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Albert Schweitzer: A Biography (The Albert Schweitzer Library)
from Syracuse University Press
Listed under Albert Schweitzer

African Notebook (Albert Schweitzer Library (Syracuse, N.Y.).)
from Syracuse Univ Pr (Trade)
Listed under Albert Schweitzer

Ancestral Art of Gabon : From the Collections of the Barbier - Mueller Museum
by Louis Perrois
Listed under African Art

Colonial Rule and Crisis in Equatorial Africa : Southern Gabon, c. 1850-1940
by Christopher J. Gray
Hardcover from Univ of Rochester Pr
Culture, Ecology, and Politics in Gabon's Rainforest (African Studies (Lewiston, N.Y.), V. 65.)
from Edwin Mellen Press

D&B Country Report: Gabon
by D&B
Digital from Dun & Bradstreet

A First Look at Logging in Gabon
by Jean-Bruno Mikissa, Susan Minnemeyer, Stephane Mundunga, Honore Nzao Nzao, et al Jean-Gael Collomb
Paperback from World Resources Institute

The northern Gabon coast to 1875
from Clarendon Press

Gabon and Equitorial Guinea Map
Gabon and Equitorial Guinea Map
by Itgab Itmb
Map from ITMB Publishing
Gabon : Nation Building on the Ogooue
by Brian Weinstein
Hardcover from MIT Press

Gabon (World Bibliographical Series, Vol 149)

Gabon (SuDoc PREX 3.10/4:G 11/3)
by U.S. Postal Service
Unknown Binding from Central Intelligence Agency

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The Rentier State in Africa: Oil Rent Dependency & Neocolonialism in the Republic of Gabon
by Douglas Andrew Yates
Paperback from Africa World Press
Historical Dictionary of Gabon
by David E. Gardinier
Book Description This second edition, like the first, provides both basic information and considerable detail about Gabon and its history in a form useful to both casual readers and professional scholars. The volume updates many of the earlier entries and presents the results of new research on the period between 1914 and 1940. Gardinier also synthesizes data about the transformations that have occurred since 1967 under President Omar Bongo, including the upheavals of 1990-91. The introduction presents an overview of Gabon from prehistory to the present. A detailed chronology of events of the past five centuries follows, with tables of statistical data on population, national budgets, external trade, and domestic production since 1960. Within the dictionary itself are lists of colonial govenors and Catholic bishops. The alphabetical entries of the dictionary include individuals, groups, and movements; terms and events; and capsule histories of institutions and the forty peoples. The entries encompass both the pre-colonial and colonial periods (e.g., the slave trade, concessionary groups, the Mpongwe trading polities, early anti-colonial groups) and the eras of decolonization and national independence. Education, religion, the arts, the media, and health receive attention along with politics, foreign relations, the economy, and the society. After each dictionary entry are given the most important references in the comprehensive bibliography of 1,453 books, articles, and theses. Read More...
Hardcover: 507 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 8.75 x 6.00
Publisher: Scarecrow Press; 2nd Edition edition (June 1, )
ISBN: 0810827689

Petit Dictionnaire Bantou du Gabon Francais­Ndjabi/ Ndjabi­Francais
by Jean­Marc Muroni

Gabon Investment & Business Guide
by USA International Business Publications

Gabon Country Study Guide (World Country Study Guide
by USA International Business Publications

Gabon aftermath : the mistreatment of the football widows : preliminary report of the Project to Protect the Rights of Widows and Children of the Gabon Air Crash Victims
Publisher: Zambia Association for Research and Development
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Gabon : Beyond the Colonial Legacy (Westview Profiles Nations of Contemporary Africa)
by James F. Barnes
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The Gabon disaster : Zambia's soccer miracle
by Ridgeway Liwena
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Culture, Ecology, and Politics in Gabon's Rainforest
by James F. Barnes et al.
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