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Edgar Cayce- The Sleeping Prophet
Jess Stearn 
The life and story of Edgar Cayce is one of the most compelling in metaphysical literature. For more than forty years, the "Sleeping Prophet" closed his eyes, entered into an altered state of consciousness, and spoke to the very heart and spirit of humankind on subjects such as health, healing, dreams, prophecy, meditation, and reincarnation. 30th Anniversary Special Edition.

Auras : An Essay on the Meaning of Colors
by Edgar Cayce
Paperback (December 1989)
Are Pr; ISBN: 0876040121

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
by Edgar Evans Cayce, Hugh L. Cayce (Editor)
(Mass Market Paperback)

Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet
by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick 

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self
by Henry Reed, Charles Thomas Cayce (Editor)
In a never-before-published Edgar Cayce title, Henry Reed shows readers how to discover the hidden powers of their minds and souls. An illuminating work that takes readers on a journey to the most important realm of the human spirit.
(Mass Market  Paperback)

Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing
by Reba Ann Karp

Edgar Cayces Astrology for the Soul
Edgar Cayce's Astrology for the Soul
by Margaret Gammon, W. H. Church
Paperback from A.R.E. Press
Edgar Cayces Secrets of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Aspects and Sojourns
Edgar Cayce's Secrets of Astrology: Planets, Signs, Aspects and Sojourns
by Kirk Nelson
Paperback from A.R.E. Press
The Perfect Horoscope: Following the Astrological Guidelines Established by Edgar Cayce
The Perfect Horoscope: Following the Astrological Guidelines Established by Edgar Cayce
by John Willner, Forword by Leigh Westin
Paperback from Paraview Press

Many Mansions : The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation
by Gina Cerminara, Hugh Lynn Cayce (Introduction)
Book Description: Detailing the great contributions of psychic Edgar Cayce, Dr. Gina Cerminara examines how Cayce penetrated the "previous lives" of his subjects, and performed fantastic cures and prophecies that made him the most remarkable clairvoyent in modern history. Connecting issues such as reincarnation, spiritual healing, past life regression, hypnosis, karma, and parapsychology, Many Mansions looks at the legacy of Edgar Cayce's work in an authoritative and engaging dialogue. 

Praise for Many Mansions: "Edgar Cayce was clearly one of the most remarkable psychics who ever lived. Gina Cerminara's compelling book is. . .unique and extremely important." --Jeane Dixon

The Lost Hall of Records : Edgar Cayce's Forgotten Record of Human History in the Ancient Yucatan
 by John Van Auken, Lora Little

No Death : God's Other Door
by Hugh Lynn Cayce, et al 

Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records : The Book of Life
by Kevin J. Todeschi
Book Description: This book describes the Akashic Records, the source from which Edgar Cayce received many of his remarkable insights. Also known as the Book of Life, the Akashic Records is the storehouse of all information -- every word, deed, feeling, thought, and intent -- for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. Todeschi explains how each of us can access our own Book of Life to learn about our past, present, and future.
(Paperback: 210 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.55 x 8.16 x 5.42 
Publisher: A.R.E. Press; (April 1, ) 
ISBN: 0876044011 

There Is a River : The Story of Edgar Cayce
There Is a River : The Story of Edgar Cayce
Thomas Sugrue 
Paperback: 382 pages
A.R.E. Press; ISBN: 0876043759; Revised edition (February )
Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones and Crystals
Dan Campbell, Charles Thomas Cayce (Editor)
Paperback / Published 1993

Scientific Properties and Occult Aspects of Twenty-Two Gems, Stones, and Metals : A Comparative Study Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings
Ken Curley, Edgar Cayce
Paperback / Published 1993

A Seer Out of Season : The Life of Edgar Cayce
Harmon Hartzell Bro

Color and the Edgar Cayce Readings
Roger Lewis
Paperback / Published 1989

Millennium Prophecies : Predictions for the Coming Century from Edgar Cayce
by Mark Thurston
Paperback - 202 pages
Kensington Pub Corp (Trd); ISBN: 1575661438

The Lost Memoirs of Edgar Cayce : Life As a Seer
Edgar Cayce, A. Robert Smith (Compiler)
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