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Robert E. Lee: A Penguin Life
Robert E. Lee: A Penguin Life (Penguin Lives)
by Roy Blount, Jr
Book Description: An offbeat Southern commentator takes a fresh look at the great Confederate hope, Civil War hero and nationally controversial figure

Iconic Virginian, brilliant general, and complex human being --- that last aspect of Robert E. Lee has daunted biographers and been disregarded by partisans. Now Roy Blount Jr. combines acute character insight with lively storytelling and full-hearted Southern directness to craft this unique portrait. 

Fascinated by what made Lee such a charismatic, though reluctant, leader, Blount delves into the influences of Lee's illustrious but scandal-clouded ancestry, his hero-turned-scapegrace father, and his beloved, beautiful, husband-forsaken mother. In 1861 Lee was Lincoln's first choice to lead the Union troops, but his Virginia roots drew him, instead, to Confederate command. Blount vividly conveys Lee's audacity and uncanny successes in battle, and also his humility, his quirky humor (certain jokes in particular), his faults as a communicator, and his sorrowful sense of responsibility for his outnumbered, half-starved army. Robert E. Lee, the first brief biography of this American legend, will appeal to history and military buffs, students of Southern culture, and every reader curious about the makeup of a man born to be a myth.
Hardcover from Viking Press

Inherit the Wind
by Jerome Lawrence, Robert E. Lee
Mass Market Paperback from Bantam
by Douglas Southall Freeman, Freeman Douglas Southall
Paperback from Touchstone Books
To the North Anna River: Grant and Lee, May 13-25, 1864
by Gordon C. Rhea
Hardcover from Louisiana State University Press
The Marble Man: Robert E. Lee and His Image in American Society
by Thomas Lawrence Connelly
Paperback from Louisiana State University Press
Special Order
Mrs. Robert E. Lee : The Lady of Arlington
Mrs. Robert E. Lee : The Lady of Arlington
by John Perry
Book Description
Many know about her husband, Robert E. Lee, and her great-grandmother, Martha Washington; many have visited the cemetery that now occupies her family estate. But few today know much about Mary Custis Lee herself. Chronically ill and often in excruciating pain, Mary raised seven children, faithfully witnessing to her husband for years before his conversion. She retained her dignity and faith throughout a fruitless, heartbreaking attempt to win compensation for the confiscation of her home and possessions. History is never more powerful than when it provides a role model for enduring hardship with sturdy and radiant faith. Mary Custis Lee is such an example.
Paperback from Multnomah

The Lady of Arlington: The Life of Mrs. Robert E. Lee
by John Perry
Hardcover from Multnomah Publishers Inc.

Personal Reminiscences of General Robert E. Lee
by J. William Jones
Hardcover from Forge
Gray Fox: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War
by Burke Davis
Hardcover from Outlet
Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg
by Troy D. Harman
Hardcover from Stackpole Books
Damage Them All You Can: Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia
by George Walsh
Hardcover from Forge

The Wartime Papers of Robert E. Lee
Paperback - 994 pages (April 1988)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306802821

The Genius of Robert E. Lee
The Genius of Robert E. Lee
by Al Kaltman
Arranged chronologically, The Genius of Robert E. Lee presents Lee's personal incidents in his own words and is then followed by powerful advice for today's leaders. The years Lee spent in the Army before the Civil War are the basis for many practical lessons in values-based leadership. How Lee dealt with the post-war years teaches valuable lessons in taking on new leadership roles after failure and managing a second career. Lessons focus on-- 
  • Taking command from a solid foundation and projecting a winning image. 
  • Learning while teaching and delegating without abdicating. 
  • Rising to challenges and continuously striving for improvement. 
Robert E. Lee is best remembered as the superb general who held the Union commanders at bay until his outnumbered, outgunned, and poorly fed army was finally overwhelmed by Union forces. Today's leaders, especially those contending for scarce resources while meeting the challenges posed by better financed and more technically advanced competitors, will profit from Lee's examples as they are presented in this book. 
Hardcover from Prentice Hall Press

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