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Armenia : A Journey Through History
by Arra S. Avakian, Ara John Movsesian

Armenian Folk Arts, Culture, and Identity:
by Levon Abrahamian, Nancy Sweezy, Sam Sweezy
Hardcover from Indiana University Press


The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response
The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America's Response
by Peter Balakian
Hardcover from HarperCollins
Days of Tragedy in Armenia : Personal Experiences in Harpoot, 1915-1917 (Armenian Genocide Documentation)
by Henry H. Riggs, Ara Sarafian (Editor)
The Road From Home: The Story of an Armenian Girl
by David Kherdian
Paperback from HarperTrophy
24 August, 1995
Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide
by Lorna Touryan Miller, Donald Eugene Miller
Paperback from University of California Press
The Truth Will Set Us Free: Armenians and Turks Reconciled
by George Jerjian
Hardcover from Gj Communications
Black Garden: Armenia and Azerbaijan Through Peace and War
by Thomas De Waal
Hardcover from New York University Press
Armenia: A Historical Atlas
Armenia: A Historical Atlas
by Robert H. Hewsen
Hardcover from University of Chicago Press
Armenians of Worcester (Images of America)
by Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell
Paperback from Arcadia

The Banality of Indifference: Zionism and the Armenian Genocide
by Yair Auron, Maggie Bar-Tura
Paperback from Transaction Pub


The Banality of Denial: Israel and the Armenian Genocide
by Yair Auron
Hardcover from Transaction Pub
Armenia : Portraits of Survival and Hope
Armenia : Portraits of Survival and Hope
by Donald E. Miller, Lorna Touryan Miller
Hardcover from University of California Press
A Concise History of the Armenian People: From Ancient Times to the Present
by George A. Bournoutian
Paperback from Mazda Pub

Out of Stone: Armenia & Artsakh
by Matthew Karanian, Robert Kurkjian

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict: Causes and Implications
by Michael P. Croissant

Traditional Designs of Armenia and the Near East to Color (International Design Library,)
by Ramona Jablonski

Armenia : At the Crossroads (Postcommunist States and Nations, 2)
by Joseph R. Masih, Robert O. Krikorian

Armenia : A Historical Atlas
by Robert H. Hewsen
Book Description From its conversion to Christianity to the Genocide during World War I, from the Soviet occupation to its recent independence, Armenia has seen a long and often turbulent history. In the magnificent Armenia: A Historical Atlas, Robert H. Hewsen traces Armenia's rich past from ancient times to the present day through more than two hundred full-color maps packed with information about physical geography, demography, and sociopolitical, religious, cultural, and linguistic history. 

Hewsen has divided the maps into five sections, each of which begins with a chronology of important dates and a historical introduction to the period. Specialized maps include Ptolemy's second-century map of Armenia, as well as maps of Roman, Cilician, Ottoman, tsarist, and Soviet Armenia. Other maps show the Persian khanate of Erevan, the Caucasian campaigns of World War I, the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian monuments in Turkey and Transcaucasia, the worldwide diaspora, ground plans of selected cities, and plans of the great monastery of Echmiadzin in 1660, 1890, and 1990. The atlas concludes with maps portraying the Karabagh war and the new Armenian Republic, and an extensive bibliography compiles references to the vast historical, ethnological, and travel literature on the region. 

The first comprehensive and authoritative atlas of any of the former Soviet republics, this book does not treat Armenia in isolation, but instead sets it within the context of Caucasia as a whole, providing detailed information on neighboring regions such as Georgia and Azerbaijan. Armenia: A Historical Atlas will be an essential reference and an important teaching tool for generations to come.
Hardcover: 341 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 16.75 x 11.25
Publisher: University of Chicago Press; ;
ISBN: 0226332284

History of Armenia, Vol I - II (set)
by Michael Chamich
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Republic of Armenia
by Richard G. Hovannisian

The Kingdom of Armenia: A History
by Mark Chahin

The Epic Histories: Attributed to P'Awstos Buzand
by Nina G. Garsoian (Editor)

The Armenian People From Ancient to Modern Times, Volume II: Foreign Dominion to Statehood
by Richard G. Hovannisian (Editor)

Armenia: Travels & Studies (2 Volume Set)

Contributions to the Archaeology of Armenia (Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Archaeology & Ethnology, Russian Translat)

Ravished Armenia and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian

Looking Toward Ararat : Armenia in Modern History

History of the Armenians and Letter to Vahan Mamikonean (Classical Armenian Texts)
by P'Arpel, I Ghazar
Hardcover from Caravan Books
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Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Confronting the Armenian Genocide
by Richard G. Hovannisian
Hardcover from Transaction Pub

Armenia and Karabagh : The Struggle for Unity (Minority Rights Publications)

Armenia and Karabagh : The Struggle for Unity (Minority Rights Publications)

Armenia (Cultures of the World)

Lonely Planet Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan (Travel Guides)
by Keti Japaridze, Neil Wilson, David Rowson, Beth Potter

Passage to Ararat (Hungry Mind Find)
by Michael J. Arlen, Clark Blaise
Paperback from Ruminator Books

Looking Toward Ararat: Armenia in Modern History
by Ronald Grigor Sunny, Ronald Grigor Suny
Paperback from Indiana University Press

Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon With Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the Desert
by Austen Henry Layard
Hardcover from Gorgias Press

The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
by Christopher Simpson
Paperback from Common Courage Press

Divine Liturgies - Human Problems in Byzantium, Armenia, Syria and Palestine
by Robert F. Taft
Hardcover from Ashgate Publishing Company

Armenians and the Iranian Constitutional Revolution, 1905-1911: The Love for Freedom Has No Fatherland
by Houri Berberian
Paperback from Westview Press

The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times: The Dynastic Periods: From Antiquity to the Fourteenth Century
by Richard G. Hovannisian
Hardcover from Palgrave Macmillan

Revolution and Genocide: On the Origins of the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust
by Robert Melson, Leo Kuper, Robert Nelson
Paperback from University of Chicago Press

The History of the Armenian Genocide: Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus
by Vahakn N. Dadrian
Paperback from Berghahn Books

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Phoenix: The Peoples of the Hills: Ancient Ararat and Caucasus
by Charles Burney, David Marshall Lang
Paperback from Phoenix Press, London WC2

Edge of Time: Traveling in Armenia and Karabagh (Revised Second Edition)
by Matthew Karanian, Robert Kurkjian
Paperback from Stone Garden Productions

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Armenian Karin/Erzerum
by Richard G. Hovannisian
Paperback from Mazda Pub

The Armenian Genocide: The Young Turks Before the Judgment of History
by John S. Kirakossian, Shushan Sltunian, J. Kirakosyan
Paperback from International Universities Press

The Armenians (Peoples of Europe)
by Anne Elizabeth Redgate
Paperback from Blackwell Publishers

Armenian History Attributed to Sebeos (Translated Texts for Historians, Vol 31)
by Robert Thomson, James Howard-Johnston
Paperback from University of Pennsylvania Press

The Survivor
by Rosemary H., Dr Cohen, Dr. RoseMary H. Cohen
Hardcover from Lico Publishing

Art and Architecture in Byzantium and Armenia : Liturgical and Exegetical Approaches (Collected Studies Series, 510)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Armenia: A Rugged Land, an Enduring People
by Lucine Kasbarian
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Transcaucasia, Nationalism, and Social Change : Essays in the History of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
by Ronald Grigor Suny (Editor)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

New Caucasus : Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (Chatham House Papers (Unnumbered).)
by Edmund Herzig
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