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Aiding Violence: The Development Enterprise in Rwanda
by Peter Uvin
Paperback from Kumarian Press
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda
by Philip Gourevitch
"Hutus kill Tutsis, then Tutsis kill Hutus--if that's really all there is to it, then no wonder we can't be bothered with it," Philip Gourevitch writes, imagining the response of somebody in a country far from the ethnic strife and mass killings of Rwanda. But the situation is not so simple, and in this complex and wrenching book, he explains why the Rwandan genocide should not be written off as just another tribal dispute. 

The "stories" in this book's subtitle are both the author's, as he repeatedly visits this tiny country in an attempt to make sense of what has happened, and those of the people he interviews. These include a Tutsi doctor who has seen much of her family killed over decades of Tutsi oppression, a Schindleresque hotel manager who hid hundreds of refugees from certain death, and a Rwandan bishop who has been accused of supporting the slaughter of Tutsi schoolchildren, and can only answer these charges by saying, "What could I do?" Gourevitch, a staff writer for the New Yorker, describes Rwanda's history with remarkable clarity and documents the experience of tragedy with a sober grace. The reader will ask along with the author: Why does this happen? And why don't we bother to stop it? --Maria Dolan -
Paperback: 355 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.95 x 8.30 x 5.54
Publisher: Picador; ; (September 1, )
ISBN: 0312243359

When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism and the Genocide in Rwanda
by Mahmood Mamdani
Paperback from Princeton Univ Pr

Me Against My Brother : At War in Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda
by Scott Peterson
Listed under Somalia

Imagined Olympians: Body Culture and Colonial Representation in Rwanda
by John Bale
Paperback from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt)


The Key to My Neighbor's House: Seeking Justice in Bosnia and Rwanda
by Elizabeth Neuffer
Paperback from Picador USA
Land of a Thousand Hills : My Life in Rwanda
by Rosamond Halsey Carr, Ann Howard Halsey (Contributor)
If you enjoyed Out of Africa and West with the Night, here's another amazing woman's story of her adventurous African life. Rosamond Halsey Carr left her job as a young New York City fashion illustrator in the 1940s to join her hunter-explorer husband in the Belgian Congo; after their divorce, she decided to stay on in neighboring Rwanda as the manager of a flower plantation. For the next 50 years she lived an extraordinary life, witnessing the fall of colonialism, the loss of her friend Dian Fossey, and the relentless clashes between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Although this book includes a poignant insider's account of the events surrounding the horrific 1994 genocide, it also provides a beautiful portrait of the Rwanda that was--and still is. After being evacuated during the genocide, Carr returned to Rwanda and, at age 82, rebuilt her home from the ground up, intent on opening a home for some 100 orphaned children.

Carr's humble tenacity and bold strength animate her historical, cultural, and personal accounts. Arriving in Africa in 1949, she witnesses the traditions of the royal Tutsi dynasty, sails up the Congo to camp in pygmy villages, encounters leopards, mingles with European aristocrats, finds and loses love, and lives through Congo independence and civil war. Her passion for the country and its people makes for a life story that is both tragic and hopeful, and full of interesting details that animate the spirit of Rwanda. --Kathryn True -
Paperback: 248 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.64 x 8.98 x 6.03
Publisher: Plume;
ISBN: 0452282020
Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi
by Terry Stevenson et al
Listed under African Birds

Touched by Fire: Doctors Without Borders in a Third World Crisis
from McClelland & Stewart
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Eyewitness to a Genocide: The United Nations and Rwanda
by Michael Barnett
Paperback from Cornell Univ Pr


The Limits of Humanitarian Intervention: Genocide in Rwanda
by Alan J. Kuperman
Paperback from The Brookings Institution
Origins of Rwandan Genocide
by Josias Semujanga
Hardcover from Humanity Books
The Path of a Genocide: The Rwanda Crisis from Uganda to Zaire
by Howard Adelman, Astri Suhrke
Hardcover from Transaction Pub

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A People Betrayed: The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide
by Linda Melvern
Paperback from Zed Books


Season of Blood: A Rwandan Journey
by Fergal Keane
Paperback from Penguin USA (Paper)
Rwanda and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
by Alain Destexhe, Alison Marschner, William Shawcross
Hardcover from New York University Press


Ejo: Poems, Rwanda, 1991-1994 (Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry)
by Derick Burleson, Ronald Wallace (Editor)

The Limits of Humanitarian Intervention: Genocide in Rwanda

Genocide in Rwanda : A Collective Memory

The Rwanda Crisis
by Gerard Prunier
Paperback from Columbia University Press

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Witness to Genocide: The Children of Rwanda: Drawings by Child Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994
by Richard A. Salem, Hillary Rodham Clinton
Paperback from Friendship Press
Violent Conflict and the Transformation of Social Capital : Lessons from Cambodia, Rwanda, Guatemala, and Somalia (Conflict Prevention and Resolution)
by Nat J. Colletta, Michelle L. Cullen

The Rwanda Crisis : History of a Genocide
by Gérard Prunier (Author
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On a Hill Far Away : Journal of a Missionary Doctor in Rwanda
by C. Albert Snyder

Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda
by Alison Liebhafsky Des Forges, Alison Des Forges
Paperback from Human Rights Watch

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The Shallow Graves of Rwanda
by Shaharyar M. Khan, Mary Robinson
Hardcover from I.B. Tauris
Speak Rwanda

Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa: All the Reptiles of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

Hope for Rwanda: Conversations With Laure Guilbert and Herv Deguine
by Laure Guilbert, Herv Deguine, Carina Tertsakian, Alison Des Forges, Andre Sibomana
Paperback from Pluto Press

A People Betrayed : The Role of the West in Rwanda's Genocide
by Linda Melvern
Paperback from Zed Books
Out of Print

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