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Magnificent Corpses: Searching Through Europe for St. Peter's Head, St. Claire's Heart, St. Stephen's Hand, and Other Saintly Relics
by Anneli Rufus
Travel with Anneli Rufus as she visits St. Anthony's jawbone, shriveled tongue, and vocal cords. Critically acclaimed author Rufus weaves a hair-raising travelogue out of 28 visits to garlanded skulls, disembodied hands, and fully clad mummies in towns and villages across Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, England, and France. Each tale is a literary gem as well as a wonderment of miracles attributed to the living saints and their corporeal remains. St. Anthony was known as an impassioned preacher and miracle maker during his life; after his death in 1231 his tomb was repeatedly reopened for relics. At one point, his tongue was reported to still be living and was placed on display. In 1981, his vocal cords were found still fresh! 
Incredible reports like these and the high quality of Rufus's narrative craftsmanship win "Magnificent Corpses" my vote for the most entertaining metaphysical read of the summer.

By Joan Cruz
One of the least known and most easily disbelieved religious facts is treated here in a scholarly and competent manner. As a result of this work, many will finally understand that bodily incorruption is in fact a reality in the world of religion.

Looking for a Miracle: Weeping Icons, Relics, Stigmata, Visions & Healing Cures
By Joe Nickell

Fatima Prophecy
by Ray Stanford
Paperback Reissue edition (December 1990)
Ballantine Books; ISBN: 0345355105

The Final Harvest : Medjugorje at the End of  the Century
by Wayne Weible
For more than eighteen years, the Virgin Mary has allegedly been appearing daily in the remote mountain village of Medjugorje in Southern Bosnia. Her messages, responsible for the conversion and strengthened faith of untold millions, are focused on one objective: to bring the world back to God through his Son, Jesus Christ. Wayne Weible details how these messages of reconciliation and forgiveness have borne fruit in this troubled Balkan country and throughout the entire worldand provides an intriguing sense of what is still to come.
Paperback - 270 pages
Paraclete Press; ISBN: 1557252238

Our Lady of Fatima
by William Thomas Walsh
Paperback - 223 pages Reissue edition (October 14, 1954)
Image Books; ISBN: 0385028695

The Last Secret
by Michael H. Brown
Paperback - 380 pages (March )
Servant Publications; ISBN: 1569550239

The Fatima Prophecies : At the Doorstep of the World
by Thomas W. Petrisko
Paperback - 484 pages (December 1, )
St. Andrew's Productions; ISBN: 1891903063

Fatima Priest
by Francis Alban
Paperback - 342 pages
Good Counsel Publications Inc.; ISBN: 0966304616
Medjugorje : The Message
by Wayne Weible
Paperback - 356 pages (August 1989)
Paraclete Pr; ISBN: 155725009X

Medjugorje : The Mission
by Wayne Weible
Paperback - 416 pages (November )
Paraclete Pr; ISBN: 1557251274

The Visions of the Children : The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje
by Janice T. Connell, Robert Faricy (Introduction)
Paperback - 320 pages Revised edition
St. Martin's Press; ISBN: 031218204X

Apparitions: Mystic Phenomena and What They Mean
by Ph.D. Kevin Orlin Johnson, Kevin Orlin, Ph.D. Johnson
Paperback - 392 pages 1 edition (May 13, )
Pangaeus Press; ISBN: 0965366006
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The Shroud of Turin and the C-14 Dating Fiasco
by Thomas Case

The Shroud of Turin : The Most Up-To-Date Analysis of All the Facts Regarding the Church's Controversial Relic
by C. Bernard Ruffin, Bernard Ruffin 

Not Made by Hands : The Miraculous  Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the  Shroud of Turin
by Thomas Mary Sennott 

The Second Messiah : Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry
by Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas
Listed under Templars

Searching for Mary: An Exploration of Marian Apparitions Across the U.S.
By Mark Garvey
Special Order

Fatima in Lucia's Own Words
by Lucia Santos
Paperback (June 1976)
Ravengate Press; ISBN: 0911218106
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