneider

The Ultimate Fit or Fat: Get in Shape and Stay in Shape With America's Best-Loved and Most Effective Fitness Teacher
by Covert Bailey
Paperback - January 2000
"In my little way I'm going to rattle the world," proclaims Covert Bailey, who already rattled the world when he changed the way America looked at weight loss and exercise with his original Fit or Fat in the mid-1970s. Now he's back with a new spin on the Fit or Fat principles.

Aqua Aerobics Today! (West's Physical Activities)
by Carole M. Sokolow Casten, et al
(Mass Market Paperback)

Fitness: Theory & Practice (The Comprehensive Resource for Fitness Instruction)
by Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
Paperback - 1997

Everything you need to know about fitness is presented in AFAA's second edition textbook. Fitness: Theory & Practice is an anthology of 65 authors - an impressive "who's who" of the fitness industry. Featuring AFAA Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines, the text is the official preparatory guide for AFAA's Primary Certification exam. ...

The Aerobics Program for Total Well-Being: Exercise, Diet, Emotional Balance
by Kenneth H. Cooper
Paperback - 1985 Kingdom

The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise
by Joseph T., M.D. Nitti, et al
Paperback Kingdom

The Interval Training Workout, cowritten by a doctor and a certified trainer, shows how interval training can be done practically anywhere and benefit anyone who wants to get healthy. The training has three key components:Interval training workoutswith brief repetitions of intense exercise ...

by Suzanne Scott (Introduction)
Paperback - April 2002 Kingdom

Rebounding to Better Health: A Practical Guide to the Ultimate Exercise
by Linda Brooks
Paperback Kingdom

A simple, down to earth, practical guide to rebounding. Short, concise, easy to read chapters. Gives a capsule overview of the potential health benefits of rebounding. ...

Regaining The Power Of Youth At Any Age Startling New Evidence From The Doctor Who Brought Us Aerobics, Controlling Cholesterol And The Antioxidant Revolution
by Kenneth H. Cooper

Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, an inspiring example of "age reversal," now shares his own program for revitalizing the body, mind, and spirit with the more than 78 million baby boomers searching for the fountain of youth. "Age reversal" is defined as the ability to restore energy, vitality, and health whil ...

Aerobic Walking, the Weight-Loss Exercise: A Complete Program to Reduce Weight, Stress, and Hypertention
by Mort Malkin
Paperback - February 1995

Dr. Generic Will See You Now : 33 Rules for Surviving Managed Care
by Oscar London
Paperback - May 1996

Power Posture: Your Blue Print for a Powerful Body
by Lee Parore, Michael Colgan
Paperback - December 2001 Kingdom

The aerobics way : new data on the world's most popular exercise program
by Kenneth H. Cooper (Author)
Paperback - 1978

Donna De Varona's Hydro-Aerobics
by Donna De Varona, Barry Tarshis
Paperback - March 1986

Water Aerobics for Fitness and Wellness
by Terryann Spitzer Gibson, et al
Paperback - August 2002

This completely revised and updated second edition offers the latest information for obtaining and maintaining wellness through water aerobics. Full of photos and illustrations, the book is appropriate for water aerobic classes or activity programs in colleges and universities, health/fitness clubs, ...

Fitness Stepping (Fitness Spectrum Series)
by Debbie Ban Pillarella, et al
Paperback - September 1996

Fitness Stepping is a great step toward a firmer, fitter you. This easy-to-follow guide presents 60 workouts and explains how to create an effective and fun step-exercise program you can do as part of a group, at a club, or in your own home. Fitness Stepping is part of the Fitness Spectrum Series--a collection of books from Human Kinetics offering fitness enthusiasts practical and flexible approaches to training. ...

by Kenneth H. Cooper(Mass Market Paperback - January 1988)

New Aerobics for Women
by Kenneth H. Cooper, Mildred Cooper (Photographer)
Paperback - July 1988

Jumping for Health: A Guide to Rebounding Aerobics
by Morton Walker
Paperback - March 1989

Crazy World of Aerobics
by Bill Stott
Paperback - October 1993

Precision Heart Rate Training
by Ed Burke, Edmund R. Burke, Geroge H. Sage, Dave Scott
Paperback from Human Kinetics Pub
Mental Aerobics (Self Power)
by Tupacc III Amaru, et al
Paperback - November 1997

Spiritual Aerobics: Acts 2 for Small Groups (Acts 2 for Small Groups)
by Betty Veldman, James A. Meek
Hardcover - June 1995

Keep Moving!: It's Aerobic Dance
by Esther Pryor, et al
Paperback - February 1996
A resource for both novice and seasoned aerobic dance students, explaining basic movements of step and floor aerobics and suggesting ways to master difficult movements and avoid injury. Diet and nutrition are also discussed. This fourth edition contains new material on step aerobics, spinning, ...

Step into Shape
by Consumer Guide Editors
(Spiral-bound - December 1993)

Aerobic Razzmatazz: 12 Workouts by 12 Minutes Each
by Helene Andreu

Aerobic Training
by Paul Gudrun
This volume deals with the general principles of fitness training, as well as those specifically belonging to aerobics, from both a medical and an academic point of view. It demonstrates how to build up a series of lessons in aerobics training with many practical examples and, in particular, various basic steps and their technical application are introduced. At the same time, ways of communication - method and cueing - are described and the book also shows many ways of varying aerobic training.
Paperback ISBN: 1841260215

by Djoniba Mouflet

Practical Aerobic Conditioning
by Ray Collins
Paperback - January 1995

Soul Aerobics - Conscious Movement of a Soul into Wholeness
by Barbara J. Semple

Let's Walk: Guide to Aerobic Walking
by Craig

Water Aerobics
by A. Lynn Berle
Paperback - July 1996

Aerobic Dance for Effective Performance
by Anita Jones-McNair (Editor), Anita J. Simms
Paperback - July 1996

Fitness Through Aerobics and Step Training
by Karen S. Mazzeo
FITNESS THROUGH AEROBICS AND STEP TRAINING has been thoroughly updated in this third edition. Its easy-to-follow sequential learning order provides methods to achieve total fitness goals. Students are able to easily understand the principles and techniques of aerobic dance exercise, step training, and fitness walking, ...

Personal Fitness
by Simon Frost
Paperback - April 2002

Aerobics for Fitness
by Mark Anshel
Paperback - June 1998

Creative Aerobic Fitness
by Robin Diane Reese
Paperback - December 1988

Paperback - June 1993

Aerobics for the Spirit
by Bob Morley
Hardcover - April 1990
While the mind frequently lasts a lifetime and the body begins to gradually fade in the middle years, the spirit is the one component that lives forever. But is it in shape? Do we spend enough time and effort in cultivating its potential? Robert Morley believes that the spirit is the most important and, ...

Aerobics Today
by Peg Jordan, et al
Hardcover: 208 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.34 x 11.04 x 8.26
Wadsworth Pub Co; ISBN: 0534358330; 2 edition (August 24, )
AEROBICS TODAY illustrates the benefits of aerobic exercise for levels of involvement from beginner to instructor, with a focus on understanding the basics. Careful attention has been paid to laying the foundation for a safe, enjoyable, and successful exercise routine. ...

Creative Aerobic Fitness: A Guide to Active Living
by Robin D., Ph.D. Reese, et al
Paperback - June 1995

Fitness Aerobics (Fitness Spectrum Series)
by Lynne G. Brick
Paperback - July 1996

No matter what your fitness level, goal, or experience is, Fitness Aerobics will help you get the results you want. Written by Lynne Brick, internationally renowned fitness expert and IDEAs 1990 Fitness Instructor of the Year, Fitness Aerobics is part of the Fitness Spectrum Series--a collection of books from Human Kinetics offering fitness enthusiasts practical and flexible approaches to training. ...

Keep Moving!
by Minda Goodman Kraines, et al

Spiritual Aerobics: Spiritual Fitness Through the Disciplined Life
by Linda Schott

Fitness Through Aerobics (5th Edition)
by Jan Galen Bishop

This guide to aerobic exercise describes the relationship between exercise and health, considers the effect of health factors like asthma and pregnancy, offers advice on clothing and equipment, provides guidance for creating an aerobics routine, and includes instructions for particular exercises. Black and white photographs and illustrations accompany narrative descriptions of the exercises. ...

The Prosperity Aerobics
by Cary Bayer, Margaret Tanzosh (Illustrator)(Mass Market Paperback)

Synergetics: Your Whole Life Fitness Plan
by Taylor Hay, Joanna Hay (Contributor)

Soul Aerobics: Connecting Body, Mind, and Soul...the Soul-Ution for Success Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!
by Jesse Weeks
Paperback - August 1998

Strength Training Anatomy
by Frederic Delavier
Listed under Bodybuilding

Walk Aerobics
by Les Snowdon, Maggie Humphreys (Contributor)
Hardcover - June 1995

Workouts For Dummies®
Workouts For Dummies
by Tamilee Webb, Lori Seeger
Workouts for Dummies by Tamilee Webb, whose buffed body is the star of the Buns of Steel workout video series and frequent TV appearances, is a fine source of motivation, information, and specific workout programs. Even if you've never exercised, don't worry--the book starts with topics as basic as ...
Paperback from For Dummies
Writing Aerobics 1
by C. Sterling
Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals
by Steven Jonas, Virginia Aronson
Paperback from W.W. Norton & Company
Quick Fit : The Complete 15-Minute No-Sweat Workout
by Richard R. Bradley, Sarah Wernick
Hardcover from Atria Books
The Ultimate Fit or Fat
by Covert Bailey
Paperback from Houghton Mifflin Co
Simple Treats: A Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Guide to Scrumptious Baked Goods
by Ellen Abraham
Paperback from Book Pub Co
The Interval Training Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Anaerobic Exercise
by Joseph T., M.D. Nitti, Kimberlie Nitti, Carl Lewis
Paperback from Hunter House
by Jill R. Johnson
Paperback from Body Power Press

Rebounding to Better Health: A Practical Guide to the Ultimate Exercise
by Linda Brooks
Paperback from KE Publishing
Manly Weight Loss: For Men Who Hate Aerobics and Carrot-Stick Diets, Finally, a Weight-Loss Program That Melts the Fat and Spares the Muscle
by Charles Poliquin, et al
For years, Americans have been told that aerobic exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. Weight training is recommended as a way to keep muscle mass while losing weight, but it's never portrayed as the ticket to weight loss itself. But strength coach Charles Poliquin, who has ...
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The Aerobics Instructor's Handbook
by Nigel Champion, Greg Hurst
Paperback - February 2000
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