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Asia's Next Giant: South Korea and Late Industrialization
by Alice H. Amsden
Paperback from Oxford Press

Beyond the Shadow of Camptown: Korean Military Brides in America
Beyond the Shadow of Camptown: Korean Military Brides in America
by Ji-Yeon Yuh
Hardcover from New York University Press
The Coldest War : A Memoir of Korea
by James Brady
Listed under Korean War

The Confucian Kingship in Korea
by Jahyun Kim Haboush

The Abacus and the Sword: The Japanese Penetration of Korea, 1895-1910 (Twentieth-Century Japan - The Emergence of a World Power, 4)
by Peter Duus
Book Description:
What forces were behind Japan's emergence as the first non- Western colonial power at the turn of the twentieth century? Peter Duus brings a new perspective to Meiji expansionism in this pathbreaking study of Japan's acquisition of Korea, the largest of its colonial possessions. He shows how Japan's drive for empire was part of a larger goal to become the economic, diplomatic, and strategic equal of the Western countries who had imposed a humiliating treaty settlement on the country in the 1850s. Duus maintains that two separate but interlinked processes, one political/military and the other economic, propelled Japan's imperialism. Every attempt at increasing Japanese political influence licensed new opportunities for trade, and each new push for Japanese economic interests buttressed, and sometimes justified, further political advances. The sword was the servant of the abacus, the abacus the agent of the sword. While suggesting that Meiji imperialism shared much with the Western colonial expansion that provided both model and context, Duus also argues that it was "backward imperialism" shaped by a sense of inferiority vis--vis the West. Along with his detailed diplomatic and economic history, Duus offers a unique social history that illuminates the motivations and lifestyles of the overseas Japanese of the time, as well as the views that contemporary Japanese had of themselves and their fellow Asians. 
Paperback: 498 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.26 x 8.99 x 6.00
Publisher: University of California Press; Reprint edition (April )
ISBN: 0520213610

Dangerous Women: Gender and Korean Nationalism
by Elaine H. Kim, Chungmoo Choi
Paperback from Routledge

A Heritage of Kings: One Man's Monarchy in the Confucian World
by Jahyun Kim Hoboush

Korea: An Illustrated History From Ancient Times to 1945
by David Rees

Korea: A Historical and Cultural Dictionary
by Keith Pratt and Richard Rutt

Korea 2010: The Challenges of the New Millennium (Significant Issues Series)
by Paul F. Chamberlin, Kim Kihwan
Paperback from Center for Strategic and International Studies


Korea's Place in the Sun : A Modern History
Korea's Place in the Sun : A Modern History
by Bruce Cumings
Bruce Cumings traces the growth of Korea from a string of competing walled city-states to its present dual nationhood. He examines the ways in which Korean culture has been influenced by Japan and China, and the ways in which it has subtly influenced its more powerful neighbors. Cumings also considers the recent changes in the South, where authoritarianism is giving way to democracy, and in the North, which Cumings depicts as a "socialist corporatist" state more like a neo-Confucian kingdom than a Stalinist regime. Korea's Place in the Sun does much to help Western readers understand the complexities of Korea's past and present.
Paperback: 527 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 9.22 x 6.08
Publisher: W W Norton & Co.; ;
ISBN: 0393316815
Korea's Future and the Great Powers
Korea's Future and the Great Powers
by Nicholas Eberstadt, Richard J. Ellings
Paperback from University of Washington Press
The Koreans: Contemporary Politics and Society
The Koreans: Contemporary Politics and Society
by Donald Stone Macdonald, Donald N. Clark
Paperback from Westview Press
The Koreans : Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies
The Koreans : Who They Are, What They Want, Where Their Future Lies
by Michael Breen
Hardcover from St. Martin's Press
Made in Korea: Chung Ju Yung and the Rise of Hyundai
by Richard M. Steers
Hardcover from Routledge

The Making of Modern Korea: A History (Asia's Transformations)
by Adrian Buzo
Paperback from Routledge

Mao's Generals Remember Korea
by Xiaobing Li
Listed under North Korea

Count Your Way Through Korea

A New History of Korea
by Ki-Baik Lee, Edward J. Schultz (Translator), Edward W. Wagner (Translator)
Covers the history of Korea from ancient times to the 20th Century.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.21 x 9.16 x 5.93
Publisher: Harvard Univ Pr; ; Reprint edition (December 1989)
ISBN: 067461576X

Pork Chop Hill: The American Fighting Man in Action, Korea, Spring, 1953
by S. L. A. Marshall
Listed under Korean War

The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong: The Autobiographical Writings of a Crown Princess of Eighteenth Century Korea
by Hyegyonggung Hong Ssi, edited by Jahyun Kim Haboush

Memoirs of a Korean Queen
by Lady Hong, edited by Choe-Wall Yang-Hi

>King Sejong the Great: The Light of Fifteenth Century Korea
by Young Key
Out of Print - Try Used BooksThe Korean Alphabet of 1446: Hunmin Chongum = Hwunmin Cengum
by Sek Yen Kim-Cho

The Two Koreas: A Contemporary History
The Two Koreas: A Contemporary History (Revised and Updated Edition)
by Don Oberdorfer
Paperback from Basic Books

Voices from Another Place : A Collection of Works from a Generation Born in Korea and Adopted to Other Countries
by Susan Soon-Keum Cox (Editor)

When You Were Born in Korea
by Brian E. Boyd

Muye Dobo Tongji : The Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial Arts of Ancient Korea
by Sang H. Kim, Park Je-Ga, Sang H. Kim (Translator)
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