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Reprints of Classic Road Tests
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Ducati Gold Portfolio 1960-1973
by R. M. Clarke, published 1996 Brooklands
172 pages paperback
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Road, Track, Tour and Comparison Tests
Performance Data and Engine Analysis
New model information; Racing and Tuning
Specifications and History

The Brooklands series contain a wealth of data culled from contemporary publications. This book consists of articles collated from famous magazines from around the world - Bike, Classic Bike, Cycle Guide, Cycle World, Motorcycle Sport, Motorcycle Mechanics, Motor Cycling, Popular Cycling and others. It has detailed information on early singles and V twins including roadtests and rebuilds, and is an excellent resource for the Ducati enthusiast and motorcycle historian. Excellent value and fascinating reading.

Ducati : Gold Portfolio 1974-1978
R. M. Clarke
Brooklands paperback 
published 1996, 172pp  ISBN: 1855203510
Ducati Gold

Ducati Gold Portfolio 1978-1982
R.M. Clarke
Brooklands Books
Paperback - 1 January, 1997
ASIN 1855203804
Available from the UK Motorcycle Bookshop

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