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Account of the Discoveries of the Portuguese in the Interior of Angola and Mozambique
by T. Edward Bowdich
Hardcover: 186 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 7.25 x 5.25
Publisher: AMS Press; (January 1980)
ISBN: 0404120083

Angola: Promises and Lies
by Karl Maier
Book Description: Angola's civil war has been the longest and bloodiest in Africa. What was once a proxy conflict between the Cold War superpowers has become an apparently endless ethnic conflict. While the political leaders struggle to control the country's immense reserves of diamonds and oil, ordinary Angolans have been caught in the crossfire of a quarter of a century of conflict.

There have been many books written on Angola, either by South Africans or by authors who have favored and/or defended South Africa's involvement. Maier, through unbiased eyes, records perhaps the clearest view. In 1992 the country was supposed to, under UN auspices, hold its first ever democratic election-but it all went wrong. UNITA's Jonas Savimbi rejected his defeat. Pik Botha, for many years one of Savimbi's greatest defenders, went to Angola to help bring peace to the country. UNITA owes much of its current military strength to Pretoria, just as the MPLA had a huge debt to the Cubans and the former Soviet Union. Botha's diplomatic efforts were no more successful than those of other international peacekeepers and the diplomatic community eventually negotiated a new, though fragile, peace agreement. 

Skeptical of both sides' promises and lies about peace, Maier has written a gripping account of conflict in one of the world's most tragic yet least understood war zones. 

Another Day of Life (Vintage)
by Ryszard Kapuscinski, et al
Book Description: Ryszard Kapuscinski is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century's preeminent journalists, demonstrating an almost mystical ability to discover the odd or overlooked and incorporating these sometimes surreal details into narratives that go beyond mere reportage and enter the realm of literature. 

Another Day of Life is Kapuscinski's dramatic account of the three months he spent in Angola at the beginning of its decades' long civil war. The capital, Luanda, is occupied only by those not fortunate enough to flee. When even the dogs abandoned by the Europeans leave, Kapuscinski decides to go to the front, where the wrong greeting could cost your life and where young soldiers-from Cuba, Russia, South Africa, Portugal-are fighting a war with global repercussions. With harrowing detail, Kapuscinski shows us the peculiar brutality of a country divided by its newfound freedom.

Translated from the Polish by William R. Brand and Katarzyna Mroczkowska-Brand. 
Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 7.94 x 5.20
Publisher: Vintage; (April 17, )
ISBN: 0375726292

Angola from Afro-Stalinism to Petro-Diamond Capitalism:
by Tony Hodges
Book Description: Although abundantly endowed with oil, diamonds, and other natural resources, the African nation of Angola has suffered decades of military conflict, economic decline, and human misery. Tony HodgesÃs incisive case study shows that it is AngolaÃs very wealth that has brought the country to its current wretched condition. 
Paperback: 216 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.66 x 8.53 x 5.33
Publisher: Indiana University Press; (February 1, )
ISBN: 0253214661

Angola: Arms Trade and Violations of the Laws of War Since the 1992 Elections: Sumario Em Portugues
by Human Rights Watch Staff

Apartheid's Contras: An Inquiry into the Roots of War in Angola and Mozambique
by William Minter
Special Order

Angola's Last Best Chance for Peace : An Insider's Account of the Peace Process
by Paul J. Hare

Angola : Struggle for Peace and Reconstruction (Nations of the Modern World. Africa)
by Inge Tvedten, Stephen Wright, Larry W. Bowman (Editor)
After more than 20 years of devastating civil war, Angola is slowly moving toward peace and reconciliation. In this accessible introduction to one of the most resource-rich countries in Africa, Norwegian researcher Inge Tvedten traces Angola's turbulent past, with a particular focus on the impact that political and economic upheaval has had on the Angolan people.
Paperback: 176 pages 
Publisher: Westview Press (June 20, ) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0813333350 

Contested Power in Angola, 1840s to the Present (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora, V. 6)
by Linda M. Heywood

The Death of Dignity : Angola's Civil War
by Victoria Brittain

The Destruction of a Nation : United States' Policy Toward Angola Since 1945
by George Wright

Folk Tales of Angola
by Heli Chatelain (Translator)
Hardcover: ; Dimensions (in inches): 9.50 x 1.00 x 6.25
Publisher: Periodicals Service Co; (June 1, 1969)
ISBN: 0527010537

Bloodsong!: An Account of Executive Outcomes in Angola
by Jim Hooper
Listed under Mercenaries

A Certain Curve of Horn: The Hundred-Year Quest for the Giant Sable Antelope of Angola
by John Frederick Walker

Mundjamba: The Life Story of an African Hunter
by Hugo Seia

Sowing the Dragon's Teeth: Land Mines and the Global Legacy of War
by Philip C. Winslow

Angola: 1880 To the Present: Slavery, Exploitation, and Revolt (Exploration of Africa)
by Bruce Fish, Becky Durost Fish
(Library Binding)

Historical Dictionary of Angola
by Susan H. Broadhead

Frontline Nationalism in Angola and Mozambique
by David Birmingham, David Biringham
(Paperback - March 1993)

On the Shoulder of Marti: Cuban Literature of the Angolan War
by Donald Burness

Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba : Angola, Africa 1595 (Royal Diaries)
by Patricia McKissack
In 1595, Nzingha is the strong, intelligent daughter of the Ngola (leader) of the Mbundu people of Ndongo (in modern-day Angola), loyal to her people and willing to fight for them. Unfortunately, because she is a girl, her brother is the favored child, in training to become the next Ngola, even though he is whiny, stupid, and slow (according to Nzingha). But Ajala, a respected seer, believes that Nzingha is destined to be the leader of Ndongo, and begins preparing her for this future. Nzingha's father fights to keep the Portuguese from taking over their homeland, yet it is Nzingha, ultimately, who acts as the go-between for her people and the Portuguese, negotiating acceptable relations in order to keep peace and power for the Mbundu. Based on true historical events, places, people, and customs, this novel portrays the fascinating details of a remarkable young woman's strength and courage in defending her world against subterfuge, spies, and the onslaught of the Portuguese. Historical notes, photos, illustrations, maps, the Ngola family tree, and a glossary and pronunciation guide are included for a comprehensive understanding of a complex era. Patricia McKissack is the well-respected and award-winning author of over 100 children's books and historical novels, including the Newbery Honor book The Dark-Thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural and Color Me Dark: The Diary of Nellie Lee Love (from the Dear America series). (Ages 9 to 12) --Emilie Coulter -
Hardcover: 136 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.84 x 7.72 x 5.51
Publisher: Scholastic Trade;
ISBN: 0439112109

Angola and Mozambique : Postcolonial Wars in Southern Africa (Conflict and Crisis in the Post-Cold War World)
by James Ciment
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A Family of the Musseque : Survival and Development in Postwar Angola
by Alexia Gamito et al.
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Borderstrike! : South Africa into Angola
by Willem Steenkamp
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Angola Beloved
by T. Ernest Wilson
Publisher: Loizeaux Brothers; (September 1, )
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