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  • Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides (Optics and Photonics Series)
    by Katsunari Okamoto
    Hardcover from Academic Press

    Introduction to Fiber Optics
    by John Crisp
    Paperback from Butterworth-Heinemann

    Digital Lighting & Rendering
    by Jeremy Birn, George Maestri
    Paperback from New Riders Publishing

    Handbook of Applied Photometry
    by Casimer Decusatis, Optical Society of America
    Hardcover from Springer Verlag

    Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits
    by L. A. Coldren, S. W. Corzine
    Hardcover from Wiley-Interscience

    Fiber Optics in Architectural Lighting: Methods, Design, and Applications
    by Gersil Newmark Kay
    Listed under Architectural Lighting

    Geometrical Theory of Diffraction (Iee Electromagnetic Waves, No 37)
    by B. Ye. Kinber, V. A. Borovikov, B. Ye Kinber
    Hardcover from IEE Publishing

    Handbook of Image Processing Operators
    by Reinhard Klette, Piero Zamperoni
    Hardcover from John Wiley & Son Ltd

    Introduction to Solid-State Lighting
    by Arturas Zukauskas, Michael S. Shur, Remis Caska
    Listed under Lighting

    Introduction to Radiometry and Photometry
    by William Ross McCluney, Ross McCluney
    Hardcover from Artech House

    Geometric Partial Differential Equations and Image Analysis
    by Guillermo Sapiro
    Hardcover from Cambridge University Press

    Handbook of Optical Constants of Solids (5 Volume Set)
    by Edward D. Palik, Gorachand Ghosh
    Hardcover from Academic Press

    Introduction to Laser Technology, 3rd Edition
    by C. Breck Hitz, James J. Ewing, Jeff Hecht
    Hardcover from Wiley-IEEE Press

    Light Propagation in Periodic Media: Differential Theory and Design (Optical Engineering, 81)
    by Michel Neviere, Evgeny Popov, Paul K. Groner
    Hardcover from Marcel Dekker

    The Image Processing Handbook, Fourth Edition
    by John C. Russ
    Hardcover from CRC Press

    Infrared Detectors and Systems
    by E. L. Dereniak, G. D. Boreman
    Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons

    Rare-Earth-Doped Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers (Optical Engineering)
    by Michel J. F. Digonnet
    Hardcover from Marcel Dekker

    Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging
    by Douglas B. Murphy
    Hardcover from Wiley-Liss

    Light-Emitting Diodes
    by E. Fred Schubert
    Paperback from Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt)

    Nonimaging Fresnel Lenses: Design and Performance of Solar Concentrators (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Number 83)
    by Ralf Leutz, Akio Suzuki
    Hardcover from Springer Verlag

    Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition
    by Robert W. Boyd
    Hardcover from Academic Press

    Optical Networks: A Practical Perspective (Second Edition)
    by Rajiv Ramaswami, Kumar Sivarajan
    Hardcover from Morgan Kaufmann

    Principles of Optics: Electromagnetic Theory of Propagation, Interference and Diffraction of Light (7th Edition)
    by Max Born, Emil Wolf
    Hardcover from Cambridge University Press

    Light Science: Physics and the Visual Arts (Undergraduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)
    by Thomas D. Rossing, Christopher J. Chiaverina
    Hardcover from Springer Verlag

    by Stefan Sinzinger, J├╝rgen Jahns
    Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons

    Nonlinear Fiber Optics
    by Govind P. Agrawal
    Hardcover from Academic Press

    Modern Digital Halftoning
    by Daniel L. Lau, Gonzalo R. Arce
    Hardcover from Marcel Dekker

    Nonlinear Photonic Crystals
    by R. E. Slusher, B. J. Eggleton, Qing-Guo J. Wang
    Hardcover from Springer Verlag

    Principles of Adaptive Optics
    by Robert K. Tyson
    Hardcover from Academic Press

    Vision Science: Photons to Phenomenology
    by Stephen E. Palmer
    Hardcover from MIT Press

    System for Ophthalmic Dispensing
    by Clifford W. Brooks, Irvin M. Borish
    Hardcover from Butterworth-Heinemann Medical

    Statistical Optics
    by Joseph W. Goodman
    Paperback from John Wiley & Sons

    Schlieren & Shadowgraph Techniques
    by G. S. Settles
    Hardcover from Springer Verlag

    Wavelet Analysis with Applications to Image Processing
    by L. Prasad, S. S. Iyengar, S. S. Ayengar
    Hardcover from CRC Press


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