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The Home Machinist's Handbook
by Doug Briney
Paperback - 275 pages (January 1984)
Tab Books; ISBN: 0830615733
Tabletop Machining
by Joe Martin
Paperback - 344 pages (September 21, )
Sherline Products Inc.; ISBN: 0966543300
Advanced Machine Tool Technology and Manufacturing Processes
C. Thomas Olivo

Advanced Machining Technology Handbook
by James Brown
Hardcover - 624 pages (March 11, )
McGraw Hill Text; ISBN: 007008243X

Computer Numerical Control for Machining
Computer Numerical Control for Machining
by Michael L. Lynch
Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Professional
The Cnc Workbook: An Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
The CNC Workbook: An Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
by Frank Nanfarra, Tony Uccello, Derek Murphy
Paperback from Addison-Wesley Pub (Sd)
The CNC Toolbox : Top Service for Machine Tools
by Dan Nelson, Larry A. Nelson (Illustrator)
Hardcover - 320 pages 2nd Rev edition 
Aero Pub; ISBN: 0965431479

CNC Programming Handbook
by Peter Smid

CNC : From Programming to Networking
CNC : From Programming to Networking
by Su-Chen Jonathan Lin
Paperback from Delmar Learning
Computer Numerical Control: Operation and Programming (2nd Edition)
Computer Numerical Control: Operation and Programming (2nd Edition)
by Jon Stenerson, Kelly Curran
Hardcover from Prentice Hall

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Metal Cutting and High Speed Machining
by Daniel Dudzinski, et al
7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming. . .A Beginners Guide
7 Easy Steps to CNC Programming. . .A Beginner's Guide
by David Hayden, David S. Hayden
Plastic Comb from Haydenpub.Com
Parametric Programming for Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools and Touch Probes: CNCs Best Kept Secret
Parametric Programming for Computer Numerical Control Machine Tools and Touch Probes: CNC's Best Kept Secret
by Mike Lynch
This book demystifies this simple yet sophisticated programming tool in an easy-to-understand tutorial format, and presents a comprehensive how-to of parametric programming from a user’s point of view. Focusing on three of the most popular versions of parametric programming—Fanuc’s custom macro B, Okuma’s user task 2, and Fadal’s macro—the book describes what parametric programming is, what it can do, and how it does it more efficiently than manual programming. Along with a host of program-simplifying techniques included in the book, you’re treated to descriptions of how to write, set-up and run general subprograms; simulate the addition of control options; and integrate higher level programming capabilities at G-code level. 
Hardcover from Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Quick Changeover for Operators : The Smed System (Shopfloor Series)
by Productivity Press Development Team, Shigeo Shingo

Metal Cutting Theory and Practice
by David A. Stephenson, John S. Agapiou

The Lathe Book : A Complete Guide to the Machine and Its Accessories
by Ernie Conover
Paperback - 208 pages Compl Rev edition (April 14, )
Taunton Pr; ISBN: 1561584169
An Introduction to CNC Machining and Programming
by David Gibbs, Thomas M. Crandell, Tom Crandell
Hardcover - 544 pages (August 1991)
Industrial Pr; ISBN: 0831130091
Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) (3rd Edition)
Introduction to Computer Numerical Control (CNC) (3rd Edition)
by James V. Valentino, Joseph Goldenberg
Hardcover from Prentice Hall
Mechanic's Guide to Precision Measuring Tools (Powerpro)
by Forbes Aird
Paperback - 128 pages 
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0760305455
Machining Fundamentals: From Basic to Advanced Techniques
by John R. Walker
Hardcover - 640 pages Revised edition 
Goodheart-Willcox (duplicate of GOODW); ISBN: 1566376629

Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology
by Stephen F. Krar, Mario Rapisarda, Albert F. Check
The book is designed to interest students in manufacturing in a logical manner. *The basic machine tool operations are covered (same as the machine tool courses presently taught in schools). *A complete section on CNC programming and operation for teaching-size and standard machines presented in east-to-understand language. *Twelve new manufacturing technologies, directly related to the machine trade are covered in a brief overview of each, designed to show students the many exciting career opportunities available in manufacturing.
Hardcover - 692 pages 1st edition (May 20, )
Delmar Publishers; ISBN: 0827363516

Manufacturing Automation : Metal Cutting Mechanics, Machine Tool Vibrations, and CNC  Design
by Yusuf Altintas
Book Description: Metal cutting is one of the most widely used methods of producing the final shape of manufactured products. This text treats the scientific principles of metal cutting and their practical application to manufacturing problems. The author uses mathematics, physics, computers, software, and instrumentation as integration tools in analyzing machine implements and manufacturing processes. A special feature is the in-depth coverage of chatter vibrations, a problem experienced daily by practicing manufacturing engineers. The essential topics of programming, design, and automation of CNC (computer numerical control) machine tools; NC (numerical control) programming; and CAD/CAM technology are fully discussed. Each chapter includes industrial examples, design projects, and homework problems.
Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt); ISBN: 0521659736

Machine Tool Practices
by Richard R. Kibbe, John E. Neely, Roland O. Meyer, Warren T. White
Hardcover: 832 pages
Prentice Hall College Div; ISBN: 0130334472; 7th edition

Machine Shop Practice
by Karl Hans Moltrecht
Hardcover - 496 pages 2nd edition Vol 001 (January 1981)
Industrial Pr; ISBN: 0831111267

The Machine Design Problem Solver (Rea's Problem Solvers)
Comprehensive treatment of design and theory in stress analysis, shafts, joints, screws, springs,  pulleys, ropes, belts, chains, keys, and couplings, clutches, brakes, bearings, gears, and cams.

Electrical Machines Problem Solver
by James R. Ogden, Max Fogiel (Photographer)
Comprehensive treatment of topics in electromagnetism, magnetic and electric circuits, D.C. generators and motors, transformers, A.C. machines, synchronous generators and motors, induction and special machines
Paperback - 786 pages Revised edition (June 1990)
Research & Education Assn; ISBN: 0878915516

Fundamentals of Machine Component Design
Text for first courses in mechanical engineering design and as a reference for practicing engineers.

Machinery Vibration Alignment
by Victor Wowk
A mechanical engineering text.
Hardcover - 320 pages
McGraw Hill Text; ISBN: 007071939X

SmartCAM Tutorials
SmartCAM Tutorials
by John R. Johnson
Paperback from Prentice Hall
Technology of Machine Tools
Stephen F. Krar, Albert F. Check

Technology of Machine Tools
Steve F. Krar, J. William Oswald

Fundamentals of Metal Forming
by Jean-Loup Chenot, Robert H. Wagoner
Provides the fundamental background in mechanics, materials, and numerical analysis necessary to understand the principles of metal forming and its analysis.
Paperback - 389 pages (April )
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471570044

Handbook of Dimensional Measurement
by Francis T., Ph.D. Farago, Mark A., Ed.D. Curtis
Hardcover - 602 pages 3rd edition 
Industrial Pr; ISBN: 0831130539

High Performance Machining
by Miles Arnone
Hanser Gardner Pubns; ISBN: 1569902461

Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and Materials
by Robert C. Creese
Integrates analysis of material costs and process costs, yielding a realistic, effective approach to planning and executing efficient manufacturing schemes. Presents information supplied by manufacturing companies at the cutting edge.

Machinists' and Metalworkers' Pocket Reference
by Ronald A. Walsh
Paperback - 448 pages 1st edition (June 26, )
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0071360921

Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers
by Eugene A. Avallone (Editor), Theodore, III Baumeister (Editor)
Listed under Mechanical Engineering

Maynard's Industrial Engineering Handbook
by Harold Bright Maynard (Editor), Kjell B. Zandin (Editor)
Hardcover - 2048 pages 5th edition (May 15, )
McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 0070411026

McGraw-Hill Machining and Metalworking Handbook
by Ronald A. Walsh

Mechanical Properties of Work Materials
by Edmund Isakov
Provides an accurate ranking and comparison of work materials, their hardness, and their ultimate tensile strength. Using linear regression analysis, the author develops formulas for Rockwell, Vickers, Knopp, and Scleroscope hardness conversion into Brinell hardness numbers. Tensile strength-hardness relationships are given for carbon, low- alloy, stainless, and tool steels, cast irons,  and titanium, aluminum, and copper alloys. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, Or

Metal Cutting Mechanics
by Viktor P. Astakhov

Metal Cutting
by E. M. Trent, Paul Kenneth Wright

Robust Engineering: Learn How to Boost Quality While Reducing Costs & Time to Market
by Genichi Taguchi, et al

The EDM Handbook
by E. Bud Guitrau
Hardcover (November )
Hanser Gardner Pubns; ISBN: 1569902429

Top Shops+! : The New Manufacturing Standard
by Robert G. Wilson, John D. Linscott

Zero Breakdown Strategies
by Terry Wireman
Hardcover (November )
Hanser Gardner Pubns; ISBN: 1569902593

Machine Shop Operations and Set Ups
Orville D. Lascoe

Machine Tool Design and Research: Twenty Eight International Matador Conference - International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference Proceedings
B.J. Davies

Machine Tool Operations
Steven F. Krar

Machine Tool Technology and Manufacturing Processes
C. Thomas Olivo

Metal Cutting Tool Handbook

Modern Grinding Process Technology
Stuart C. Salmon

Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools
Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing, Vol. 28
Geoffrey Boothroyd, Winston A. Knight
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ASM Handbook : Machining
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Asm Handbook : Materials Selection and Design
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Asm Handbook : Powder Metal Technologies and Applications
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Extrusion : Processes, Machinery, Tooling
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Flat Processing of Steel
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Flat Rolling Fundamentals
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Handbook of Fabrication Processes
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Handbook of Metalforming Processes
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Hot Isostatic Pressing : Proceedings of the International Conference on Hot Isostatic Pressing
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Hot Working Guide : A Compendium of Processing Maps
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Metals Handbook : Forming and Forging
by Joseph R. Davis
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Tool Materials (Asm Specialty Handbook)
by J.R. Davis (Editor)
Special Order

Metal Forming Handbook
by H. Hoffman (Editor), et al
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Numbering System for Standard Drills, Standards Taps, and Reamers (Sae Hs-2100)
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Complex Machining and AI-Methods : Proceedings
Detlef Kochan
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