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Archipelago : Islands of Indonesia
Archipelago : Islands of Indonesia
by Gavan Daws, Marty Fujita
Hardcover from University of California Press
Autonomy and Disintegration in Indonesia
by Damien Kingsbury, Harry Aveling
from RoutledgeCurzon

Bahasa Indonesia : Book 1 : Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture
by Yohanni Johns, Robyn Stokes (Photographer)

Behind the Postcolonial : Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures
Behind the Postcolonial : Architecture, Urban Space and Political Cultures
by Abidin Kusno
Paperback from Routledge
Culture Shock!: Indonesia
Listed under Travel Indonesia

The Food of Asia : Authentic Recipes from China, India, Indonesia, Japan Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam (Periplus World Cookbooks)
by Kong Foong Ling (Editor), Heinz Von Holzen (Photographer)
Listed under Asian Cooking

Feet to the Fire : CIA Covert Operations in Indonesia, 1957-1958 (Special Warfare Series)
by Kenneth Conboy, James Morrison

Gifts of Unknown Things : A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia's 'Dancing Island'
by Lyall Watson

Krakatoa : The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883
by Simon Winchester
Listed under Volcanoes

Indonesian Destinies
Indonesian Destinies
by Theodore Friend
Book Description: "How can such a gentle people as we are be so murderous?" a prominent Indonesian asks. That question--and the mysteries of the archipelago's vast contradictions--haunt Theodore Friend's remarkable work, a narrative of Indonesia during the last half century, from the postwar revolution against Dutch imperialism to the unrest of today. Part history, part meditation on a place and a past observed firsthand, Indonesian Destinies penetrates events that gave birth to the world's fourth largest nation and assesses the continuing dangers that threaten to tear it apart. 

Friend reveals Sukarno's character through wartime collaboration with Japan, and Suharto's through the mass murder of communists that brought him to power for thirty-two years. He guides our understanding of the tolerant forms of Islam prevailing among the largest Muslim population in the world, and shows growing tensions generated by international terrorism. Drawing on a deep knowledge of the country's cultures, its leaders, and its ordinary people, Friend gives a human face and a sense of immediacy to the self-inflicted failures and immeasurable tragedies that cast a shadow over Indonesia's past and future. A clear and compelling passion shines through this richly illustrated work. Rarely have narrative history and personal historical witness been so seamlessly joined.
Hardcover from Belknap Pr

Indonesia: Peoples and Histories
Indonesia: Peoples and Histories
by Jean Gelman Taylor
Hardcover from Yale Univ Pr
A History of Modern Indonesia Since C. 1200
A History of Modern Indonesia Since C. 1200
by M. C. Ricklefs
Book Description This standard work on the history of Indonesia has been thoroughly revised to incorporate the findings of recent research, and four new chapters have been added to bring the story up to date. This edition is the first to be illustrated, with the addition of 22 drawings and photographs.
Paperback from Stanford Univ Pr
Indonesian Art : Treasures of the National Museum, Jakarta
by Museum NasionalIndonesia, Tara Sosrowardoyo (Photographer)

Intellectuals and Nationalism in Indonesia: A Study of the Following Recruited by Sutan Sjahrir in Occupation Jakarta (Cornell Modern Indonesia Project)
by J. D. Legge

Islamic Nationhood and Colonial Indonesia: The Umma Below the Winds (SOAS/R-C Studies in the Middle East)
by Michael Francis Laffan, Michael Francis Laffan
from RoutledgeCurzon

Historical Atlas of Indonesia
by Robert Cribb

Indonesia : Design and Culture

Indonesia in Transition : Social Aspects of Reformation and Crisis
by Chris Manning (Editor), Peter Van Diemen (Editor)

Indonesia : The Long Oppression
by G. L. Simons
Book Description Geoff Simons profiles the appalling human-rights record of modern Indonesia, against a history of the country. Brutal repression, the unjust legal system and corrupt nepotism are described, with attention to the independence struggles of the East Timorese and West Papuans. The historical survey includes the anti-colonialist campaign, the role of Sukarno as first president, the Suharto decades, the 1998 appointment of Habibie as third president and the social chaos caused by economic collapse.

Language and Power : Exploring Political Cultures in Indonesia
by Benedict R. O'G. Anderson

Komodo Dragons : Giant Lizards of Indonesia (Animals & the Environment)
by James Martin
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Lonely Planet Indonesia (Lonely Planet Indonesia, 6th Ed)
Listed under Travel Indonesia

Media, Culture, and Politics in Indonesia

Mentawai Shaman : Keeper of the Rain Forest : Man, Nature, and Spirits in Remote Indonesia
by Charles Lindsay
Hardcover: 117 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 12.28 x 9.34
Publisher: Aperture; ; (December 1992)
ISBN: 0893815209

A New Criminal Type in Jakarta : Counter-Revolution Today
by James T. Siegel

The Seen and Unseen Worlds in Java, 1726-1749
by Robert Cribb
Hardcover: 408 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.35 x 8.82 x 5.91
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press;
ISBN: 0824820525

Autobiography and Historical Imagination in Modern Indonesia
Telling Lives, Telling History: Autobiography and Historical Imagination in Modern Indonesia/Aku Dan Toba/Semasa Kecil Di Kampung
by Susan Rodgers
Paperback from University of California Press
A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia
by Morten Strange

An Underwater Guide to Indonesia
Listed under Travel Indonesia

United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962-1969: The Anatomy of a Betrayal
by John Saltford
Hardcover from RoutledgeCurzon

The Armed Forces of Indonesia
by Robert Lowry
Paul & Co Pub Consortium; ISBN: 1864481447
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Balinese Architecture (Discover Indonesia Series)
by Julian Davison, Bruce Granquist
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