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Bucket Wheel Excavator (Series on Mining Engineering, Vol 7)
by W. Durst, W. Vogt
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.; (December 1989)

Bulk Material Handling by Belt Conveyor
by the Society of Mining Engineers
Proceedings from the 1996 SME Meeting
Book Description: As mining methods have evolved, the mining and processing industries have demanded that systems that handle and transport bulk materials keep pace. Developing and implementing new technology is the key to increasing productivity and reliability. Belt conveyance has made impressive technological progress to keep up with this ever-increasing demand. 
This proceedings volume from a technical symposium of the same name reports information on state-of-the-art system engineering techniques including computer-aided modeling tools and methodology. It contains information on advancements in conveyor component designs, application schemes, and advanced preventive maintenance tactics and methods. Case studies describe recent major belt-conveyance projects and problem-solving investigations.
Paperback: 150 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.45 x 11.14 x 8.52 
Publisher: Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration; 1 edition
ISBN: 087335138X

Bulk Material Handling by Conveyor Belt I
by M. A. Alspaugh

Bulk Material Handling by Conveyor Belt II
by Mark Alspaugh

Bulk Material Handling by Conveyor Belt III
by Mark Alspaugh

Bulk Material Handling by Conveyor Belt IV
by Allen Reicks

Batch Control: Practical Guides for Measurement and Control
by Eli Nisenfeld (Editor), A.E. Nisenfeld (Editor), H. Leegwater (Editor)

Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials (5th Edition)
Publisher: Conveyor Equipment; 5th Ed edition ()

Constitutive Modeling of Granular Materials
by D. Kolymbas (Editor)
Book Description: In view of its extreme complexity the mathematical description of the mechanical behaviour of granular materials is an extremely difficult task. Today many different models compete with each other. However, the complexity of the models hinders their comparison, and the potential users are confused and, often, disencouraged. This book is expected to serve as a milestone in the present situation, to evaluate the present methodes, to clear up the situation, to focus and encourage for further research activities.
Hardcover, January 2000

Circular Storage Tanks and Silos
by A. Ghali
Book Description: With increasing world-wide investment in the construction of water treatment plants, sewage works, water storage systems and oil and petrochemical complexes, the practical value of simplified design methods for concrete tanks is obvious. The second edition of this best-selling book presents solutions to many of the practical problems involved in the analysis and design of tanks. It grew, in part, from the author's work as a member of the American Concrete Institute technical committee on circular pre-stressed structures. Containing six new chapters, it will be an immediately productive design aid in any civil engineering design office. Part 1 provides an analysis of circular storage tanks examining design, methods of analysis and potential problems. Part 2 contains practical design tables.
Library Binding, 352 pages, 2nd edition, June 2000

Feeding Technology for Plastics Processing
by David H. Wilson
Provides process engineers in plastics processing & compounding with the basic knowledge of feeding concepts & of the various types of devices commonly used in feeding/proportioning operations. Develops a complete review of currently used feeders. DLC: Plastics.
Publisher: Hanser Gardner Publications; (November )

Materials Handling Handbook (McGraw-Hill)
by David E. Mulcahy (Editor)
Synopsis This text sets out to provide the procedures needed to design, organize, operate and maintain an efficient, cost-effective material handling system. Designed for large, medium and small business operations, each section of the book focuses on specific product movement problems and solutions.
Hardcover, 768 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; (September 30, )

Mechanical Conveyors: Selection and Operation
by Thomas S. Skocir, Mohammed E. Fayed
Book Description:
This book is a comprehensive, practical guide and reference to today's mechanical conveyor systems. It covers all types of mechanical conveyors, providing in-depth information on their design, function and applications. More than 180 photographs and schematics illustrate details of design and system layout. An introductory chapter provides an understanding of the characteristics of various types of bulk solids, including their conveyability and the types of conveying systems most effective for each. Following chapters examine each of five major categories of conveying systems, with practical details on their design, operation and applications. The final chapter presents basic information on motors and drives for conveying systems, as well as related equipment such as speed reduction systems and conveyor brakes. The emphasis throughout the text is on practical engineering and operating information, with a minimum of theory. The presentation is systematic and organized for easy reference. A very detailed index enables the quick location of needed information. This guide and reference will be useful to all engineers and other personnel involved in the continuous movement of bulk solids. It serves as both a basic introduction and a desk-top reference. The AuthorsDr. Fayed is a Professor and Director of the Powder Science & Technology Group at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto. He is also a licensed Consulting Engineer, a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering. Previously he held positions in process design and development with ICI, Davy McKee, M. W. Kellogg, and Peabody. He has lectured at numerous seminars and workshops at meetings of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and other organizations. He has published many papers on particulate technology and is the co-editor of Powder Science & Technology Handbook. Thomas Skocir in an engineer presently with ECO-TEC, an environmental engineering company in Toronto. 
Hardcover from Technomic Pub Co

Slurry Systems Handbook
by Baha E. Abulnaga
Book Description: The most comprehensive resource on slurries and slurry systems, covering everything from fluid mechanics to soil classification, pump design to selection criteria. Slurries are mixtures of liquids and solid particles of all types. For instance, liquid is used as a way of transporting what you get out of the mine, which might be better than shoveling it into freight cars and carrying it out by train. Slurry systems are fundamental to dredging, many mineral processes, bridge and tunnel construction, and to the manufacturer of synthetic petroleum products from oil sands.
Hardcover: 800 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; (April 8, )

Silos: Fundamentals of Theory, Behavior and Design
Silos: Fundamentals of Theory, Behavior and Design
by C. J. Brown, J. Nielsen
Book Description: Bringing together the leading European expertise in behaviour and design of silos, this important new book is an essential reference source for all concerned with current problems and developments in silo technology. Silos are used in an enormous range of industries and the handling characteristics of many industrial materials require different approaches for successful, economical installations. For the first time, the many approaches taken by specialists in different fields are brought together in a unified way so that common problems can be addressed. This book is the result of a four year European project - Concerted Action - Silos - funded under the Brite Euram programme which has involved over 100 expert engineers and researchers from all over Europe, in seven working groups.
Hardcover from Routledge mot E F & N Spon
Screw Conveyor 101
by Michael P. Forcade
Book Description: A basic training manual for screw conveyors that provides an in-depth look at the features, functions, and benefits of most common screw conveyor parts and pieces, as well as thier primary usage, advantages and limitations.
Spiral-bound, 260 pages
Publisher: Goodman Conveyor Company; (January 1, )

Sands, Powders, and Grains:  An Introduction To the Physics of Granular Materials
by Duran, Reisinger & Fujimoto
Covers the basic properties of flow, friction, and fluidization of uniform granular materials. Discusses mixing and segregation of heterogeneous materials and concludes with an introduction to numerical models. DLC: Granular materials.
Hardcover, 314 pages
Publisher: Springer Verlag; (March )

Guide for the Economic Design of Circular Metal Silos
by J. Michael Rotter
Book Description: Commissioned by the British Materials Handling Board, this book provides advice and guidance on all aspects of silo design and assessment. The book is the definitive guide to the successful implementation of the new Eurocode, and will be of great interest to structural designers, manufacturers and owners of solid storage facilities worldwide.
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Routledge mot E F & N Spon; 1 edition (April 1, )

Blends of Natural Rubber:  Novel Techniques for Blending with Specialty Polymers
by Andrew J. Tinker (editor) and Kevin P. Jones.
Book Description: Blends of natural rubber with speciality synthetic rubbers, such as nitrile rubber and ethylene propylene rubbers, have, in the past, failed to combine the best properties of polymers, resulting in a poor return in terms of added value from the blending process. The idea of blending synthetic rubbers with natural rubbe is certainly not a new one, but it is only now that this can be shown to be possible with consistently positive resluts, but eh use of novel techniques which this book describes, giving valuable information on the technology required and the results which can be achieved. Blends of Natural Rubber is an invaluable source of information for all those working in the area of rubber technology and polymer blend technology.
Hardcover, First Edition, December 1997

Bulk Material Handling by Belt Conveyor 2
by the Society of Mining Engineers
Proceedings from the 1998 SME Meeting

Bulk Material Handling by Belt Conveyor 3
by the Society of Mining Engineers
Proceedings from the 2000 SME Meeting

Handbook of Batch Processing Design
by P. N. Sharratt (Editor)
Book Description: Batch processes are used to manufacture many fine organic chemicals, and as such they can be considered to underpin much of the modern chemical industry. Despite widespread use and a consequent huge contribution to wealth creation, batch processes have attracted limited attention outside the user industries. Batch chemicals processing uses a number of core techniques and technologies, such as scheduling and sequence control, agitation and batch filtration. The combination of these technologies with often complex chemistry, the multi-purpose nature of much of this type of plant, the distinctive safety and environmental issues, and a fast moving commercial environment makes the development of a successful batch process a considerable challenge for the chemist or engineer. The literature on the topics covered in this book is fragmented and often not easily accessible, so this handbook has been written to address this problem and to bring together design and process analysis methods in the core areas of batch process design. By combining the science and pragmatism required in the development of successful batch processes this new book provides answers to real problems in an accessible and concise way. Written by an international team of authors drawn from industry, consulting and academe, this book is an essential part of the library of any chemist, technologist or engineer working on the development of new or existing batch processes.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers;

Silos, Hoppers, Bins & Domes
by Wohlbier H. Reinhard (Editor)
Paperback, August 2000

Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling
by Fred E. Meyers, Matthew P. Stephens
Hardcover, 415 pages, 2nd edition, July 1999

Statics and Kinematics of Granular Materials
by R.M. Nedderman
Hardcover, December 1992

Above Ground Storage Tanks
by Philip E. Myers
Hardcover: 690 pages, April 1997

The Best of Bulk Solids Handling - Stacking, Blending, & Reclaiming of Bulk Materials
by Reinhard H. Wohlbier
Paperback: 345 pages, 1994

Particulate Flows: Processing and Rheology
by D. A. Drew, D. D. Joseph and S. L. Passman
Publisher: Springer Verlag;

Powder and Bulk Solids Handling Processes
by K. Iinoya, H. Masuda, K. Watanabe
Hardcover, July 1988

Materials Handling Handbook, 2nd Edition
by Raymond A. Kulwiec
Hardcover, 1488 pages 2nd edition, 1985

Plant Layout and Material Handling
by Fred E. Meyers
Hardcover, 327 pages, January 1993

Powder Technology Handbook
by K. Gotoh, H. Masuda and K. Higashitani (editors)
Hardcover, 2nd Edition

Best of Bulk Solids Handling: Conveyor Belt Technology

Best of Bulk Solids Handling: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk and Powders

Bulk Materials Handling Handbook

Feeding Technology for Plastics Processing
by David H. Wilson
Provides process engineers in plastics processing & compounding with the basic knowledge of feeding concepts & of the various types of devices commonly used in feeding/proportioning operations. Develops a complete review of currently used feeders. DLC: Plastics.
Publisher: Hanser Gardner Publications; (November )

Fluidization, Solids Handling and Processing: Industrial Applications (Particle Technology Series)

Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Techniques in Drying Technology

Powder and Bulk Solids Handling Processes

Powder Technology and Multiphase Systems: Gas Permeametry and Surface Area Measurement
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Principles of Flow in Disperse Systems

Stacking, Blending and Reclaiming of Bulk Materials

Guide to Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Materials Handling Engineering: Handbook and Directory, 1997-1998
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Pneumatic Systems:  Principles & Maintenance
by S. R. Majumdar
Hardcover, 282 pages, November 1995
ISBN - 0074602314
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Pneumatic Conveying of Solids:  A Theoretical and Practical Approach
by G. E. Klinzing, et al.
Hardcover: 599 pages, 1997
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Cake Formation in Particulate Systems
by Edward J. Griffith
Hardcover, April 1991
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hopper and Silo Discharge : Successful Solutions
by Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd
Hardcover, June 1999
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Conveying of Solids
by O. A. Williams
Hardcover, 1983
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