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The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia
by Michael J. Benton et al.
Listed under Paleontology

Bones of the Master : A Journey to Secret Mongolia
by George Crane
In the steady hands of poet George Crane, previously unknown Zen master Tsung Tsai comes off as truly extraordinary. A "poet, philosopher, house builder, scientist, doctor, and when necessary, kung fu ass-kicker," Tsung Tsai would still be wandering about anonymously if it were not, Crane says, for the need of financing provided by an advance on this book. The last of the monks from his Chinese monastery, Tsung Tsai felt he had to return one last time to find and honor his master's bones and rekindle his tradition. Crane recounts their joint adventure, opening with Tsung Tsai's harrowing decades-earlier escape from newly communist China, walking from Inner Mongolia to Hong Kong through a war-torn, famine-struck, psychotic land, nearly starving along the way. Crane, a self-styled hedonist ne'er-do-well, who says that meditation makes him nauseous, sets the stage for an entrancing buddy story back to China with this highly disciplined but carefree Zen master. As their mutual affection grows, Crane absorbs Tsung Tsai's spare but demanding philosophy, which sustains them through the base poverty of northern China, a life-threatening 18-hour climb up and down a treacherous mountain, and a confrontation with a master of black magic. A page-turner and an eye-opener, Bones of the Master is worth every penny of that advance. --Brian Bruya -
Paperback: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.91 x 9.18 x 6.18
Publisher: Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd Pap); ; (May 29, )
ISBN: 0553379089

Around the Sacred Sea : Mongolia and Lake Baikal on Horseback
by Bartle Bull, Kerim Yalman (Photographer), John Boit (Photographer)
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The Comintern and Revolution in Mongolia (Inner Asia Book series)
by Irina Morozova
Hardcover from White Horse Press

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Femme D'Adventure : Travel Tales from Inner Montana to Outer Mongolia
by Jessica Maxwell

Folk Tales of Mongolia
by B. Khurelbat, A. Narrain

Genghis Khan
by R. P. Lister
This book is an astonishingly well-written account of the early life and rise to power of Genghis Khan, perhaps the most fearsome warrior of all time.

Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy
by Paul Ratchnevsky
Book Description Paul Ratchnevsky, one of the foremost historians of the Mongol period, draws upon Mongol, Chinese, Persian and European sources to provide a penetrating, balanced and highly readable account of the life of one of the greatest conquerors in world history. He begins with Genghis Khan's youth in the harsh environment of the twelfth-century steppe, and describes his rise to power as a young nomad warrior. The author shows how, although Genghis was at times as merciless as his reputation suggests, he could also be magnanimous and just. He promoted his followers on merit alone and was even-handed in his distribution of favors. The author considers Mongol administration, military organization, legislation and religious policy. The book ends with an assessment of the legacy and achievements of this extraordinary historical figure, who turned a small, poor and backward nation into the conqueror of the most powerful and civilized states in Asia.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 8.95 x 5.96
Publisher: Blackwell Publishers; Reprint edition (November 1993)
ISBN: 0631189491

Gobi: Tracking the Desert
by John Man
Hardcover from Yale Univ Pr


A History of Inner Asia
A History of Inner Asia
by Svat Soucek
Paperback from Cambridge University Press
A History of Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia : Inner Eurasia from Prehistory to the Mongol Empire (History of the World , Vol 1)
by David Christian
Listed under Asian History
Imperial Mongolian Cooking: Recipes from the Kingdoms of Genghis Khan
Imperial Mongolian Cooking: Recipes from the Kingdoms of Genghis Khan
by Marc Cramer
Hardcover from Hippocrene Books
In The Empire of Genghis Khan: An Amazing Odyssey Through the Lands of the Most Feared Conquerors in History
by Stanley Stewart
Hardcover from The Lyons Press

In Secret Mongolia (Mystic Traveller)
by Henning Haslund

In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan
by John Defrancis
Hardcover from University of Hawaii Press
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Lonely Planet Mongolia
by Robert Storey, Bradley Mayhew

Mongolia in the 20th Century : Landlocked Cosmopolitan
by Stephen Kotkin (Editor), Bruce Elleman (Editor)

Men and Gods in Mongolia (Mystic Traveller Series)
by Henning Haslund

Mission to Asia (Medieval Academy Reprints for Teaching , 8)
by Christopher Dawson
Paperback from Univ of Toronto Pr

Mongolia, the Tangut Country and the Solitudes of Northern Tibet - 2vols.
by N. Prejevalsky

Mongolia: Empire of the Steppes (Odyssey Illustrated Guides)
by Claire Sermier, Helen Loveday (Translator)

Mongolia Investment & Business Opportunities Yearbook (World Investment & Business Opportunities Library)

Mongolian Nomadic Society : A Reconstruction of the 'Medieval' History of Mongolia
by Bat-Ochir Bold

Time Traveler : In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia
by Michael Novacek (Author)
Listed under Paleontology

Travels in Mongolia, 1902: A Journey by C. W. Campbell, the British Consul in China
by Tim Coates
Paperback from The Stationery Office
Where the Pavement Ends : One Woman's Bicycle Trip Through Mongolia, China & Vietnam
by Erika Warmbrunn

Women of Mongolia
by Martha Avery
Paperback from Avery Pr

Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Mongolia
by A. B. Dergunov (Editor)
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Travels in Northern Mongolia
by Don Croner
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Wild East: Travels in the New Mongolia
by Jill Lawless
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Lost in Mongolia : Travels in Hollywood and Other Foreign Lands
by Tad Friend
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Edge of Blue Heaven : A Journey Through Mongolia
by Benedict Allen, Adrian Arbib
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